Rogers Introduces New ‘Ultimate Unlimited’ Family Plans


As noted on the Rogers Redboard, new ‘Ultimate Unlimited’ Family Plans are set to be released tomorrow. Essentially these plans allow two lines to share the same bill, in this case for families or couples or whatever the situation may be:

The Ultimate Unlimited Family plan starts at $95.94 per month for two lines including unlimited voice and messaging or $140.94 per month for two lines including unlimited voice, unlimited messaging, and 2GB of shared data. You can add additional lines to your unlimited voice and messaging plan for just $27.97 per line per month and to your unlimited voice, messaging and data plan for $37.97 per line per month. With these family plans you’ll receive great unlimited features including:

  • Unlimited local talk
  • Unlimited Extreme Text Messaging
  • Unlimited Canadian-wide calling between plan members
  • Unlimited Canadian-wide calling from your computer (new and only from Rogers!)

With the voice and data plan option, your plan members will share 2GB of data with the option to increase this for just $10 a month for an additional 1GB of data. You can also add-on unlimited Canadian-wide long distance for $10 per line per month. Both this option and unlimited Canadian-wide calling from your computer is available for you to stay connected with family members located outside of your local calling area.

So here’s a quick summary of the details:

  • 2 lines voice and messaging: $95.94 (add an extra line for $27.97)
  • 2 lines voice and messaging w/2GB data: $140.94 (add an extra line for $37.97)
  • +$10 for an extra 1GB of data
  • +$10 for unlimited Canada-wide long distance

We took a brief look at the Rogers One Number but will have a further in-depth look coming soon. Anyone going to jump on these new family plans? Do you think they are good deals?

[via Rogers Redboard]


  • Enolet

    45$ for 2gb of shared data? No thanks.

  • Sam

    Nobody cares about voice plans anymore, between my10, weekend unlimited, and weeknight unlimited, that’s basically unlimited for most people. 70 for 2gb of data + voice is actually not saving anything. 

  • EricB

    Wife and I have iPhones. Plan for both of us is roughly 150$ with taxes and all the other stupid fees. That includes the family plan stuff but also adds Visusal VM, Canada My10 and a few more features. Big whoop, not going to change plans

  • BruiseLee

    bell offered something similar but with 12GB shared. this deal is not hot at all. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Sam, I really don’t care about all these plans anymore. Why can’t they just offer a data only plan so we can take advantage of what VOIP has to offer which can include not only voice but text and video chat as well. Would save us a lot more money, but of course they will not introduce that type of plan because they would making a lot less money. Unless of course they work out some kind of deal with the VOIP company then it’s a win-win.

  • Me

    I am so sick of these “Deals” what a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. Terrible deal.

  • Accordxtc

    LOL oh Robbers your great for a laugh lol : )

  • Anonymous

    For $130 I have two lines with unlimited talk, text and picture messaging, including all the bells and whistles. With 6 gig data plans for both my iPhones. Not bad considering. I still feel like I’m getting squeezed. Your deal sucks Rogers.

  • arecad

    This is no deal – this is Rogers doing what they do best…gouging

  • Menna00

     Most ppl have the $70 iphone plan which makes it 140 for two… Man I can’t crack this thru, Funny thing is many ppl are dumb enough to fall for this. I havent had any exp with bell but I am confident that they cant be worst than Rogers…

  • is

    $141 (!!!) for 2 family members?!?! That’s horribly wrong! It’s like Rogers is charging you a monthly fee just to be able to use Apple’s technology. Once I get the phone, just charge us the same data rate that an HTC or BB uses. It’s the same flippin towers. It’s called “monopoly”. Michael Moore should come to Canada and do an investigative doc on Cdn cell phone companies!