Rogers, Fido LTE Wireless Network Expands in Alberta


Rogers has announced its LTE wireless network has gained improvements in Alberta, with expansion in service in Lethbridge, plus between Banff and Calgary and at Scott Hill Lake.

The company says both Rogers and Fido customers will see “an improved wireless experience” at the new ATB Centre in West Lethbridge, in residential Lethbridge and between Banff and Calgary along the Trans Canada Highway.

“Our customers want to be able to connect to the people and things they love, no matter where they are,” said Raj Doshi, Executive Vice-President, Wireless Services, Rogers Communications, in a press release.

Rogers says ATB Centre is the beneficiary of a new cell tower in West Lethbridge, while those in the areas around Mayor Magrath Drive and 20 Ave. S, Lethbridge will also see improved wireless service.

For those travelling between popular tourist destination Banff and Calgary, service has improved, while there is new coverage to Morley and Cheneka.


  • cayaguy

    They put up a tower and this is news? Funny how this site favors posts about coverage news with Rogers/Fido. Good work I’m not making it obvious they pay you to post such ‘non news’

  • gordunsee

    You must be so fun at parties, bro.

    Get over yourself, this is news for rogers customers who have suffered horrible coverage in the area, and I for one welcome it. It’s not different reading about Telus increasing coverage, which is normally also posted on this site too. Bell as far as I know doesn’t post wireless expansion announcements because they’re weak af.

  • cayaguy

    Pretty weak to be attacking someone personally on here.

  • Bill___A

    They have posted information about improved coverage when Telus have done it, as well as SaskTel. This is a niche site, which is specifically aimed at people interested in iphones and mobile coverage amongst other things, I don’t see any favouritism to Rogers on here. It is also mentioned when they raise rates, for example. In this case, the erection of “a tower” was one specifically to address coverage issues at a major venue in Lethbridge, which would be of interest to a lot of people.

    It is advantageous to nurture a positive relationship with the carriers so they will use the site as one way to disseminate information.

    I have found it quite useful upon many occasions.

  • Sarvjot Singh Locham

    Very bad signal in North Delta I’m keep complaining by calling 611 and giving my feedback to staff whoever I talk but no action has been taken yet. I mean we for service but service we receive is very poor or bad. Fido should consider to install tower to boost their signal in North Delta.

  • cayaguy

    What does that have to do with personally attacking someone? Perhaps you replied to the wrong comment

  • Donnydee

    buddy harden up, is this your first time on the internet? holy h

    i am glad to hear about this news here, rogers signals suck in my area

  • Bill___A

    The initial cause of this whole discussion was what I was responding to. I don’t come on here to fight or insult people, I come on here to learn and to share information.

  • cayaguy

    Another personal attack. Reported