Alberta Flood: Rogers Donates $100K to Red Cross; Google Creates Crisis Maps [Update]


Rogers announced yesterday it will be donating $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help efforts from flooding in Calgary and other communities in Southern Alberta.

“Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this devastating flooding in Alberta,” saidPeter King, Senior Director, Community Investment. “We are deeply committed to helping our employees and customers in this challenging time and we will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves over the coming weeks.”

Rogers/Fido customers can text donations to the Canadian Red Cross

For Rogers and Fido customers interested in making text donations to the Canadian Red Cross, users can send a free text “ABHELP” to 4664 to contribute $5. All proceeds go towards the Canadian Red Cross.

Google Creates Crisis Maps for Alberta Floods

This morning Google Canada has announced its Crisis Response team has just launched a new crisis map with emergency-related information such as evacuation zones, emergency shelter locations, public alerts, traffic conditions, and more.

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Google made the maps with help from City of Calgary, Province of Alberta, CBC News and several local communities. The map was made to make it easy to share with everyone to get quick access to emergency information.

The map can be seen here (and embedded in this post below).

One of my friends in Calgary (Mason) is giving thanks to his Biolite to keep his iPhone powered during outages:


If you’re in Alberta and affected by the floods, stay safe out there!

Update: Bell has also donated $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross. The Source also announced it will donate 8 full skids of batteries in partnership with Energizer for local relief efforts.

As for texting $5 donations, all mobile phone users can donate to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS or ROUGE to 30333.



  • Jason Reid

    Thanks for posting this!

  • Kelster

    Is there a short code for telus customers?

  • We emailed them and will find out soon! Thanks

  • cheers!

  • reformcanada

    Its all strategy for Rogers. This is not a kind gesture, this is business.

  • Anthony W

    Does it matter if it is strategy or not? People in Alberta need help. I don’t care what intention these companies are toward the donation. They don’t have to donate anything. Every dime counts!

  • My question would be is it Rogers donating the money, or Rogers customers donating by making text donations and Rogers claiming the tax receipt?

    If Rogers and Bell decided to donate that money PLUS whatever is text-donated, then I’m fine with that. But I hate seeing headlines about companies like wireless providers and grocery stores making big donations to charity, when they’re essentially just writing a cheque for all the funds they received from their customers towards the cause, and then the company gets the tax benefit, not the customers that actually gave the donation.

  • Anthony W

    Agree. From the news and articles I have been reading, it seems like Rogers is donating $100K and customers’ donations are separate. So I am fine with that.