Rogers First Rewards Program Now Available to All Customers


Image credit: The Star

Last week the Rogers First Rewards program launched in the Greater Toronto Area and today the program has launched for all users coast to coast, as relayed by Rogers via email.

The rewards program offers customers to collect points per dollars spent with the company which are then redeemable for ‘rewards’ such as more data, minutes or TV theme packs. Rewards have a one month shelf life.

There is also a current promo where new users opting in will get 1000 bonus points (offer expires on December 15, 2013); limit 1 offer per member it says.

The reward structure is below:

  • Silver Tier customers ($0-$69.99 per month) earn 1 point per dollar
  • Gold Tier customers ($70-$199.99 per month) earn 1.5 points per dollar
  • Platinum Tier customers ($200+ per month) earn 2 points per dollar

Also, the First Rewards program cannot be combined with Better Choices Bundles discounts, as per what you guys have told us:

Our records indicate that you are enrolled in a Better Choice Bundles discount
Unfortunately, participation in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program cannot be combined with the Better Choice Bundles™ discount. You can either continue to receive the Better Choice Bundles discount or enroll in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program. If you would like to enroll in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program, your Better Choice Bundles discount will be removed from your account at the end of your current bill cycle. You will start earning Rogers First Rewards points immediately.

This is essentially echoed in the program’s fine print, which states some users may not be eligible for the program (especially if your account has lots of monthly credits):

Certain customers are not eligible for the program, including customers who participate in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program or other specified Rogers discount programs. If you currently participate in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program or other discount program, and you are otherwise eligible for the program, you may enroll in the program. However, once you enroll in the program you will no longer be eligible for any Rogers Better Choice Bundles discount.

Rogers last week said the program is expected to award their customers in Canada with 1.2 billion points by the end of 2013; since the launch of the program in July over 65 million points have been issued.

Let us know if you’re going to enrol into the Rogers First Rewards program.


  • Al

    “Rewards have a one month shelf life”
    What does that mean?

  • Once you accept a reward, you have one month to use it or it’ll expire.

  • Jason

    Slightly worse then Starbucks Gold star rewards program.

  • insinaty

    The only current active promo that I saw was opting-in to get 500 bonus points, not 1000 as mentioned in the article.

  • Tony

    Great. I joined without reading the fine print on the bundles discount now it’s too late. What good is a one month reward vs a monthly discount. Got burned.

  • gerry

    They should’ve used this incentive as a upgrade in device if you keep accumulate points over a span period of time.

  • MleB1

    Great – points for services and products that I have no interest in. I barely tolerate Rogers – having dumped, in the last 3 years, their cable and internet and I have no interest in their sports teams or truly terrible library of magazines. Points are, well…pointless – and doubtless we’re all paying a premium somewhere for these ‘free’ points.

    Frankly, I’m more inclined to look at competitors like Virgin, whose ‘membership’ enjoy discounts at 3rd Party retailers…

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Well, it said I was eligible… And I confirmed with a Rogers rep via chat and took screenshots, so I hope my discounts aren’t wiped out!

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    p.s. Fido dollars is a way better earning rate than this…

  • mmea175

    I agree completely! A weak attempt at best stem the loss of their customer base. JD Power has them among the lowest in customers satisfaction of all the carriers in Canada. I only have wireless with them now and when the “flex tab” is paid, I’m gone to Virgin or Koodo…..or whoever robs me the least.

  • MleB1