Rogers Launches ‘Idea Box’ for Customers to Share Ideas and Vote


Rogers today has announced the launch of the Rogers Idea Box to allow customers to submit ideas and also vote on existing ideas for the company to implement via their Community Forums.

Currently they are taking feedback on Service and Support, Rogers Stores, and the MyAccount app. So if you want to speak your mind to the company this is your chance.

The most popular ideas, as voted by the community, will be reviewed by our team to help us improve our processes and your experience. Starting today, we’re taking your ideas about: Service and Support, Rogers Stores, and the MyAccount app. We’ll also keep you updated on how your idea is doing.

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One of the ideas recently submitted was for the Rogers My Account iOS app to work over Wi-Fi instead of just their network only. The company says an update is coming to allow connections via Wi-Fi soon.

You can check out the Rogers Idea Box here. You’ll need to create an account to get in and get started.


  • Chrome262

    Wonder if they get alot of comments about competition and pricing but I am sure they block that.

  • Matt

    Yea, $20 says the first 10+ “ideas” will be about lowering their damn prices.

  • Cyrus Wu

    I’ve seen one post about it. I refreshed it about half an hour later, it was deleted.

  • Mici

    Rogers your time is running out

  • Steve “dead” Jobs

    Look at the examples they posted…which idiot buys accessories at rogers at their prices? but the truth is, 90% of idiots do so and the one’s who are tech savy are only 10%…. rogers will suck blood until every idiot is educated on when/where/how to buy $hit

  • ward09