Rogers, Fido iPhone 6 Prices Increase, Now Start at $348.99 on Contract


At the beginning of this week Apple raised unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 prices in Canada, with increases ranging from $90-$150, depending on the model, due to the lower Canadian dollar.

Many pondered when these increases would reach the Big 3 and that day has come, starting off with Rogers and Fido (news of the possible increase hit RFD yesterday).

Those looking to sign a 2-year contract for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, get ready to pay more. Below are the original Rogers prices on contract, which started at $264.99 for the entry iPhone 6 back in September:

Fast forward to today, that entry price now starts at $348.99, an increase of $84. The new Rogers iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 prices are listed below (the increase was similar for Fido):

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Let’s summarize the changes (increases in parentheses):

iPhone 6 on 2 year contract (Apple’s prices increased by $90/$110/$130)
  • 16GB: $264.99 —> $348.99 (+$84)
  • 64GB: $374.99 —> $478.99 (+$104)
  • 128GB: $484.99 —> $598.99 (+$114)

iPhone 6 Plus on 2-year contract (Apple’s prices increased by $110/$130/$150)

  • 16GB: $374.99 —> $478.99 (+$104)
  • 64GB: $484.99 —> $598.99 (+$114)
  • 128GB: $594.99 —> $728.99 (+$134)

When asked about this price change, a Rogers spokesperson responded with the following statement via email:

Apple increased their pricing in Canada and several other countries. As a result, our current pricing reflects this recent increase.

As of writing, Bell and TELUS have not increased their iPhone 6 prices, but expect that to change shortly. The bottom line, it’s going to be a bit more expensive to own an iPhone (or any Apple product) as of now.


  • Tim

    on Fido, those prices are on the max plans, starting at $80 for 500MB

  • f1ght3r

    Thank god I bought my 128gb 6+ on launch day.

  • Eric

    SO i bought the 64gb gold unlocked on launch day.. I wanted to sell for the 6+.. so I should be able to “get a bit more” now right? haha

  • Probably!

  • Max Power

    Rogers forgot to mention that the increase is to add more value for its customers.

  • aaloo

    Canadian dollar sucks so bad right now. I wonder if this has been the lowest in recent years. But unlike Americans, I doubt that falling economy would be a factor in our upcoming elections at all.

  • Graham Gibson

    Funny…I guess the currency fluctuation only effects iPhones. Prices have not been increased for computers. I think there is a little gouging going on here by Apple.

  • wuju

    The problem I have with this price increase due to our low CDN dollars is that it will stay that way after even if our dollar comes back up to say even on par or close with the US dollar. They would not be so quick to lower back to what it was if that happens. They would not lower the price because simply our dollar is of high value – has that ever happened? I doubt….

  • FragilityG4

    The Canadian dollar is a commodity based currency. Not sure how that becomes an election issue.

  • So what I did notice, it’s affecting iPhone… the watch and new products… like Macbook etc… And we have top remember also the App store.. it’s 1,19$ instead of 0,99$ apps.

  • I don’t think it’s true… Rarely, I’ve seen in the past Price product (in the middle of a generation) change like this… but of course, if the $ get better, you’ll see Apple will adjust the price (and usually they always do when they change generation…. like with a new Macbook or new iPhone…)

    We have also to remember one thing… last time when our $ was weak, the US $ was also weak… and the Euro was very strong. This time, it’s really the US$ who’s getting very strong so it’s why we are kinda stuck with so many raise…

  • wuju

    Let’s hope it’s true. Hoping if our dollar goes up or rather the strong U.S. dollars comes back down, the price will be downward adjusted by the time iPhone 6S/6 Plus S come out in the fall.

  • wuju

    Let’s hope you’re right 🙂

  • Anthony

    Not likely to happen. The dollar is expected to stay at around 0.75 – 0.80 cents USD range for the remainder of the year as most economists say that this is the true value of the Canadian Dollar. An on par Canadian dollar is overvalued and actually bad for the economy.

  • aaloo

    I was just thinking that if price of goods goes up in Canada, surely that doesn’t look good for the incumbent party. I know someone who has American student loans. For the last few months, they have been paying 200-300 per month more than usual because of the poor conversion rate. That’s money that could have gone towards other stuff/savings than into a loan repayment. Anything online you buy in American dollars will be a lot more expensive when you actually pay it off on your Canadian credit card.

    I would think that strength of the Canadian dollar and hence the spending power of Canadians and hence the economy would depend on decisions made by the government, not commodities or extraneous factors completely.

  • FragilityG4

    When the price per barrel goes up, so does the dollar. This more than anything else effects the dollar. Again I don’t see how this is an election issue, the dollar was once at sixty cents.

  • Trust me… I hope it too…
    But sadly I have a feeling our $ will still lose a little more…
    According to all experts, we won’t see our $ getting stronger (compare to the US) in a short term 🙁

  • Donald

    They did increase the price of the computers. 15″retina pro with geforce 750 is over $3000 now. Used to be like $2649. Even macbook air price got increased

  • Les Excalibur

    So when was the last time any of us have been able to go to our employer and say hey our canadian dollar is weak you need to give us a 15-20% raise to make up for that. Like probably never. More large Corp B.S. I’m sure Apple is not teetering on the verge of bankruptcy

  • Brendalee

    You can get a much better deal with fido if you call them, and have already been a customer for a while. they don’t advertise their best plans, and they also have some wiggle room to offer you when on the phone. I got a smokin’ deal when I got my 6+. I was disappointed that I would have to give up my previous plan which was also a great deal. She left to see what she could do for me. In the end, I ended up happier.

  • Donald

    No, actually the 15″ retina Macbook Pro did not get updated but still went up by as much as $500 for the high end with nvidia graphics!!! However, the iMac, mac mini and Mac Pro did not change price… yet.

  • .. yet…. ;(

  • Ryan Good

    Apparently, Rogers and Bell have now dropped the price back to 264 on contract.