Rogers, Fido LTE Network Goes Live in Manitoba [UPDATE, PICS]


Rogers announced last week it would finally launch its LTE network in Manitoba and today the company flicked the switch to turn it on. Many residents in Winnipeg, Brandon and Grand Beach, [Update: Victoria Beach, Selkirk, Steinbach and Ste. Anne coming this year] this morning woke up to LTE network speeds on their iPhone 5 (like reader @mohsins below):


Reader Ben sent in the follow screenshot of a speed test and down speeds are looking decent so far:


Let us know how your LTE speeds are in the comments below!

Update: Rogers has let us know of more LTE launches today across Canada:

  • Baie-Comeau, QC
  • Hull Expansion, QC
  • Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
  • Grande Prairie, AB (LTE, not LTE Max)
  • Medicine Hat, AB


  • bretm5

    WoW 34.92 mbps dload 8.87mbps upload

  • Richard

    I’ve been playing around with LTE this morning, reached 40+ download (once) but average I would say is 25 mbps. Upload is usually around 8 mbps.

  • ali

    I am maples I got 36.63 mbps 10.24 mbps

  • Guest

    “Grande Prairie, AB”, not “Grand Prairie, AB”

  • Whoops, fixed. Was a copy and paste from a Rogers email, missed it. thx

  • that’s fast!

  • Not bad

  • Let’s hope this is sustained as time progresses

  • JordanN

    I’m in Winnipeg (River Heights specifically) and I called Rogers asking why I wasn’t getting LTE service. Apparently the tower at Grant Park wasn’t upgraded so I, and my area, currently can not get LTE. We’re right in the centre of the newly updated coverage map which definitely claims LTE is available here, and probably in most surrounding areas. Nice of Rogers to tell us Winnipeg is (supposedly) being launched in phases. I’m waiting for more info, but I am extremely displeased.

  • Alex

    I live in River Heights too (near Brock Fleet Park) and have very decent LTE reception.