Rogers iPhone 4S Now $59 on Contract After $100 Activation Credit Promo


Rogers has issued a new promo to offer new iPhone customers a $100 activation credit. The iPhone 4S 16GB model is $159 on a three year term, and after this promo it works out to $59–which is a pretty decent deal. It is for new activations only and expires March 31st.

Other Rogers promos currently available include a long distance promo for Chinese New Year, a $34.75 ‘Unlimited’ plan, and the 6GB/$30 data plan that expires February 6th.

Anyone going to jump on this?

[via Technapedia]


  • Ridikulus88

    Shoot… I just upgraded

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t of matter,new activation only.

  • ExRogers_emp

    No, thanks.  I will wait for iPhone 5G which is coming out in early June this year.

  • Crash40779

    does activation mean new to rogers or new activation of the phone not an extension of a plan ?

  • Ex

    A “New Activation” means setting up a phone to a customer that has never had Rogers Wireless service in the past. It would be a new 3-year contract with a new plan to a person that is currently not subscribed to any contract-based Rogers Wireless service.

  • Seb b.

    That sucks! I still have my 3GS and I want to get the 4S but the plans are so pricy. That’s too bad :(. You guys have any ideas?

  • Ex

    With the 3GS, that means your contract may be up. If so, I’d consider switching to Fido or Telus as they have slightly lower prices (not always though) and they have more features than comparably priced Rogers offers.

    Otherwise negotiate with Rogers and try to work something out.

  • Seb B.

    Thanks, but I forgot to say, I did not get my iPhone 3GS with Rogers, so with that said would this deal apply to me?

  • rajveer

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  • nana frank

    hello, i came to Germany with my Rogers iphone 4s, why cant it work here..please is there any way i can unlock it here and use a new sim..because i cant use it here.. please help me. unlock my rogers iphone 4s. thanks.