Rogers to Invest $450 Million in BC to Expand Wireless Networks


Rogers has plans to invest $450 million in British Columbia over the next three years to expand wireless networks and more, in an announcement made today.

The investment will bring wireless access to over 70 communities though out the province, in particular the northeast, Interior, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, to reach over 98% of BC’s population. The 700MHz spectrum went live in Vancouver back in April.

Existing LTE connections will get enhancements with the new 700MHz spectrum to bring extended wireless range into hard to reach areas such as elevators, basements and deep within buildings.

Other areas to see investment will be emergency services across the province benefit, in particular mobile data terminals in ambulance, fire and police vehicles which rely on wireless networks such as Rogers.

Rogers spent $3.29 billion for its twenty two 700MHz spectrum licenses won in the Federal government’s spectrum auction back in February.


  • Guest

    Would fido users benefit from the upgrade?

  • Roy G. Biv

    At least the next time they raise prices again they can fall back on “hey we invested in BC’s infrastructure and your service should be improved as a result.” Companies always expect a return on their investments. Hopefully they expect said return from new potential customers and not from existing ones.

  • JW88

    please fix data in Tofino – Edge only currently!