Rogers: iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Will Get Free Blue Piston Bluetooth Speaker [u]


If you’ve pre-ordered your iPhone 6 from Rogers via their Reservation System, and you pick up your device in-store, you could qualify to get a free Logiix Blue Piston Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($49.99 value, black colour only, while supplies last).

Blue piston

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The company’s fine print on this promotion says it’s available to new and existing customers “on eligible Share Everything plans,” while existing customers may have to change over to an in-market Share Everything plan to qualify for the free speaker.

Rogers says if a customer returns their iPhone 6 within 15 days, they must also return the Bluetooth speaker as well. The offer ends on September 22, 2014, or until supplies last.

iPhoneinCanada’s Kris Meador reviewed the Blue Piston Bluetooth speaker last fall, a worthy speaker to won. reviews also backup claims of the device’s decent sound as well.

This looks like a push to drive customers to reserve the iPhone 6 via the company’s Reservations System and to drive traffic to Rogers stores.

Update: Rogers says participating dealers stores will also have these speakers on hand as well.

Let us know if you manage to get your free Bluetooth speaker when the iPhone 6 launches this Friday.


  • Euffie

    I want cheaper plans, period.

  • Mike Beaudin

    nice little perk. wouldn’t make go with them but i already reserved my phone last friday so cool.

  • artikas

    lol check this out. So i just called rogers loyalty dep regarding this promo mainly because like many of you i pre-ordered my iphone6 on sep 12. Apparently they can’t honour the Logiix speaker because the offer starts as of today and they have no way of adding the offer to my existing pre-order unless i cancel and re-order. Did they try to compensate me for the offer? Nope! Did the rep have the audacity to ask me if i want to bring someone on board with rodgers after giving me this bull crap? Heck yes!

  • Ben

    This was on their website when I ordered my phone at 6:02AM EST Sept 12…I’m not sure why the rep would be saying you wouldn’t be eligible… I think it started with all iPhone 6 orders…Could be wrong but I see no reason why I would be in this case…

  • Neil Rowe

    I went online the day Rogers started taking pre-orders and received the #, 2100, after a few days my number had fallen to 2005. What gives with this? I thought the majority of phones were going to be allocated to pr-orders.

  • artikas

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. The loyalty department might be very confused. She wanted me to cancel my line for the preorder (# 135) just to get the speaker. She said the deal started only on Monday.

  • pegger1

    Even if majority of phones were allocated to pre-order, there’s still 2000 people ahead of you.
    I pre-ordered with Rogers as soon as pre-order opened, I was 57 then I dropped to 49. Now it doesn’t show a number just says shipping process has begun.

  • JJ

    Reserved iPhone through Rogers at 5 am on 12 th and got my iPhone 6 yesterday as well as this little speaker. Haven’t figured out how go pair it yet as iPhone can’t seem to find it..

  • John Scarisbrick

    Got one free with my Iphone 6 but it won’t pair via blue tooth would have rather had them knock down the price of the phone.