Rogers, Fido iPhone 6s Reservations Have Shipped via UPS [u]


Rogers and Fido customers that made iPhone 6s reservations have been notified their devices have shipped via UPS, headed to their local carrier store by the end of today. Once phones reach stores, you will be contacted on when you can pick up your device.

Rogers iphone 6s shipped

How to check the status of your Reservation? Login to the website, go to the Reservations portal and click on the phone number associated with the order. For pre-orders, customers will receive an email when their device has shipped.

We’ve been informed by readers their Fido iPhone 6s reservations are similarly making their way to their local stores by the end of today. Stores will not release the iPhone 6s until Friday’s launch day, unless you get lucky like this AT&T customer down in the U.S.

Earlier this week, Bell and Virgin iPhone 6s pre-orders were shipped out via Canada Post. As for pre-orders with Apple, those have shipped and should arrive for Friday’s launch, for those with 9/25 estimated arrival dates in major Canadian cities.

If you haven’t placed your iPhone 6s order yet, you can make a Reserve and Pick Up order this Saturday, September 26 at 8AM local time online. While this option was available during pre-orders, Apple closed it yesterday and will reopen it on the weekend.

While you’re waiting for your shiny new iPhone 6s to arrive, check out some of the early press reviews for the smartphone, which have been so far pretty positive.

Update: we’ve clarified the difference between pre-orders and reservations; this post is regarding reservations being shipped to stores.

Thanks Umar, Mark!


  • Lucas

    Crappy deal. Neither my 128GB 6S* Gold or silver shipped yet or even changed from open in device reservation. How’s everyone else doing?

    #25 silver #16 gold here.

  • Lucas

    128GB 6S+ I should say.

  • In the past others have made ‘back up’ reservations at places like Best Buy, to avoid the whole Rogers/Fido reservations SNAFUs.

  • Umar Ansari

    Hey guys, many people over at the Fido Community forums are saying that their iPhone 6S+ haven’t been shipped yet. This could be due do a backlight issue reported recently which caused a shortage in the production of 6+’s.

  • Ethan

    are these for reservations or preorders?

  • Rogers and Fido reservations, which are iPhone 6s pre-orders.

  • Dimitri

    Did they get a email saying it’s been shipped with a tracking number? If so then it’s been shipped. If not then u are correct.

  • Dimitri

    My Rogers iPhone 6s Plus 128GB Grey was shipped out last night and at the store today. Waiting until Friday morning! I was #8 for it. Roger reservations, not pre orders

  • Dimitri

    Incorrect Gary. On Friday 12th when they opened it up, there were pre orders and reservations. They closed that line down Monday so it’s all reservations now but there was a line for pre orders at start.

  • Ethan

    dimitri, i preordered, didn’t reserve, will I get a shipping confirmation soon?

  • Dimitri

    You should get it but it won’t ship out until thrusday night I believe. They can’t ship pre orders to customers houses before the day of release.

  • Lucas

    Yeah that pre-order system screwed me up. I tried to cancel that pre-order.. what a headache. No one could find it in the system etc. have to wait for the confirmation e mail then go and get it deleted etc… blah.

  • Brentman

    #19 iPhone 6S Plus 128GB Grey – received shipping confirmation with delivery to store today (Reservation, not pre-order).

    As expected, have not received a call/email yet about pickup.

  • Lucas

    To be honest, I would rather they cancel this and I just go pick up the phone from the store. I made a pre-order and a device reservation because the process was confusing etc… never seen that pre-order ship to house via rogers before so I admit, I was too hasty. I’ll try the online thing.

    Makes sense though, thanks for your input!

  • Ethan

    did you end up cancelling and reserving?/

  • Dimitri

    Yeah i haven’t received a call either. Tried calling the store and no one picks up.

  • Stephen Craig

    #2 Gold 128S+ still not shipped yet either.

  • Wolffy

    Was so excited when I received the confirmation on Monday night and saw that it arrived at the store yesterday. Rose Gold 64 GB iPhone 6s here with Fido reservation (was #89 then noticed over last week that I climbed up to #85, then #83 and eventually #82 before they shipped out). Decided to have it delivered to the flagship store in Montreal since I figured they’d command the largest inventory. I am unbelievably excited, Friday is too far away.

  • Awesome news!

  • Wolffy

    Yeah especially since I’m about 3 versions behind since I have the iPhone 5 currently. Initially I was waiting for the 6s to come out in hopes of a price drop on the iPhone 6 (I finished paying off the phone/term in July) but then they had to make Rose Gold.. the only colour that matters to me 😛 And fortunately thanks to some useful commenters on this site I was able to negotiate the price down (along with waiving the upgrade fees), as well as keep my current plan + I have fido dollars so I think I’m getting a pretty good deal.

  • Updated the post to clarify this was regarding reservations being shipped. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Victoria

    Mine is 128GB 6S+ Silver, #9 in line, status is still opened. Can’t find my number on UPS… Ahh can’t wait any more!!

  • Bjay O

    Hi guys, for pre-orders, track using reference, enter your phone number and you’ll get your tracking number early! I just checked mine now. Delivery date is Friday, end of day! Yay!!! I’ll most likely call UPS to have to held at a store close to me and pick it up there.

  • shiggityshwas

    I pre-ordered my iphone, How do I know when it will be shipped. I tried tracking with UPS but to no avail. I pre-ordered, NOT reserved.

  • You will get an email when your order has shipped.

  • Richard Chiang

    Hooray for overnight shipping….maybe my preorder will arrive at my door before I go to work 🙂

    Winnipeg isn’t big

  • Roger

    Mine is 128 GB Silver, #12 in line. Status is still opened. One of the Fido retail stores in Edmonton told me that Fido didn’t get any 6s Plus model but call centre claimed that they did received the shipment. Just can’t tell when is it going to get send out.

  • Lisa Lo

    Hello! Any tips on how to negotiate the price down? calling Fido tomorrow to fight for my grandfathered plan…