Rogers, Fido Lower Price of iPhone 5c to $50, iPhone 5s to $180 on Contract


Last week Bell and Virgin Mobile lowered the price of the entry iPhone 5c to $49.95 and iPhone 5s to $179.99 (Telus also lowered the iPhone 5s to $179) on 2-year terms.

Now, Rogers and Fido have followed suit with similar price cuts, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise.


Screenshot 2014 06 03 21 24 35 Screenshot 2014 06 03 21 24 29


Screenshot 2014 06 03 21 23 42

Telus has also lowered the price of the iPhone 5c too:

Screenshot 2014 06 03 21 25 12 Screenshot 2014 06 03 21 25 05

Of course, you will require signing a 2-year contract to get these prices and a minimum monthly voice and data plan of around $80/month. You might be better off buying an unlocked iPhone and using it on a cheaper monthly plan to save in the long run.


  • Agreed. Buy it outright and use the sub-brand.
    Public Mobile $40 with unlimited talk and 1GB is a good deal.

  • einsteinbqat

    It’s even lower on contract with Bell and Telus!

  • pmarcovi

    These “price lowering” actions are meaningless with the exorbitant plan prices they have…