Rogers Launches ‘Ignite’ Unlimited Home Internet, Up to 250Mbps Down


Rogers yesterday launched new home internet plans called Rogers Ignite, which offers two plans that offer unlimited usage internet, starting at $84.99 (100u) and $94.99 (250u) after their introductory three-month pricing of $59.99 and $69.99 per month respectively:

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As you can see, the ‘100u’ plan offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps and 10 Mbps upload, while the ‘250u’ offers up to 250Mbps down and 20Mbps up.

Both plans offer a 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 plan to Rogers Gamecentre Live, worth $200 per season, while a two-year subscription to shomi is also included.

The Ignite home internet plans come with a one-time installation fee of $49.99 and an activation fee of $14.95. The first three months offer $25 off each Ignite plan.

Rogers confirmed to us the unlimited usage plans truly have no data limits as advertised (i.e. no fair usage policies in their terms of service), emphasizing “Our policies do not place a limit on our Unlimited Internet offering.”

Let us know if you’re going to be switching to any of these Ignite plans–they are available where the Rogers cable footprint is offered: Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.


  • bionicmonk

    It makes me noxious to say it.. but that’s not too bad.

  • sukisszoze

    C’mon Telus…let see what you can do!

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    Unfortunately not available in Quebec. Prices are on par what I pay for Bell unlimited right now.

  • Fireeast

    Let me get this straight for an extra $20 I can times my download speed by 4, bye bye shaw

  • K3

    They’re everywhere upgrading to a fiver optic structure right now, things might turn interesting for summer service offerings if competition does exist between service providers.

  • K3

    Does Rogers not own Shaw?

  • ipodjon120

    I upgraded my plan to the 100u yesterday

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m assuming this is only available in eastern Canada?

  • Rio

    Wow!!! Welcome new Rogers!

    This is actually very good! I am paying $70 for 25/10 with bell 150GB cap.

    Those speeds are awesome

  • tr4

    Hey I’m happy as an long time customer that this came about. I’m now paying less than price before but with better services I went from 25/2 unlimited to 100/10 unlimited Internet and better tv service with free showmi and cheaper home phone.

  • TheZ0diac

    Those prices are for the first 3 months??? This deal sucks

  • Adam Reinhardt

    Buy the WIFI modem upfront, don’t rent it removes $12/mo

  • Dips

    The modem is now bundled with the internet price and even if you did buy one it would not reduce the price. I confirmed this twice with two rogers reps when i got the internet. He said there would be no discount if i bought one or had one.

  • Howard Chu

    Yeah, same here. It essentially turns our Rogers modem purchase & $12/mo savings into garbage!

  • Melanie

    why the initial setup and installation fee? has anyone been able to get it waived? Gotta love $9.99 for SELF install!

  • Yujiza

    I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but Rogers is the biggest Internet throttler there is. I wish I knew thing when I signed up with them years ago.

    Small story; way back when they had 60 down, 3 up for roughly $100/m, I jumped on that for the nerd I am. I wanted the fastest and best. Bare in mind I was directly connected (no wifi) to make sure I can obtain those speeds, and I resided alone. It became apparent something was amiss; with gaming especially. I would get packet losses (people freezing in place then scurrying), and when I ran speed tests, I would sit near 18 to 20 mbps download, and was worse during peek hours. I called them and complained. They sent me new modems, technicians to check, you name it. Eventually one guy told me that because I lived in a “busy neighbourhood”, there’s nothing they can do. I lost it telling them that my Internet is now held hostage to my street, and should I go knock at their doors to tell them to stop using the Internet so I’m getting my money’s worth? I quickly left and switched.

    Even when I look at their site now, “UP TO” labelled on all of their speeds. Really? Up to?

    I’d rather a slower constant speed say 25mbps, over an up to speed with throttling and packet losses any day.

  • Sheila

    Will this work if I am out in the country, and can only get satelite right now

  • @Rogers_Chris

    Hi Yujiza, what you’re describing from past experiences is known as congestion. You’ll find that many of those problems have been alleviated due to a significant investment in our network over the past few years.

    And to your point about “throttling”, we no longer manage P2P upstream traffic, we phased that out as of December 2012.

    I hope this clears up any confusion.

  • Oscar

    Just got ignite 250mbps installed today. Very disappointed. Upload speeds half as promised, the Hitron CGN3 modem constantly drops wifi after which it requires reset, all sorts of site are being throttled – Youtube, ebay, other streaming sites. My connection to Microsoft Exchange is constantly dropping, so LiveMeeting is a no-go. Can’t even play competitive online games because I can’t even reconnect to matches on time.

  • anon

    i was spectacle about rogers from previous experiences however after ordering the 250u i am impressed, consistently getting 300-330mbps on speedtest and 37mb/s downloading games on steam, all for a reasonable price

  • Jim

    No they don’t.

  • Dylan Neild

    Sorry this is late but if you are getting 250/10 (rather than 250/20) you are provisioned wrong. 250/10 is an actual provisioning tier in the Rogers system that some 250 customers get put on depending on a variety of issues. You should call and ask to have that looked into. That said, the rest of your issues sound like you have RF problems; also should make a call into Rogers and ask them to test your line.

  • Asace

    This is what my experience has been so far with Rogers internet: i purchased Rogers ignite 60 and my tests reveal between 25-30 mbps. That is why i am switching to Bell as soon as fibe is installed in my building in about a month’s time. i would like to know what speed those that signed up for 250 mbps get.

  • Al van der Laan

    Almost two years ago I got unlimited after going over every month. Believe it or not, I have been using Rogers since early 1998 for internet and in the early years it was not always as reliable. My contract ends in about 4 months and I am wondering if there is a sort of super user package. We are with three high bandwidth users in a condo-townhouse complex. Right now I have great throughput and for what I negotiated in price I am not sure if I want to break the contract open yet. The superuser must include all movie channels, hbo and such and since I get shomi with the ignite I am wondering what the best package would be for my family. Oh the fiber was installed in my area end of last year and is actually about 60 meters from my front door. I have confirmed that I can get the 250u but the pricing right now is a little prohibitive as I am spending 200 bucks monthly already. I am curious what others have. I do not need a phone or mobile phone plan included – I think with Internet speeds this high that more and more people will go to some form of voip anyways.

  • Shannon

    I have been with Rogers since the first flip phones came out. I now have my cable and Internet with them. I go over on my internet almost every month but the only way they will give me unlimited is if I pay $40 more a month then I’m paying now. Thanks but no thanks. It’s a slap in the face for many years of giving them my service. So disappointed!!!

  • Ryan Demeo

    Unlimited usage? Wow! That’s pretty cool. Here in Ontario, I use Acanac and they charge $9.95 for the first month with unlimited usage. But from the second month on wards we can choose from plans starting from $30 a month. This plan super cool but I am looking for something like unlimited usage for life time. :p

  • Michael Rice

    It’s “UNLIMITED” up to 300 gigs a month. Good for most people, but there is a cap of 300gigs a month of data use per month, which if you use it for gaming, especially downloading PS4 games and updates, plus streaming and regular net use doesn’t take too long to reach.

    Like most “UNLIMITED” plans in Canada it really isn’t truly “UNLIMITED” but just unlimited to a point. All it means is they won’t throttle your connection if you are close to your limit and will issue you a warning notice when you are at 75% of your cap.

    Since you pay for it anyways, I make sure I go as close to that 300 gigs a month as possible without going over. ROGERS=money grubbing whores.

  • sumwhat 1

    Its a two year plan until they raise the price. Also vmedia and other providers in big cities havr mucb faster unlimited speeds. I suggest doing your research first to save a buck or two 🙂

  • sumwhat 1

    If you were already with Rogers prior to purchasing this plan then there will be no initial setup and installation fee.

  • sumwhat 1

    That has changed… You can in fact save $12 a month by using your own modem

  • sumwhat 1

    This is incorrect. The usage is completely Unlimited.

  • sumwhat 1

    Agreed. However I just acquired the cg3rog with the new plan and it works much much better.