Rogers, Fido 23.1 Carrier Update Released for iPhone Users


After installing this morning’s iOS 9.2 update, a carrier update followed soon after for Rogers and Fido customers, version 23.1.

You can install this update by going to Settings > General > About and it should pop up:

IMG 1427 fido 23.1 carrier update

When Rogers and Fido released their 21.1 carrier update back in September, it introduced Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone 5c/5s users and newer. With their previous 22.1 carrier update, Rogers introduced VoLTE for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users.

Some users saw Wi-Fi Calling disabled after this update, but a quick reboot appears to solve that problem.

Thanks @DeanLubaki


  • Anonymours

    What is new with this update?

  • ihaydentaylor

    It changed the logo of Wifi Calling. It used to be WiFi Fido and now its Fido Wi-Fi

  • Steve

    Not showing up for iPad Pro.

  • Rob Raymond

    This still doesn’t allow Apple-purchased iPhones to use Wifi calling on the Rogers network.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    working since day 1 for me on a Apple bought Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus…

  • xeronine992

    If only Rogers would change their carrier name from ROGERS to Rogers. It looks nice when it’s on WiFi because it’s proper case, but drives me nuts when I’m not on WiFi.

  • xeronine992

    Worked on my Apple-purchased 6+ and works on my newly Apple-purchased 6s+.

  • Dhhhs

    This pos update killed my LTE connection. Reboot didn’t help. Don’t want to resort to resetting the network settings.

  • Rob Raymond

    Well that’s really odd. It still doesn’t work for me:

    That’s the reason Rogers’ Support always gave me. They made it seem like this was a known issue for all unlocked (Apple-purchased) iPhones. Ugh.

  • Joshua Van Buskirk

    Same problem here too. iPhone 6S purchased directly from Apple with carrier unlock. Worked fine before iOS 9.2, doesn’t work after update to iOS 9.2 and latest carrier file. Tried restarting and resetting network settings.

  • SparkleTheElf

    That’s strange. My 5S, that was bought from Apple, lets me go through with it. Mine’s jailbroken too (is yours? I noticed that your carrier name is hidden), so that’s not the issue either.

  • erth

    while i was in the usa last month, i put in my t-mobile simm as usual and it said my iphone 6 was locked to my carrier (bell). the problem was that i bought my phone from apple and it was unlocked originally (bought phone brand new in 2014) and i had used it in the usa previous with my t-mobile simm without problems. after contacting bell and apple about this issue (over 5 days of my vacation) bell finally agreed to unlock my phone for free…. i believe that the issue was the carrier updates that occurred in september. the first bell csr told me that this was a reoccurring issue at bell. i suggest that you find out if your phone has been locked by your carrier, even though you bought your phone from apple unlocked.

  • Thomas Koschate

    I too have this problem with my 6S. It was working with 9.1/22.1, and now I can’t enable Wifi Calling. I’ve opened a case with Rogers.

  • Tim

    Does it fix the speed issue in eastern Canada? Lately it’s been crap on Fido, and the cell outage reports website (forget the name) seems to agree with me. Anyone else noticing this in Montreal?

  • bbousquet

    WiFi calling worked fine on my Apple-bought iPhone 6S before iOS 9.2 and the Fido carrier settings update (23.1). It now refuses to activate and tells me to contact my operator. I chatted with one of the Fido agents through Twitter DMs and she says it’s because the device wasn’t registered to Fido and that she can’t guarantee it’ll ever work in the future. This is total bullshit. I had the feature mostly disabled because of call quality issues at home but it’s something I would turn on in some instances.

  • bbousquet

    UPDATE: Another Fido agent (on Twitter) “refreshed my profile” in their system (whatever that means). I then rebooted my iPhone and when I attempted to activate WiFi calling was presented with the typical Fido web form to fill out my contact information. Once that was complete I was able to successfully enable WiFi calling.

  • raslucas

    I haven’t ever heard of a carrier being able to lock a phone after the fact. Although if it is possible for carriers to unlock a phone, it should technically be possible, but extremely bad practise and perhaps even illegal (what right do they have to do so). Gary this might actually prove to be an article in and of itself eh?

  • erth

    i sent gary an email on this subject. nothing yet.

  • Thomas Koschate

    And when I got home this evening, all was working well.

  • Ryan Shanks

    So what does this actually do? Does it add VoLTE to iPhone 6 and 6+, or does it only change the logo as haydentaylor said below?

  • Joshua Van Buskirk

    I opened a case yesterday also. My issue was elevated to network support. Last evening it started working and I was able to add my e911 information. Hopefully I won’t need to go though this process of having to call Rogers with each iOS update.