Rogers, Fido Increase Price of U.S. ‘Roam Like Home’ by 20% to $6 Per Day [u]


Over the weekend, Rogers quietly increased the price of their U.S. Roam Like Home option, from $5 to $6 per day, a 20% increase, which has already come into effect for their subsidiary Fido as well. This is the first price increase we’ve seen for Roam Like Home since its launch three years ago.

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Roam Like Home lets users make calls, text and use data from their existing monthly plan, while down in the U.S. The International option remains at $10 per day. Users are charged a max of 10 days per monthly bill, so it can be tricky to time your travels with your billing cycle.

iPhone in Canada reader Edison noticed the quiet change on the weekend, after he had logged into his account on the weekend, as under ‘My Extras’, the price of Roam Like Home had jumped to $6 per day. The Rogers and Fido websites were updated to reflect the change yesterday, to mark the official price increase, which kicked into effect today, August 22nd.

In comparison, Telus charges $7 per day for their Easy Roam option, while its flanker brand Koodo has prices starting at $30 for 3 days of U.S. roaming with 150MB of data and unlimited talk/text.

Bell and Virgin charges $5 per day for 100MB (and unlimited talk/text) for their U.S. roaming plan.

Videotron charges $6 per day for a similar roaming add-on option.

Want to roam for cheaper? Use a local SIM card and data plan or setup your plan before you leave Canada with Vancouver-based Roam Mobility, as an unlimited talk, text and data plan for U.S. roaming can be had for $4.95 per day (or cheaper on a monthly plan).

In July, Rogers increased the price of data overages by 40% for new customers to $70 per GB, while yesterday it was reported their “connection fee” has now jumped from $20 to $25.

The Big 3 and other wireless carriers will be unlocking phones for free and selling all devices unlocked this December, according to a CRTC ruling. The change will result in lost revenue for incumbents and fee prices look to make up for these losses.

Update: A Rogers spokesperson said in an emailed statement “Since we introduced the service, customers are using it more and more and we believe this service continues to offer great value with the ease, convenience, and predictability customers expect.”

Why the price increase? The extra funds will help offset increased costs associated with offering Roam Like Home.


  • Bill___A

    They should have sent some sort of notice and they didn’t. It is still a pretty good deal and a dollar a day cheaper than Telus.

  • Surveillance

    Don’t think they need to give notice as it’s never included in a contract

  • It’s Me

    Tis the season of Rogers increases.

  • sarge

    Still cheaper than Telus, $1 less a day and a $60/month cap instead of $100. So tired of price increases though 🙁

  • mcfilmmakers

    Increased costs? Bullshit. Americans pay NOTHING to roam like home on rogers network!

  • Nick

    Does this affect new users only, or everyone including people already using it?

  • Jason Chu

    Everyone, its a new rate that is going to be charged.

  • Bill___A

    I didn’t mean advance notice even, they should have in fact told people when it took place at least, this is common courtesy. I don’t have an issue with Rogers raising this particular fee but they erred in not sending a message about it, legally required or not…

  • raslucas

    I suppose THIS isn’t one of those price increases that warrant a voiding of contract eh?

  • raslucas

    I actually think it’s ironic that the price change happened now, as the Canadian dollar has gotten a little better. The exchange rate no doubt affects this.

  • iamcdn604

    I use Roam Mobility and get a separate, dedicated bucket of data to use in the USA plus unlimited talk and text. One thing that always bugged me about these RLH plans is that if you take a trip closer to the end of your billing cycle, you’re more likely to use up all your data (being on vacation and away from Wi-Fi at home or office). Then you get double tapped with overages while on vacation and back at home. Happened to me. Ouch.

  • Bill___A

    Still costs something, it isn’t free. I think a larger percentage of Canadian users go to the USA than American users go to Canada, which also would have something to do with it.

  • mcfilmmakers

    The us has ten times the population of Canada. There aren’t fewer Americans travelling to Canada. I never said it costs nothing, I said Americans get it for free on rogers network. ROGERS charges nothing to the Americans but charges Canadians more? It should be the other way around.