Rogers, Fido 24.2 iPhone Carrier Update Released, Virgin Too


Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend, folks. For those keeping track, Rogers and Fido issued a 24.2 iPhone carrier update over the weekend. There’s no word on what’s new in this update, but we’ve reached out for comment, nonetheless:

Rogers 24 2 carrier update

Bell and Virgin customers are seeing a 24.1 carrier update as well. If you’re noticing something new with these latest updates, let us know in the comments below.

How to install these carrier updates? Just go to Settings > General > About and you’ll see a pop-up prompt asking you to install the update.

Thanks everybody!


  • Mario Gaucher

    I’m also seeing an update prompt on Vidéotron.
    I was at Videotron 24.0 before the update… But still at 24.0 after the update.

  • Dale Ryan Leckie

    EastLink has updated as well.

  • CC

    On Rogers, enabling Wi-Fi calling no long displays Rogers Wi-Fi as carrier text.

  • slicecom

    It still does for me.

  • Still showing for Fido

  • DTsang

    24.2 update which comes right after iOS 9.3.2 fix issues with Wi-Fi calling.

    iOS 9.3.1 has issue with wifi hotspot that required portal login ( imagine Starbucks wifi login page), same issue also affect wi-fi calling on rogers and fido. Some customers unable to automatically connect to wi-fi calling network and have to manually switch on/off the wi-fi calling option

  • xeronine992

    Go into airplane mode for a few seconds and come back out. It’ll reconnect back to WiFi calling.

  • excaliburca

    Shows Rogers Wi-Fi for me with the 24.2 update

  • jabohn

    I’ve had a few people saying my voice cuts out in the last couple of days. This is when I’ve been on Virgin WiFi at home. Hope this update helps, but it could have just been my internet connection.

    Side note: even though my BYOD plan is not explicitly listed as being compatible with Virgin’s WiFi calling, last month it suddenly became an option on my iPhone and I’ve used it with no billing issues.

  • Chuck Norris

    I’m on Virgin and my 6s Plus still has 24.1