Rogers Emails Employees to Write to PM Harper for ‘Fair’ Wireless Rules


This morning Rogers, TELUS and Bell launched ad campaigns in various newspapers and radio in their ongoing public relations blitz to drum up support for ‘fair’ wireless spectrum rules, in an attempt to protect themselves from having a foreign carrier like Verizon enter the market.

Yesterday, Rogers sent out a company-wide email to employees asking them to email Prime Minster Harper, Industry Minister James Moore and their local member of parliament (MP) to demand spectrum rules remain fair for all carriers and not benefit foreign companies.

Pre-written emails were ready for employees to send off once they picked their proper riding, which would then auto-populate the email address of the appropriate MP. The move to seek help from almost 27,000 employees is just yet another move our incumbents have made in attempts to coax Ottawa into delaying or modifying their upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction rules.

Despite the aggressive campaign–which includes public support from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the 110,000 strong Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) union–the Federal Government has stated the wireless auction will proceed as planned.

Yesterday, the Consumer Association of Canada and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre released a joint statement saying they support Ottawa’s wireless policies and accused Rogers, TELUS and Bell of “trying to scare Canadians with misinformation.”

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  • f1ght3r

    If you’re an employee of any of these companies and decide to comply with these ridiculous demands, you’re just screwing us all over. What happened to competition? The big 3 make enough money as it is, and I along with millions of Canadians want more choices when it comes to cellular providers. I swear if I wasn’t locked into a contract with Rogers, I would leave in a heartbeat.

  • Nick00050

    ur a dumb bozo. please cancel and switch to Wind or Mobilicity

  • No personal attacks please.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    is there any way we could email rogers employees?

    also gary do you have a source link to this story?

  • Bob

    Yeah, you’re only allowed to attack multi-national companies.

  • Chrome262

    Hey man, times are tough, while I am sure they aren’t being forced, they are probably being told that the company could shut down or have to lay off people. Its cheap, but I can see people emailing regardless if they agree with it or not, just for job security.

  • ????Dennis

    If you’re an employee of any of these companies, never mind sending off prefab emails to the government… Use your time to polish up your résumé and be first in line to get a job with Verizon. There are going to be thousands of jobs for the taking when we all make the switch 🙂

  • bbccc

    I’m surprised that no one seems to be taking notice of the obvious collusion between Telus, Bell and Rogers. Not that they don’t do that all the time already, but this really is a bit much.

  • Well this time around they aren’t trying to hide the fact all three have banded together against Verizon

  • Anthonny

    When I saw this, I called my friend. My buddy works there. He wasn’t being told anything about shutting down or laying off people. The email simply just stated the reasons why CEO thinks fair competition is needed. It is nothing more than an explanation and employees were provided a link to send feedback if they wish to do so. So it is not what people think.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Hmmm…….maybe they should have had their employees email PM Harper about how “competitive” their companies rate plans are and how unfairly Canadian wireless consumers are treated. Then again I guess the old adage “biting the hand that feeds you” comes to mind. Karma’s a bitch and it would be funny to know who emails him and then whether that employee gets laid off because big bad Verizon came to town.

  • I don’t think so…you might as well ask anyone in a store about the email, they’ll tell ya.

    Source was an anonymous Rogers employee who contacted us.

  • reformcanada

    Ah Rogers touting “fair competition.” What a joke. Canada has never had fair competition thanks to the CRTC.

  • Salvador

    They say Verizon will bring US people to work here, making canadians to lose their jobs. Maybe Verizon will bring top management people, but in general, for Verizon will be better to hire canadian people. Salaries in Canada are lower than US, so paying CA$ to canadian people will be in Verizon advantage. From every point of view, Canada wins with the arrival of Verizon.

  • IdespiseROBBERS

    ROBBERS go pound sand….your day of reckoning s fast approaching… What goes around comes around… Aholes

  • Anon

    Verizon won’t bring US people to work here, other than high level execs to get everything setup here. Do you know how much it would cost the company to relocate hundreds, thousands of people to work another country? That would just be plain stupid, and it’s not going to happen.

  • Anon

    I can confirm this. It’s funny how this outside source in this article, distorts the truth.

  • robbers

    It’s hilarious to see the big 3 shaking in their boots thinking they can’t rip Canadians off anymore with Verizon potentially coming in. I’d rather overpay to Verizon than to give these SOBs anymore of my money.

  • Canadian44

    This is definatly true this email was sent and I don’t think it’s fair of to bulky employees. I refuse to send the email.
    I believe this would be a positive thing for Canadians if Verizon came to Canada. I’m sick of paying more for everything than people do in the states…. At least this would be a start!!!!

  • Brian Hayden

    Tony Clement hosting Mrs. Harper Aug 7/8 2013 get Mike from Bell Muskoka where I worked for thru Highschool, to protest at Huntsville Town Dock 7th and Muskoka Wharf Aug 8th…Clement will chop up Telco’s just like Nortel and the Avro Arrow