Rogers Hikes ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Price to $50 for Share Everything Plans


Looks like Rogers has increased the price for those bringing their own devices and jumping onto Share Everything Plans, as the rate has increased by $15 to $50.

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When Rogers first launched their Share Everything Plans last September, the cost was $35 for those bringing their own unlocked devices. Now at $50 for BYOD, that is just $10 less per month for those paying $60/month as part of their 2-year term hardware subsidy.

When Telus first launched their SharePlus plans last July, BYOD cost $35, but fast forward to today and it’s now $40.

When Bell launched their shareable plans last March, the price was $40 for BYOD, which it still remains at today.

The first quarter of this year saw Rogers, Telus and Bell raise their wireless prices by $5/month.

It doesn’t look like wireless is getting any cheaper when we keep on seeing these prices creep up, does it? But there are ways to save, especially if you’re using an unlocked iPhone or have good WIND Mobile coverage in your area.

Thanks Osman!


  • TANR

    Wait for it………………… TELUS and Bell right there too!

  • gtasscarlo

    They are really living up to the Robbers reputation.

  • This is indirectly saying to people that there is no incentive to bring your own device.

  • Flaxx

    What a rip off. The $20 “discount” for BYOD made sense when you think about an iPhone having a $480 subsidy which is 24 months * $20/month. There is no justification to raising it to $50, except to price gouge. I have 2 devices on the subsidy and 4 devices as BYOD. If they change the price, I will use it as grounds for cancelling the subsidy contracts.

  • Jezzah

    If only wind could get their act together and expand their coverage further. I’d drop robbers in a New York minute.

  • Chuck B

    I am in BC and just signed up for unlimited anytime minutes and 1 gig data for $45 a month with virgin mobile with all the extras. I think Koodo and Fido have similar deal. I think its a pretty good deal although I will keep shopping for a better deal.