Rogers Giving Out 1 Month Free Credit for the Holidays [Update]


Update 1: Users are reporting the number is no longer in service. We’re told this promo was supposed to be for people with pending cancellations or are in the last month or two of a current contract.


It appears Rogers has offered up some more holiday cheer this season by offering one month of free credit to your account, based on the info provided via text message to customers.

According to the RFD forums, the text reads as follows:

“Rogers svc msg: please call 1 800 407 2647. We value you and would appreciate another chance to give a special offer of one month free credit. Some conditions apply.”

I haven’t received any text messages regarding this promotion, but multiple users have confirmed receiving one month worth of credit to their account. Anyone out there receive the promotional text message? Let us know if this works for you!


  • haha

    I tried this. they said i had to extend my contract for another year

  • The wording makes it sound like a winback offer, but that can’t be right…

  • Jreid2375

    Worked for me!!!

  • Maxime Scrocca

    Well that’s funny never thought it will actually work, but yea im in QC and it did work, its MSR-Something credit for your voice plan only not for the data plan or any other fee like text message package. They picked up the phone as soon as it was ringing, no menu or sub-menu, which was really weird from Rogers. Guy confirmed my info and then asked me the reason of my call, told him i wasn’t sure but i had a message that told me that i had a credit or something or my account, tells me that it is correct and that i’ll receive a 45$ credit for my student plan next month with no string attached. I Even asked him if my contract was changed in any way, and confirmed me by saying “no its really a gift from Rogers to loyal Customer”

    So yea, lets just say that its starts my day pretty good and I can also confirm that it works.. Thanks Rogers!

  • Jess

    When I called they said it was for numbers who had been over half their contract or who were about to cancel. I’m not sure if it’s getting done on my account or not, looks like I’ll be calling back later…

  • I just tried this and it worked for me!

  • Anonymous

    Called and got it.

  • “marketing department sent this out by mistake”

  • Alishakv

    I just called and they said I am not eligible. I asked why, and they said “they are not able to disclose that information.”

  • Anonymous

    Just called and they added to both phone lines on my account! Awesome!

  • Guest

    I tried and am not eligible despite being a Rogers customer for about six years with two cell numbers and contract expiring in three months. Perhaps just random (hohoho or hahaha).

  • iamlynda

    just called. they said only for customers whose contract ends by Jan 9th 2012.

  • Anonymous

    i got called offering me 100 bonus minutes per month if i extend my contract for an extra year or 2….changes are applied allready…SCORE! 😛

  • Guest

    they said someone who activated a new line or has applied for a hardware upgrade in the last 90 days… wth?

  • No

    Worked. Have three numbers. He applied to one of the numbers no questions asked, Said…this number is the eligible one. When I asked what the difference was between the three numbers he said this one was that paid the higher monthly rate.

  • Mike

    Renewed contract for 4S and wasn’t eligible. Couldn’t say why.

  • fredf

    The 1-800 number you have published above is no longer valid!

  • Guest

    They must be making it up as they go along because my contract doesn’t end for another 1.5 year and they did it for me without even batting an eye.


    still works.

  • iamlynda

    Probably also depend on who you get from the call centre!

  • Guybrown

    Been with them 10+ yrs and not a thing

  • Phil

    Same for me, NOT A VALID NUMBER. LOL!

  • Guybrown

    This is all very confusing. Some of your readers get it and others don’t. I called and Nadia ( very pleasant ) said I get nothing—unless I want a Galaxy Nexus(?)— may call Retention Dept. and have them explain how all this works.



  • Mrs-rjk

    Seems it was a VERY short lived offer……….. I just called the # above and a Rogers recording says the # is no longer in service.

  • Guest

    Oh?!  What about the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Guest

    Definitely. Called in the past for stuff. Got nowhere. Literally called right back and got more than what I wanted.

  • Claudelewis1

    Spoke with a Rogers rep, a supervisor and ‘retention’ and all refused to extend the offer to me (have been with them 20+ years…) claiming it was only applicable to to ‘certain’ clients and I could get it if I renewed for 3 years…

  • Camera

    Same here. Rogers is garbage!

  • Anon

    It works.   I just called in and got $70.  Recently renewed my contract for 3 years, last month, so maybe that’s why I qualified.

  • Anon

    Just call 611 on your cell phone, talk to retentions / cancellation, and tell them you received the message on your phone.  They should be able to pull up the promo, and credit your account.