Rogers First Rewards Now Applicable to Wireless Hardware Upgrades


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Last month Rogers First Rewards launched nationwide for all customers, the rewards program which generates points based on how much you spend monthly with the company. The reward structure, again, is below:

  • Silver Tier customers ($0-$69.99 per month) earn 1 point per dollar
  • Gold Tier customers ($70-$199.99 per month) earn 1.5 points per dollar
  • Platinum Tier customers ($200+ per month) earn 2 points per dollar
Rogers has let us know via email the program now has added the ability to redeem hardware upgrade discounts using your points. So essentially, these are now like Fido dollars but on Rogers, starting today:

Quick update on a new reward we’ve added to the Rogers First Rewards catalogue: Starting today, customers can use their Rogers First Rewards points for wireless hardware upgrade:

  • 500 pts = $5 off
  • 1000 pts = $10 off
  • 2000 pts = $20 off

The discounts are not significant or wallet-saving by any means, but if you’re in the platinum tier you’ll be earning points faster. What do you think of the Rogers First Rewards program so far? How many points have you accumulated?


  • Jay

    So if I want to use my Rogers rewards (gold tier) points to get a 300$ hardware upgrade I would have to spend 20,000$ with Rogers lol

  • Jay

    Suppose thats basically a 1 month bill with Rogers anyways 😛

  • FragilityG4

    I guess this is better than nothing … Maybe …

  • D Kup

    These reward is practically the biggest joke on Earth. Like seriously????

  • Rob Raymond

    This is almost insulting. I spend $120 / month which means I’ll be able to redeem $20 after a year? Really?

  • JokerDiscoverer

    you’re the biggest joke on Earth!

  • non-CryBaby

    you all are so dumb!!! it’s up to example 70 points for a $70 bill. do the freaking math ppl!!! it’s better than nothing you cry babies!!

  • gerry

    Quite a coincidence that I mentioned how Rogers should use these points towards hardware upgrades when this article was first featured.

  • Rogers reads this site, maybe they took your suggestion.

    or you can predict the future.