Rogers Should Be Ashamed. Smartphone Data Travel Plans Vs. Travel Packs.


**This is an opinion piece by Chris Aceto, contributing writer.**

I’m heading to California next week and I thought I’d plan ahead by calling Rogers and activating a US Data Pack. On the Rogers website I noticed some interesting plans on the Smartphone Data Plan page, namely the $40 travel plan.

1 GB of data for
Canada & the U.S.
Additional Data $0.25 / MB

The above package seems like a great deal even though I will only be in the U.S. for 10 days. I decided to see if Rogers updated their U.S. Data Travel Packs to reflect these new data plan options, unfortunately they didn’t.

75 MB of data
Additional Data $.80 / MB

What a joke! $40 for 1GB versus $60 for 75MB. Is Rogers serious?

I currently pay roughly $150 month for my Rogers plan and I think it’s unethical and insulting to turn around and ask me, a 10 year customer, to pay $60 for 75MB of data when I travel to the US no more than twice a year.

Rogers is clearly offering cheaper travel options in the form of monthly data plans which are 50% of the price with 1200% more data.

Seriously. Do the shot-callers at Rogers really think that little of us? Do they laugh at the fact that we, their loyal customers, pay these ridiculous prices even when their pricing structure shows blatant contradictions such as this one?

Those of you that are traveling abroad and are thinking of taking a TRAVEL PACK, please be aware that you are paying twice as much for a thousand times less data than someone who opts for the monthly travel pack.

The excuse that Rogers provided is that, “the system won’t allow us to add the monthly travel pack. If it’s added you will lose your current $30/6GB plan and will be charged for downgrading your plan $5/mnth for each month left in your contract upto $100. The Travel Pack is really the best option for you. We can offer you 75MB for a one time charge of $60”. I’m sorry Rogers. What was I thinking? If the system won’t allow it, of course I’ll pay this ridiculously high amount, knowing full well that you’re ripping me off. I’m sorry for being such a bother, asking to be treated fairly. If the system can’t compute this complicated request I’ll just pay whatever you want. No problem.

That’s fine Rogers. Keep treating us like morons. I will gladly pay $500 to break my contract 3 years early, if what you’re telling me is that you’re willing to lose $6600 over the next 3 years ($5400 Wireless + $1260 iPad Data) rather than let me pay you an extra $40 for 1GB of US data that I will only use for 10 days?

Who’s the idiot?

If you’re as angry as I am use this page to contact the Office of the President. Fill out the form and quote this article.

Bell Canada! Telus!? Are you there? This is the perfect time to step-up your game!


  • Claude Whitlock

    Just get the phone unlocked and put a AT&T SIM in the phone for:
    Data Packages
    1 MB – $4.99
    100 MB – $19.99
    And for the phone you can choose from many differnt plans depending if you plan on making a lot of calls or just have the phone ready for important call when you are abroad:

  • Psy

    For data in the US, I bought a Virgin Mobile prepaid Mifi for $150 at Best Buy and a $20 top up card good for 300MB of data for 30 days. You can also get a $10 (100MB), $40 (1GB) or $60 (5GB). See the chart here:

    Best part is that there is no contract and no activation fee. You do need a US address to register you account to but that shouldn’t hard to get if you know someone there.

  • Brendan

    BTW – for any frequent US travellers – buy an AT&T Go Phone SIM, put $100 on it and only pay for what you use – check it out here ( – I called AT&T and a Canadian can buy this from any AT&T dealer. They can not ship it to Canada, but you can buy one the next time you are there. Just put $100 on the account and it will stay valid for 12 months! Wake up Rogers!

  • Rustybarnacle

    Someone's got their cranky pants on today. πŸ™‚

    Yes, it sucks donkey balls. No, I won't buy travel packs or plans, I'd rather shut off data the few times I travel.

  • iphonedmilanista

    they're all a bunch of crooks

  • Unfortunately, I need to use data when abroad. Otherwise, shutting off data would be the best option. What's crazy here is that I'm willing to pay for it. I just want to pay a fair price… a price that they actually offer other customers. Is anyone else confused by this? The lack of logic behind what Rogers is doing is mind boggling.

  • Cubmike74

    I recently was in the states and needed to use data. I knew the travel pack was a rip off, but I didn't want to add something to my plan for the long term.
    Rogers always seems to set up these types of situations where you are forced to get something you don't really want to pay less, or you need to add on all sorts of expensive extras just to get what you want.

  • zorglub

    I am using my unlock 3G with ATT pay as you go while in the US. But you must be on iOS 2.x for that. With 3.x, ATT no longer allow iphones to get data on pay as you go plan.
    I did not find any decent solution since then for a 3.x iOS phone.

    60$ for 75MB is what i use whe I have no choice. But 75MO does not drive you far…

  • Chrome262

    i think fido offers something similar but its 30 bucks

  • A3sthetix

    Rogers sucks, I wouldn't switch to them even if their plans were cheaper than the competition.

  • There is a simple solution. Add the monthly travel plan, then cancel it next month. (Bell won't allow this. Once you add something, you need to keep it for a while).

    Better yet, since you are a 10 year subscriber, call Customer Service and tell them what you want, and they will arrange both the add and cancel. You just need to estimate the voice time and data you need. I've done this for vacations.

  • SueBee

    better to jailbreak and unlock – and easy now πŸ™‚

  • dekator

    This kind of gouging makes unlocking an attractive option.

  • As I stated in my post. Adding the monthly travel plan is an option, however, they would have to remove my “limited time offer” $30/6GB plan. Also, they will pro-rate the billing and I have to call in to change back, assuming they haven't removed the offer when I do.

    Are you suggesting that I lose my $30/6GB plan and replace with with a $40 1GB US plan even though I only need it for 10 days?

    I shouldn't have to call customer service every time I travel and plead with them to work out some Frankenstein option that still doesn't work properly. Rogers needs to upgrade their travel plans to more accurately reflect the monthly option rates.

  • STUD

    ah.. why was my post removed? πŸ™
    well maybe a mistake.

    btw, rogers really have bad plans!!
    they just changed their student plans too!
    same price, but instead of my10 and 6pm, they are giving my5, and evening from 9pm πŸ™

  • Sucker.

    LOL, Rogers has an “Office of the President” too? That's where Telus sends you when you're upset too. They call it that to make you feel important.

    “I got all the way up to the Office of the President with my complaint!” lol.

  • K306

    Well I've just been spun into a whole new universe of disappointment. According to my local Rogers store, Apple sent the word this a.m. no iphones for at least 2 – 3 weeks. Another store said “could be a couple days, most likely a few weeks”. Put your credit cards away for now my friends.

  • Steve

    More reason to buy a unlocked device or jailbreak. Rogers does rip you off for travelling…

  • sgeve

    I don't know why you're so surprised. A one-time thing will always be way more expensive than a long-term. Would you complain about the price of one bottle of water versus a case of 24? The price of a magazine off a newsstand versus a subscription? The price of a day's worth of wi-fi capabilities while travelling versus your monthly home internet? Travel insurance for short-term versus a long-term health plan? It's economies of scale.

  • Nice to know and now I don't feel so bad about purchasing (and still waiting for) and unlocked IPhone 4 off the Apple site. When I travel to the US, I will pop in an AT&T SIM card and that will be that.

  • james

    dude I'm with ya but I'm not a roger's they abviously haven't updated this package in 10 years and they are just being morons

  • John

    Stop being such a whiner

  • Joker Eh

    And you don't think that $30 for 6GB is alot of money?? I think it was to much money. It should be liek a $6 feature to use 6GB. Companies continue to charge what they want because people continue to pay. It is so simple.

    All this different cell phone companies started up did anything change? No. And by you paying for it anyways just proves to them that they can charge what they want. Because you say you need it. I don't know where this need stems from but it sure isn't necescity, it is more of a want. You want to be connected 24hrs a day you don't need to.

    Just connect to a wifi source when your down there.

  • Morgan

    That is a horrible comparison. Of course I would complain if I could buy a bottle of water for $9.99 and a case of 24 for $5.99. It is ridiculous. Obviously people expect to pay a bit of a premium for the fact that it's a onetime purchase, but the premium per MB they are expecting their customers to pay is absolutely atrocious. This is more than a 3000% markup per MB.

  • Philipauer

    go to bell, better and faster network. Customer service is not the best, but you have better options for american data.

  • Kevin

    Yes but that will not give you data unless you subscribe to an AT&T data plan, unless I am much mistaken!

  • roadcarver

    The problem is that we are all slaves to these smart phones now, we can't live without internet/email for 1 week.

  • Kevin

    There seems to be some confusion here, unless I am totally out to lunch. The original post is talking about DATA, not voice. Some respondents appear to believe that by buying an unlocked phone, they can simply slip in a US carrier's SIM card (AT&T) and voila! I do not think that it is as simple as that. Yes, you can buy a SIM for your unlocked phone, and use an AT&T pay as you go voice plan, but unless you are willing to subscribe to a DATA plan for a year or more, I think you are out of luck. In other words, I am not aware of a pay as you go DATA plan. If someone knows something to the contrary, I would love to know!

  • Aaron S

    Is your phone unlocked? When I travel I always just purchase a country-specific SIM card. When I was in the UK I was paying approximately $0.80 a DAY for 50MB of data, NO CONTRACT. I'm with Rogers too, but I try to deal as little as possible with those jokers and thieves.
    Hence why I gladly purchased an iPhone 4 outright and unlocked.

  • Brendan

    I have had it with Rogers pricing games – mobile and television – just sent this message to the president and expect to have a reply the day after hell freezes over!

    “This is not so much a complaint as an observation. I recently spoke with a Rogers Customer Care Representative regarding the business case to be made for purchasing an unlocked phone versus a locked contracted phone. When I asked to speak with a Manager I was told no one was available. I left my number and no one ever called me back. I feel strongly that Rogers voice and data plans for travellers to the US are hugely overpriced. I used to pay $60 per month for voice only roaming in the US but recently cancelled the service as my US travel has declined. I have now discovered that if I have an unlocked phone I can buy plans in the US for about 15% of the annual cost from Rogers, for voice and data – and further only pay for what I use. I have since made the decision to purchase an unlocked phone and will not be renewing my contract with Rogers when it expires next year. In addition I am about to cancel the majority of my TV services in favour of an IPTV solution with which I only have to pay for what I want, when I want it. I am currently a $450 a month customer of yours and have been a loyal subscriber for many years. I have worked for Rogers Broadcasting in the past and have been a big supporter of the “little company that Ted built”. He must be spinning in his grave with all the negative publicity Rogers is receiving these days over the increasingly poor customer service we are receiving.”

  • Really? I assumed there was an option with AT&T. Will have to double-check. Thanks Kevin.

  • Kevin

    I went to an AT&T booth in Tucson last year and asked for a pay as you go data plan for my unlocked 3GS and was told no such thing existed. YRMV.

  • iPhone <3

    Leaving Rogers for Bell on July 30th was the best decision I've ever made.

  • W1ngz73

    This is why I bought my iPhone4 from Apple. not that I travel so often, but I'm no longer willing to be held captive to any (all?) of the providers who screw us with misleading fees that appear to be government mandated, “value packs” that only include unwanted service options, forcing you to subscribe to several unwanted services, to get the one service you do want. Seriously, where's the bare-bones simple “Caller ID+Visual V.Mail” option?

    These are all confugurable options that they could easily make available, and have thousands of happy users, paying for exactly the services they want.

  • Guest

    This seems perfectly reasonable I don't know why your going crazy about it the prices are reasonable.

  • Exactly! I have no problem, whatsoever, paying extra for US data. However, a difference of over 1000% is ludicrous!

  • Calliope

    Agreed..I'm glad I got my10 Canada wide in 2008, there doesn't seem to be a my10 anymore πŸ™

    Even last year's student data plan was decent.. 200 mins + my10 Canada + 500mb of data for $50 + 6pm evenings. Just a few days ago this was on the site…not anymore πŸ™ The new plans suck.

  • Pissed

    On a different note: Whats the point of having the phone released in Canada if you can't get the thing. I have been trying every since friday. No where on Vancouver Island can I fin one..Even the apple store in Vancouver is out.
    Maybe they should of waited a month.

  • Huh! Well, for now I'm in good 'ole Canada and I will research all the Canadian providers very carefully until my IPhone comes in and see who has the best US Data Plan.

    I know someone who works for AT&T. I'm going to try to reach him and see what he has to say.

  • Be sure to sign your comment next time, Nadir.

  • If it makes you feel any better the same package would be $85 on Telus. They have a $10 data pack that gives you $1/MB data, so $10+$75 for the 75 MB.

    A better deal if you aren't going to use 75 MB of data I guess, but still a pretty big rip off. Seems like, if you travel to the US a lot it is better to just buy a phone outright, then use pay as you go data plans when down there.

  • W1ngz73

    You must be trying to leave a comment on some other article. Or did you not see this part:

    “Rogers is clearly offering cheaper travel options in the form of monthly data plans which are 50% of the price with 1200% more data.”

    How is that reasonable?


    Maybe you can talk to retentions. but even you switch to Bell or Telus, I doubt you'll get any special treatment…

  • Adrian

    should have bought a unlocked phone

  • Unless you have a monthly data plan or an actual iPhone sim card from AT&T (and not from a pay as you go phone), you cannot use AT&T data on an unlocked iPhone 3G/3GS/4 – they will still let you buy it of course but it says you don't have a valid data plan if you try to use it on the phone. AT&T made this change awhile ago. Ironically, the same sim works fine with data in an Android phone.

    So yes, having an unlocked iPhone is nice but useless if you are hoping to use it with AT&T in the US.

  • Vincent

    I bought one yesterday at the Montreal Apple store…they are receiving a few 100 everyday around 14:00

  • I'm in the same boat. Have a list of stores I call every day. Zilch. Only way is to line up outside an Apple store before 6am. I guess Apple doesn't want people with jobs buying their phones

  • Turtle

    Although i agree with the author's outrage, i must say that articles as blatantly opinionated as these should be proofread by fellow editors. By posting this you are no longer being objective as a WEBSITE.
    Do we come here for the news on the iphone? Or for outraged blog posts?

  • francois

    The roaming charges are a total joke. Thank goodness the ipad is unlocked and so when I travel to the US I just get a months worth of service with AT&T on my ipad and I try to avoid using my iphone. But if travelled frequently then purchasing an unlocked iphone would be the way to go.

  • Ben Senise

    I travel to the US a few times a year and have an ATT pay-as-you-go SIM. I put $100 on it so it lasts for a year.
    I start a 30 day data package when i go and it costs $20 for 100MB (IIRC). I don't use that much on my fido account here per month so it's enough for me.

  • Ben Senise

    I have an iPhone 3G and use data on an ATT pay-as-you-go SIM all the time.

  • Marc

    I completely agree Turtle. To me it sounds like he's trying to get Rogers to give HIM a break because of the popularity of this blog site. Yes it's outrages but so are all the other options with all the other carriers in Canada.

  • Rob

    I have travelled to the US many times and used pay as you go. The data option is media net and provides 100 MB to use within 30 days. You can buy a sim card on eBay or in an AT&T store. If you get it from eBay it can be activated online but in Canada you will not be able to get the text for the account password until you are in the US. Refills also add some trouble as you cannot use most Canadian credit cards. You will have to either get the refill at a US store or use pinzoo and paypal to pay. To get the data to work you have to configure your APN settings. Settings are available on factory unlocked phones or by putting in the AT&T sim in a hack unlocked Rogers phone. The APN settings can also be changed by using apn changer website to install the AT&T profile. Since the I phone uses a lot of data make sure that you have media net setup before having the phone on as it will use your balance in minutes (even when the phone is just checking push mail and not on safari).

    Hope this helps

  • Rob

    It is $20 for the 100 mb

  • Hopeful

    I have been with Rogers for 14 years (back then they use to be called Cantel). Since the carrier update to 7.1 (even though now its 7.2) I've had to restore my 3G iphone 7 times and spending about 5 hours on the phone with Rogers. Mind you, I pay bills that are up to 500$/month as I use a lot of minutes in my line of work. Basically, I spoke with a high up employee after threatening them of leaving, which basically refused to give me the iphone 4 for free (with a three year contract) and suggested that once I have purchased the phone and signed a 3 year agreement, that she would take a look to see if she could do something for me. This was their final answer. Well starting next week, I am now a new Telus customer with a free iphone 4 and for the same price I pay on my contract, I get 40% more minutes and unlimited between Telus User and a cap of 230$ for up to 5000 minutes. Not bad eh.

    Basically, if you pay 500$/month or 70$/month, the infantile at Rogers seem to give the same amount of importance.

    Their loss….

  • Kensign

    and this isn't even news. Rogers have been making customers pay ridiculous data roming rates since iPhone 1 was introduced. Also he doesn't even mention the terrible roming rates for calls as well which are just as bad.

  • Welcome to Blogs. The grey area of journalism.

  • Paul

    Yes, they're all a bunch of crooks. Easiest workaround is to buy a MiFi box and use that when travelling.

    I don't travel much in the US, but Europe and South Africa have pre-paid PAYG data as well as voice. Plus you can transfer your unused balance to a friend when you leave :-). But then they also have some real competition.

  • RTalapian

    Anyone know when new shippments come in ?

  • Jeepy

    Hey Vincent, do you know if they only get unlocked ones or do they receive locked ones with Rogers or Fido contract?

  • Mac

    off topic but does anyone know when bell stores will get another shipment of iphones. i phoned a bell store and the said September but if i gonna have to wait that long i might as well get a white iphone.

  • Jason

    yeah but did you know about how ridiculous those plans are until now?? Sure he's talking about HIS personal experience although a lot of us readers could potentially be affected as well….. I know I learned something from it

  • Ex


  • Other people have already commented about how this article sounds like an angry rant in the comment section, I agree… but this article erks me for another reason.

    The writers of have a forum, and with that an opportunity, to shed light on problems like this… and hopefully articles here will provoke a reaction from mainstream media outlets, or better yet one of the wireless companies themselves. But it's really frustrating when I see articles here that are basically getting mad at Rogers/Bell/Telus for not treating longtime customers right.

    It's great that people like “us” know about retention plans, and can get better deals than the average customer… but the highway robbery occurring in this instance and within the entire wireless industry in Canada, isn't about us… it's about the average customer. It's ridiculous to think 75mb of data should cost $60 for a longtime customer AND a brand new customer… it's 2010 and we're talking about 75mb of data for Christ's sake.

    And for what it's worth, the vast majority of the time articles here on used as venting outlets, and they are written for the most part for the benefit of all wireless customers.

    … and for the people that are suggesting this educated them on something they didn't know about it, yeah it might of. But there's a right way and wrong way to bring attention to something… and this isn't the right way.

  • wongnog

    I will be travelling to the us for a week in aug and oct but like op refuse to pay for these overpriced data travel packs. I wouldve considered the $40monthly plan if I had not just signed up for the 6gb plan last week. If my phone is unlocked, what are my prepaid sim card options in the states?

  • wongnog

    Is this because you did not use the APN changer website to change your phone settings to allow an AT&T sim card to work in your Unlocked phone? This is what I gather from the above is required.

  • livininvic

    Yeah, Telus? Bell? Are you there? Better make sure you line up your pricing with Rogers. Heaven forbid Canadian cell companies started a price war? Hurry!!!! Fix your prices before you're a better deal than Rogers!!!

  • wongnog

    Please see my above comment. I think you need to change your phones apn settings to accept the AT&T sim. Perhaps that's why phones on ios3 or 4 do not work even if they're unlocked?

  • Jefflessard

    I'm with Rogers and when I travel to the US, I have the option to add 10$ to my monthly bill, and then it costs 1$/mb of US data. That way, I keep my 6 gig/30$ month data plan and it is cheaper than the so called “US travel pack”.

  • Calgary82

    Given that this website early on (during the 3G days) got Rogers to reverse their *terrible* data plans and offer a 6GB promotion with “outraged” posts, let's give him a little slack here.

    On another note, my experiences with Rogers has been that they like to use the “our system won't allow us to do that” excuse to screw you in all manner of ways.

  • TY

    The only thing Rogers is 100% wrong in this case is they didn't update their site with the new pricing. Companies like to say they value our business, but really when was the last time we get some freebies just because we are being loyal ? And to be honest we aren't really “loyal”, we do shop around and ready to jump ship any second a better deal pops up. Phones companies, cable companies, banks, airlines, they all suck in the same way. I don't think Telus or Bell will knock off prices just because you've been with them for X nbr of yrs, they don't have to give you discounts to keep you, they use contracts to keep you. Since you're not going anywhere within a contract, they don't really care, take it or leave it is their attitude.

  • Prailor

    ooo rogers is pretty shameful, i visiting family in the stats right now, they wanted to to buy 10mb for $30, to use while roaming, not enough and expensive

  • Tomsiphone

    Same here, Aaron. My 3GS is unlocked and when I travel, I just buy a SIM at a local store, like AT&T, Vala, IPKO, T-Mobile or whatever. I have traveled all over Europe and the US for work and it's just that easy.

    Screw Rogers and their plans. Unlock your phone and go native πŸ™‚

  • Chris

    This is a valid point. However, I am not expecting Rogers to respond due the popularity of this blog. I am simply attempting to edu ate, for lack of a better word, everyone that is currently in a similar situation and is trying to find a solution.

    We are the customers. Ultimatley, if we are unhappy with a service, or are being treated as thug we don't ow any better we will continue to pay outrageous prices and be tested like children when speaking with customer care, regardless of the carrier.

    Let's not forget why Rogers pushed the $30/6GB data plan. There was a massive plea for a better option and many websites and petitions pouched for an ulminited option that was competitive witn our neighbors to the North.

    If we continue to ignore what's happening, continue to be complacent, things will never change. We're already signing 3 year commitments. What more can the carriers ask?

  • een

    Not trying to “troll” here but if an individual is a regular traveler to the US or parts more exotic I'm thinking they can afford, or expense, the cost of an unlocked iP4.

    Certainly if it's a business situation it's an expense that could easily be justified based on the balance of ridiculous US roaming data/voice charges from the major Canuck carriers.
    Accountants! Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    I've debated whether or not to go “Full Monty” and just buy the f*cking thing unlocked. And I'm tempted as Bell has Sweet FA to say re: my wife's HUP although I'm getting it fully credited for the same amount of time on contract and money per month on our wireless bill.

    Certainly, if I were, even semi-annually, headed to the US I'd give serious consideration to buying unlocked.


  • een

    All iP4s at Apple stores are unlocked until you sign/re-sign with a carrier.


  • Half_Pint

    That's interesting that Rogers' system won't allow them to add $40/1GB, but it will allow them to add $60/0.075GB to your plan. That must be a real inconvenience for them.

  • munchies

    virgin is the only provider were you can find decent plans

    like the 6gb data plan for 30$ with the phone for only 25$ for 100 minute and unlimited text

  • Ln

    I recommend you get an ATT pay as you go card and a non iphone pda. You can then buy for 20 dollars 100 mbytes of data. Rogers are bastards when it comes to data in the US.

  • Ln

    None available since Tuesday morning.

  • Ln

    The 40 dollars 1 gig is on a 3 year contract if I remember correctly. In addition you need to get a voice plan with that. In other words its a new voice/data plan you need to get or cancel your existing plan It could be usefull for someone going to the states every month. Your other option is to get a plan from Verizon or Tmobile in the US.

  • Steval

    I completly understand you. I'm currently in USA for 1 week, and last week, I made exactly the same finding/calling than you… I finiseh using an Alfa network card and Backtrack 4 to hack a WEP network here in USA and everything is ok πŸ™‚ (I use my macbook to connect to the hacked network and my internal airport to broadcast a adhoc network for my iphone/ipad in the rented house.

    My plan B was to buy a netcard key from virgin for 79$ and add a boradband2go plan (40$ for 1Gb i think), it was the best option i've found. For the rest of the time, the key can be used as a flash drive (because you can't use the US virgin key in Canada, even if it's the same fu?%&? key…). Anyway…

    and by the way again, I bought an iPhone 4 this week in Best Buy here in USA (contract free at 599$) but returned it the day after, because of ANOTHER common problem with iPhone 4 : non-working Front facing camera… search the net, a lot of people has this problem… only solution : change the iPhone… so I decided I'll stick with my perfectly working 3GS….

  • Rodney King

    These data outrage rants are old

  • PhoneHound

    There is certainly good reason to be outraged at Rogers, as these plans are carefully designed to extract large amounts of money from their “customers,” typically with the least possible warning or notification, and the company then lies about the reasons. All the major cell phone carriers do this as it does maximize short term profits. The solution is to get an unlocked phone and often switch carriers.

    The article is excellent, and the only change I would suggest to the editor is to label the article as “editorial”, as then it would distinguish personal experience from more objectively worded reporting as in traditional journalism.

  • Kilimats

    I do the same Aaron and Tom, get a SIM card in the new country Chris, **** ROGERS

  • mackman6151

    to be quite honest as much as I agree the prices are a bit crazy, you have to take it into consideration, the travel plan is a locked contract plan (usually 1-3 years). the travel pack is an addition you can add on at anytime and remove at anytime. that is primarily the reason it costs more, and it SHOULD cost more because yo0u have the freedom of cancelling when you get back to Canada, whereas the other plan you don't. if you would travel often to the USA then the $40 plan seems reasonable considering 1gb of local data regularily is $30. If you're only going twice a year (and i'm assuming not for extended periods then either try to live without data, find wifi, or simply pay the $60 twice a year if really needed. the same would go for the iphone. when you lock into a 3 year contract you get it for 400% less than if u bought it outright contract free.

  • Kilimats

    just jailbreak and unlock it, I would pay full price on an iphone, thats worst

  • dryster

    The world must have gone mad, this article complains about $40 and then the writer admits that he is shelling out $6600 over a three year period. The question “Who's the Idiot?” is posted and to this reader, the author is clearly guilty. It's about time that tech savvy users became money savvy and started saving their cash instead of flushing it down the toilet every month for their data fix.

  • Claude

    For all you people suggesting ''Bell''. They have the worst customer service in the world. They ripped us off for decades when they had the monopoly. They are still the worst in my book and will never get a red penny from me again. Maybe I am older than you all and the only one that remembers ?

  • Timothy Nordin

    I was just in New York and received the traditional “you're roaming” txt… I called Rogers and for $10 a month I am able to use my current data plan $30/6GB in the US. You can cancel the $10 roaming data whenever you want. At the same time, of course, they also had some “short-term” bundles the could add giving you a combination of roaming minutes and txts. This is great if you're just a holiday traveler – as opposed to business – although the $10 a month for the data roaming would be awesome for anyone.

  • Ln

    The 30 dollars 6 gb plan can not be converted to a US data plan. You are mistaken. You got bad information from the Rogers rep. The only plan is 40 dollars a month for 1 gb plus the 10 dollars. If you convert to this plan it means you lose your 6gb plan.

  • Ln

    So you all know, I was gona buy a new Macbook pro but cancelled to protest the way Apple is treating customers with their lack of responsiveness on getting us iphone 4. Fuck you Apple, I bought a new Sony machine instead.

  • Omar

    No Claude, I to also remember the horrible customer service I recevied from Bell. About 5 years ago they had a billing issue where they billed me $200/month for a phone that wasn't being used, then refused to credit it back. Now I have a work Blackberry through them and its nothing but trouble when I call in.

    Yet when I deal with Rogers its the complete opposite. They all have their problems but I would gladly take Rogers over Telus and Bell

  • Deahamlet

    That's some dedication right there!

  • Lance

    If you have an unlocked phone, in the US have a look at Simple Mobile. The offer good metro coverage, and seem to be a T-Mobile reseller. Prepaid unlimited text/data/voice for 60USD/Month. Cheaper then getting a Roger's roaming package, and you don't need to worry about running out of text, or data.

    I came across them the other day when researching to see if I could get a data only pre-paid account for my iPhone 4. With data, I can run skype, and that has about 60% of my usage needs, voice wise, covered.

  • Marcus Hamaker

    Done! I am completely baffled and also a 10+ year customer as you are. I usually am not working in the US but even when vacationing it's nice to have the data. I suppose that's why I haven't gone as far as a note to the pres but to see your rant and exact same issue – lit me up!

    Let's see if anything happens. In my experience this kind of thing won't change. Perhaps there is a reason for things that is REAL but they never tell us the real reason and sure as hell didn't when we signed up.

  • technoluxe

    I recently moved to Toronto from the States and bought an unlocked iPhone 4 on launch day hoping that on trips home to visit my family, I could just pop in an ATT SIM prepaid/Pay As You Go. It's not as simple as that.

    First, the iPhone isn't officially supported so you have to find an ATT rep that will sell it to you; my brother is an ATT retail manager and technically they aren't allowed to sell prepaid SIMs to unlocked iPhones because of the restrictions. They *will* sell one to you, but will try to dissuade you from doing so with a big “no refunds” speech.

    Second, only VOICE works — so unless you want to almost immediately chew through the balance on the prepaid SIM you've just bought (which the phone will do just by trying to connect to VM, collect push notifications, etc), you *must* disable Cellular Data. So you will NOT get data unless you do one of the little hacks on the net that will allow you to do it. I haven't tried this little hack, since I was only in Buffalo for the day and didn't realize the extent to which data was controlled on the iPhone with ATT, but I will when I'm back home next week.

  • technoluxe

    I should clarify that DATA does work off the bat, but it'll almost immediately drain your SIM card balance just doing the data stuff that the iPhone normally does in the background (pinging for voicemail, push notifications, etc). So my understanding is once you pop in your ATT SIM, make sure Cellular Data is disabled until you do the little hack, *then* go ahead and re-enable it and choose a Pay As You Go Data Plan.

  • Ln

    I can use an iphone with the pay as you go card because it is running os2.0 which ATT does not know how to detect. I've also decided to cancel my contract with ROgers because of their refusal to get me an iphone 4. I spend over 300 dollars a month with these fuckers and they want me to go and stand in line to get a phone! Well fuck you Rogers, you are going to lose all my money. I am moving over to BEll just to say fuck you.

  • Ln

    Wrong, the reason why your data is drained is because ATT does not want you to use an iphone and data with a pay as you go card. THey want you to buy a monthly plan. I tried a card on a newer phone and 100 dollars of money was drained automatically. I speak from experience.

  • Ln

    It looks to me that the best solution out there is from BEll. You can buy a monthly option at 35 dollars for 500 mbytes or 45 for 1 Gigabytes. No questions asked, only 1 month requirement.

  • Dan

    I’m actually heading to Mexico tomorrow, and yeah Rogers is giving me the runaround. “Sure you can get a 75MB data roaming package for $225. Oh but you have to keep it for 3 months minimum”. Do they not realize that people like to take one week vacations? Absolutely insane.

  • Dildar4e246

    I am switching my phone from Rogers to WINDMOBILE they have new plan for $40 here is the link
    It expires on Dec 31, 2010

  • One day, one day, the people of this country will rise up and overthrow our corporate and monopolistic telecom dictators!

  • One day, one day, the people of this country will rise up and overthrow our corporate and monopolistic telecom dictators!

  • One day, one day, the people of this country will rise up and overthrow our corporate and monopolistic telecom dictators!

  • One day, one day, the people of this country will rise up and overthrow our corporate and monopolistic telecom dictators!

  • One day, one day, the people of this country will rise up and overthrow our corporate and monopolistic telecom dictators!

  • One day, one day, the people of this country will rise up and overthrow our corporate and monopolistic telecom dictators!

  • Nhoulding

    Great informative read.
    Some one should start a petition for this and get Rogers off their arse.