Rogers First Rewards Launches in the Greater Toronto Area [u]


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Image credit: The Star

Rogers First Rewards, the company’s relatively new loyalty program, has expanded to customers in the Greater Toronto Area, as announced on Twitter:

The program first launched back in July in Red Deer, Alberta and later expanded to London, Ontario. Below is the tier values of how points are calculated:

  • Silver Tier customers ($0-$69.99 per month) earn 1 point per dollar
  • Gold Tier customers ($70-$199.99 per month) earn 1.5 points per dollar
  • Platinum Tier customers ($200+ per month) earn 2 points per dollar

Customers are able to generate points based on their wireless, internet, cable and home phone spend with the company. Points accumulated are able to be redeemed for internal Rogers services such as more data, minutes or TV theme packs, as example.

Let us know if you’re already part of the First Rewards program and if you’ve redeemed points so far.

Update Nov. 13: Rogers sent the following update via email:

Starting this week in the GTA and progressing to Ottawa, Kingston, Sudbury and other cities in Ontario, the unique loyalty program is expected to award consumers across Canada with 1.2 billion points by the end of the year (that equals over 3M video on demand rewards or 2.4M GB of additional wireless data rewards!).

This rollout milestone represents a huge opportunity for Rogers cable, wireless and internet customers to earn rewards just for being with Rogers. With over 65 million points issued since launch, a number of customers are already redeeming their points for exciting rewards like Video OnDemand and more.



  • Arcsvibe

    Should be retroactive! I’m assuming still not available in Montreal, QC?

    EDIT: no not yet. Tried to login and not available in your area.

  • Troublesomedew

    They’ve sent me a message saying I’m in the platinum tier but I haven’t earned any rewards yet.

  • gerry

    I got an email indication I’m a Gold tier.

  • Jamie

    Our records indicate that you are enrolled in a Better Choice Bundles discount
    Unfortunately, participation in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program cannot be combined with the Better Choice Bundles™ discount. You can either continue to receive the Better Choice Bundles discount or enroll in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program. If you would like to enroll in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program, your Better Choice Bundles discount will be removed from your account at the end of your current bill cycle. You will start earning Rogers First Rewards points immediately.

  • D Kup

    Are you kidding? Spending 200+ a month on Rogers?

  • Pirathepan Kamalanathan

    It should be combined oh well. I rather have the Bundled price than a Rewards Program. Yeah get 2 dollars but lose 60!

  • ojamali

    I have Rogers cellphone plan and 2 ipad data sharing accounts. For some reason I am not eligible for Rogers First Rewards even though I live in Toronto GTA. I used to have Rogers Cable and Internet but switched this past June once my contract ended to go over to an unlimited internet service provider and a CRTC approved/licensed Canadian IPTV service provider.

  • hoo

    u peasant!

  • Chrome262

    Wow this took a long time to implement, was part of the focus group on how to improve the customer experience for Fido and Rogers. Overwhelmingly, we said better customer service, and to expand the rewards program that Fido has to Rogers and Rogers cable. They actually wanted to do reward miles, we all said No, cash to put on our bills or phones. 2 years later this, and its not any better than Fido dollars, ugggg. got 75 bucks for it though lol

  • rgl168

    It’s not impossible. Currently my Rogers home phone + home Internet + digital cable bill is nearly $100/month even with the various discounts + Better Choice Bundles; my cell phone services (2 lines + 1 tablet) are with others and they add up to another $100. So I were to combine everything under Rogers then the total could easily be $200 (I don’t plan to do so at the moment though).