Rogers iPhone 4 Accessory Sale: Three Accessories, $20


Looks like the following is actually a decent deal from Rogers. There is currently an iPhone 4 accessories sale, which includes the following:

Or, you can get all three for $20. Not bad, considering the case is regularly priced at $34.99, the headset at $30, and screen protectors at $19.99. So you’ll save $65 by purchasing the bundle.

Now, if only Rogers could apply such substantial savings to their activation fees/voice/data/data sharing/value packs/GRRF, I’d be a happy camper.

The offer is good until April 30th, or until supplies last.ร‚ย Let me know if you jump on this.

Update 1: As noted by shinratdr in the comments, you get free shipping (choice of Canada Post or UPS!) too. Yes, free shipping.

[Rogers via RFD]


  • Anonymous

    I jumped on it, thanks for that.

    Not only is it a crazy deal made more surprising by the fact that Rogers is offering it with no strings attached, it includes your choice of shipping, Canada Post or UPS, both free. I paid exactly 22.60 final cost, 20 for the bundle + 2.60 for HST.

  • Free UPS shipping as an option too? Gee, now that’s just being nice! Thanks,
    updated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Your link on the word “Plantronic” leads to a review of a different headset, which I would consider rather misleading.

  • Tz6163790

    Could you be any later? I got the text for this from Rogers like two weeks ago

  • Well you should’ve sent us a tip and shared the deal with everybody! Why keep it to yourself?

  • Anonymous

    Makes me wonder if there’s a big re-design in the works for iphone5 if they are blowing this stuff out now.

  • Anonymous

    AWSOME find! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I want to order this but can’t without a credit card.What happened to being able to charge your bill,if then I can order this.

  • Markrogers

    Does anyone know what type of finish is on the Screen Care Kit protectors? Is it matte or clear?

  • Mark

    Here is the link to the deal.

    Hope that helps because the Rogers website will not give you the $5.00 off all three if you select them individually.

  • Pennyman01

    @markrogers the finish is matted it has a texture to it

  • Anonymous

    Great deal, thanks for the info!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Yamadorishitate

    Think I’ll grab one of these. Could always use more screen protectors, and the rest are bonuses. Could always resell them on ebay. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • djpech

    i picked it up… how can you go wrong for 22 bucks… no strings

  • BHT

    Anyone know if the Headset is any good? My PS3 one just died and I would like a new one for it.


  • Anonymous

    Just ordered two: one for my wife and one for me. Don’t know what the quality of the Plantronics headset is like but for that price if it doesn’t work it’s no huge loss.

  • Makejerseytrade Com

    is their a way to purchase this bundle deal without paying credit card on Rogers site? even Paypal or something??

  • vadivel

    Yes…thanks Mark..good point

  • whysoserious

    How does charging your bill work? I’m asking because I was about to order an iPhone for Telus and then noticed that the HST portion of the monthly charge is “on bill”. Care to explain what this means?

  • Charging the bill = payment taken automatically from the authorized CC on
    your account.

  • Guybrown

    Just got off phone ( H.O.) they know nothing about this . Store said they don’t either !!!! Strange.