Rogers, Fido iPhone 5c Pre-Orders Sept. 13; iPhone 5s Available Sept. 20


Earlier today TELUS and Bell announced iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s availability and now Rogers and Fido have as well. Fido has sent out the following announcement on Twitter:

Rogers emailed us a statement echoing the same iPhone 5c pre-order date of September 13 and iPhone 5s availability on September 20.

Apple announced two year term iPhone 5c pricing to start at $99 for the 16GB model on contract. The iPhone 5s will start at $199 on contracts for the 16GB model. Unlocked prices for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were revealed earlier today.

No word yet from carriers on pricing, which will most likely come on the pre-order and announcement dates. All we can hope is they match Apple’s pricing as stated on two year terms.


  • MikeLu

    iPhone 5c, is the “c” short for “cheap?

  • pissed by fido

    My contract with Fido has ended. Do I need to call them after Sep 20 to renew my contract and order the phone? Or can I call them now and put my name in the line?

  • Iron

    Still better than a lot of android phones. But still not that cheap 🙁

  • pegger1

    If you read above: New and existing customers can reserve the iPhone 5c as of Sept 13th.
    The 5s can’t be reserved. Both phones available Sep 20th.

  • Ben

    Apple meant the C in iPhone 5C to stand for Color because it is the first iPhone to come in multiple light colors.