Rogers Debuts New Website, Launches ‘Extended Coverage’ Nationwide [LIST]


Back in January it was reported Rogers had plans to boost its network nationwide through roaming agreements, dubbed Extended Coverage. The company today has officially announced the launch of this plan and has provided us with regional highlights, where “customers can stay connected in more places” for free:

British Columbia

  • The Coquihalla Summit Pass starting at Hope B.C.;
  • Rogers Pass between Revelstoke and Golden;
  • Caribou Highway 97 from Cache Creek to Prince George;
  • Fraser Canyon, connecting travellers from Vancouver all the way to northern B.C. and;
  • The Malahat from Victoria to Courtenay.


  • work camps in the oil sands surrounding Fort McMurray, around Lake Louise and Grand Prairie and in and around Alberta landmarks including the Cowboy Trail at Chain Lakes; Elk Island National Park and William Switzer Park.


  • Meadow Lake; Emma Lake; Humbolt; La Ronge; Waskesiu; Moose Mountain and Lake Diefenbaker. Customers travelling along the highway from Saskatoon to Prince Albert and the areas between Regina, Yorkton and Medicine Hat will also benefit from Extended Coverage.


  • Customers can stay connected while travelling along northern Ontario’s major routes including Highway 144 between Sudbury and Timmins; Highway 11 from north of Cochrane through Kapuskasing; Highway 65 east of Englehart and Highway 101 west of Timmins.


  • Rocher Percé; La Tuque; Mont- Mégantic; La Sarre and portions of Mont-Valin National Park. Highway 117 will also now be covered from Mont-Laurier to Val-d’Or.


  • Newfoundland – Highway 1 between St. John’s, Clarenville, Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, and Corner Brook, for skiers on Marble Mountain, in Labrador City, Happy Valley – Goose Bay, and Port Aux Basques
  • New Brunswick – Fundy National Park, along the Acadian Peninsula, Kouchibouguac Park, Highway 17 between Kedgwick and Saint-Quentin, Grand Manan Island, and St. Martin’s
  • Nova Scotia – along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Kejimjujik National Park, Sheet Harbour, Ingonish Beach, and Inverness
  • Prince Edward Island – Wood Islands, Stanhope, Cavendish, Alberton and Tyne Valley

Note this is not the entire list of areas enhanced via Extended Coverage, but areas Rogers says customers would benefit based on where they travel. The extra coverage also applies to Fido customers as well.

You can check for Extended Coverage in your area on the Network Coverage page of Rogers’ new website (which now has responsive design to accommodate mobile devices). There is now an additional Extended Coverage tick box you can check off, as seen below (far right):

Screenshot 2015 03 04 09 28 14

For Extended Coverage to work, postpaid users need to enable roaming data (iPhone users: Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming; don’t forget to TURN THIS OFF if you leave Canada to avoid data roaming charges!) on their smartphones, according to the company’s FAQ. Those on a plan with a calling circle (e.g. MY5) aren’t eligible but will get a free trial.

You’ll know when you’re on Extended Coverage when your carrier network signal reads ‘Rogers—EXT’ or ‘Fido—EXT’.

Here are the usage limitations of Extended Coverage according to Rogers:

Extended Coverage is meant to provide additional coverage to our customers in areas they sometimes travel to. It’s intended to be used occasionally and the majority of your monthly usage (talk, text and data) must occur on the Rogers network. If the majority of your monthly usage occurs within Extended Coverage areas, we may restrict or limit your access to Extended Coverage on an ongoing basis.

Let us know if you’re seeing extra coverage in your area.


  • W

    I was on the ferry between Vic and Van this morning and got on this network close to the Tsawassen terminal. Nite sure why that location isn’t listed.

    It was 3G, and pretty slow at that.

  • Steve K

    They should also remind people to turn off data roaming before they leave Canada, or they will face a huge data roaming bill.

  • Thanks for the reminder, updated!

  • CanucksGoals

    Good stuff from Rogers but does it also apply for Fido customer?

  • Yes, as stated.

  • english

    Extended coverage is not available on City Fido plans.

  • Chad Smith

    Were you too lazy to read the article?

  • natedog

    I live in northern Alberta, my service has always sucked at most I would get 3 bars. Just got a text from rogers saying this turned this on in my community. I now have Full service! Awesome!

  • The A-Team

    Yeah, right, I’m going to turn on data roaming! When you live close enough to the US border that you’re frequently flipping over to a US network, this just won’t work.
    I’m also curious what they mean when they say “The Malahat from Victoria to Courtenay”. First, the Malahat is only 20 km long and is over 160 km from Courtenay, so it’s unclear exactly what they’re talking about. Also, none of that area (neither the Malahat nor the rest of the highway up to Courtenay) is shown as being covered by the Extended Coverage on their map. Lastly, that stretch doesn’t need the Extended Coverage anyway; it’s already very well covered by the faster Rogers networks.

  • mackman6151

    Never thought I’d say this about a recent change to Rogers plan, but God bless Roam Like Home lol….best thing they’ve done in a LONG time.

  • Guest

    Yea un

  • Skai Klyne

    Until they stop it because you’re using the extended network to much

  • Bernard Sincennes

    At my vacation home, we have LTE but no HSPA. So, excellent data but no voice support. In this situation, no luck with ext. coverage.

  • Chris

    In Kitsilano and just noticed it. Ha ha.

  • Weeoo

    My biggest question with this extended network is if they intend on improving their own network in the future based on the areas they have designated as “beneficial”. My guess (especially knowing Rogers) is no, meaning I might as well just change carriers to permanently get this better service, rather than just have it when I lose service with Rogers.

  • When this happend download skype and talk on it! ????

  • Bernard Sincennes

    We finally bought a LG G3 Vigor and are now using Voice over LTE. It’s perfect.