Rogers, Fido iPhone 5c Pre-Orders Start at 6:30AM-7:30AM EDT Sept. 13 [u]


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Rogers and Fido will launch their iPhone 5c pre-orders starting between 6:30AM – 7:30AM EDT (3:30AM – 4:30AM PDT) on September 13, as confirmed with us via email.

Customers will have to check the Rogers/Fido Reservation System to see if they are eligible to reserve the iPhone 5c.

The start time is similar to last year for the iPhone 5, which started between 6AM – 7AM EDT.

Update 9/13: iPhone 5c pre-orders are set to go live and reservations will require a $40 deposit again. Two year term pricing should be as follows, as revealed earlier by TELUS:

  • 16GB iPhone 5c – $129
  • 32GB iPhone 5c – $229

…more to follow


  • Joey

    Do we have confirmation on pricing with contract? Same as US?

  • We’re waiting to hear back. Stay tuned.

  • Paf

    Mostly what will the plans from Robellus be for the iPhone 5C? The cheapest ones or the same as the iPhone 5S?

  • Bored of canadian telcos

    This is THE question…

  • Laurent

    Funny storie:

    I emailed rogers today to see if i’m eligible for upgrade. I’m on contract since september 2012. It’s a 3 years contract with rogers business. I didn’t buy subdivided iphone, i brought mine. The funny part: rogers told me that i need to pay 230$ for fee to upgrade my own phone…!!!

  • Corrode

    Hard to believe they haven’t released the pricing yet. Probably trying to figure out how to milk the most money from its customers.

  • Typically Apple doesn’t let carriers release pricing until the pre-order or launch.