Coming Soon: The Rogers First Rewards MasterCard [PIC]


Last fall Rogers was authorized to launch their own loyalty credit card and noted the latter would launch in 2014. Earlier this month it appears the Rogers Bank website was launched to provide more details of what this card will offer.

  • Get 5,000 welcome points when you make your first purchase1
  • Get 2 Rogers First Rewards points for every dollar you spend on the Rogers First Rewards™ MasterCard® 2
  • Get rewards you actually want including On Demand movies and discounts off your next smartphone upgrade, with a new 2 year plan
  • Redeem your points quickly and easily online, whenever you want
  • No Annual FeeRogers bank mastercard

The card will be available for Rogers customers only and new sign ups can get 5,000 bonus Rogers First Rewards points. Will you sign up for this Rogers MasterCard when it becomes available?

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  • thebruce0

    Depends on the interest…

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Lol. Who keeps a balance on their credit card?

  • thebruce0

    Uh, is that a serious question?
    There may be any number of reasons why a credit card has a balance at any particular time that might accrue interest. That’s why there’s interest. So yep, interest rate on a credit card is a very significant and important question.

  • JonZombie

    It’s already available. I got mine a couple weeks ago.

  • Shameer Mulji

    it is THE question.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m sure it’s the standard twenty nine percent.

  • gtasscarlo

    No it shouldn’t be. My AMEX is 30% interest, and I never paid one time a finance charge. If you can’t make your payment, you should have a line of credit where you’ll be able to pay of CC balance. A cards interest rate shouldn’t be a factor in getting it.

  • thebruce0

    “Shouldn’t” may be true, but that’s not the way it is in the real world.
    You’re right, we -shouldn’t- hold a balance on a credit card. It’s a debt that -should- be paid, if it’s ever taken on. But to mockingly ask “who keeps a balance on their credit card?” is simply misleading, misinformed, unwise, and just bad advice. If one is selecting a credit card, it should -very
    much- matter whether you choose a card with for example 18% interest or 25%. Why would -anyone- in their right mind purposefully select a credit card with a higher interest rate? (other than say as a personal reminder and deterrent to hold a balance – which imo is a stupid psychological trick that can be very dangerous)
    I don’t care if you intend to keep a balance or not – the
    interest rate of a card IS a valid, and very important question, and it has zero bearing on whether or not one SHOULD keep a balance on it.

  • Peter Pottinger

    Basically he meant to say (but you have trouble reading between the lines), only idiots carry balances on their CREDIT cards. Get a loan, a line of credit or simply stop buying or financing whatever is putting you in debt, but DON’T carry a balance on your credit card, EVER.

  • thebruce0

    Um. Yes. I know what he was TRYING to say, and you clearly put it in a much more offensive manner.
    And no, it most certainly is not only “idiots” who may ever end up with a balance on their credit card which accrues interest, let alone make that single insulting blanket statement a reason why inquiring as to the interest rate of any credit card is by implication only something an idiot would do.
    Please remain respectful and productively add to the conversation.

    Peter, I know you were saying that’s what he was saying; as for the rest, yes I agree (as I discussed earlier) – if you have a credit card, it is -best practice- not to keep a balance; but that is irrelevant to the validity of asking the interest for a credit card if one is looking to own one.

  • Peter Pottinger

    No, i didn’t fib my words or paraphrase him. Listen closely.

    If you carry a balance on your credit card, you are an IDIOT.

    Now, what you are taking offense to it seems, is your ignorance. Hey its ok, many people defend their ignorance, and few have the humility to admit they don’t know everything.

    BUT, you should NOT be suggesting to people its normal or even OK to carry a credit card balance, because its not. You would have to literally be an idiot to carry a balance after reading this warning.

    The BETTER option is to realize you don’t need to spend money like its going out of style. Don’t buy stuff you can’t afford. Go live at home, get a second job, there are literally a million other, BETTER options than carry a a credit card balance.

    Hope that was more clear for you.

  • thebruce0

    You need to re-read my comment.
    At no place did I say it was “ok” to carry a balance ONLY THAT IT’S A COMPLETELY VALID QUESTION to ask about the rate associated with a credit card!
    I’m done with this thread.

  • thebruce0 was just asking about interest on the card, but people implied he wanted the card. No need to go nuts on somebody let’s keep it clean guys thanks.

  • Peter Pottinger

    Sorry but I’m very financially responsible and suggesting to people its ok to carry credit cards balances is simply misinformation and needs to be shut down ASAP.