Rogers Announces ‘GamePlus’ for NHL GameCenter: Exclusive Camera Angles for Mobile Users


With the 2014-2015 NHL season set to start on Wednesday, Rogers is readying a last minute push to hype up its coverage, part of their 12-year $5.2 billion deal with the league.

To ramp up GameCenter, Rogers has just announced GamePlus, a new exclusive feature for the company’s mobile and tablet customers. Essentially GamePlus will bring 6 new camera angles for customers to choose from during games, bringing video replays “in less than three minutes after the action happened.”

Nhl ref helmet cam

Keith Pelley, President of Rogers Media said in a statement “It puts customers in control and gives them access to angles they’ve never had before on any screen.  Fans who disagree with a ref’s call can now see the game exactly as the ref sees it. They can also watch multiple replay angles of the main plays in the game.”

Bench cam rogers

Pre-season testing had Rogers put replays on mobiles and tablets “in less than three minutes after the action happened.”

Only select NHL games each week will feature GamePlus access, to go with select playoff games, the All-Star game and the Winter Classic.

  • Sky Cam sits at the 200 level in the Air Canada Centre and follows the puck red line to red line at six metres per second;
  • Ref Cam is on the referee’s helmet and puts fans on the ice to get in on face offs, breakaways and goals;
  • POV Cam spotlights the hustle from inside the blue lines and for the first time inside the players’ benches;
  • Star Cam tracks a single player throughout the game no matter where the puck goes;
  • Goal Line Cam provides a top-down view of the ice, directly above the offensive action;
  • MyReplay lets fans select multiple replay angles to analyze key plays during the game, including goals, power plays, penalty kills, and the ref’s tough calls.

NHL GameCenter increased in price this year to $199, with French-only packages available regionally for $59.99. Eligible Rogers customers with internet and wireless data accounts can register for a free trial until December 31, 2014.

POV Cam inside the players’ benches should give a pretty good look at all that horking and snot-blowing.

Anyone going to sign up for NHL GameCenter this season?


  • Parksy

    Since I’m a Leafs fan and live in the Leafs region, every game I want to watch is on my TV so there is no need for me to spend $200 on GCL. If I’m not at home, then I’m busy and can’t watch it on my phone anyways…

  • GriGri

    Or you could spend the money you do on all the different cable packages just to see Leafs games, on a US Gamecenter live subscription ($99) and Unblock-US ($5/mth) to watch any game, any time, no blackouts. 🙂

  • John

    How do you get it to work on your iPhone?

  • sakimano

    yes, but you’re spending $100/MONTH for those games with your cable bill. Many people have ‘cut the cord’ and don’t have cable, and instead use free OTA HDTV (20 channels) and then services like GameCenter for hockey. Still thousands of dollars cheaper than cable.

  • Parksy

    I don’t doubt it but the OTA HDTV in my region is very limited. I’ll continue to overpay Rogers and watch on my TV.