Rogers: iPhone 6 Orders Seeing “Very High Demand”, Bulk of Units for Reservations


Rogers and Fido iPhone 6 pre-orders kicked off last night and so far the company tells us in an emailed statement demand has been “very high” for both models. The company says a “significant” portion of their inventory will be for those who have made a reservation:

We’re experiencing very high demand for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There may be some delays getting devices to customers so we encourage everyone to reserve their device through the Rogers or Fido Reservation Systems. A significant portion of our inventory will be delivered to customers who reserved their spot in line.

Fido iPhone 6 pricing

Rogers and Fido iPhone 6 pricing on 2-year terms starting at $265 for the entry iPhone 6 model. Apple’s iPhone 6 launch kicks off on Friday, September 19.


  • PG

    I reserved my iPhone 6 64GB at 4am with Fido and was #127 in line. Wondering how units will be in the initial shipment for Sept 19

  • matt

    I reserved with Fido at 12 45 am right when it opened and I’m 39 in line….not sure what my chances are for getting it on launch day

  • Rob Raymond

    I finally secured mine at 6:15am EST and got #863 with Rogers.

  • Ace G

    I reserved mine from Rogers at like 4:30am 87 in line.

  • gtasscarlo

    You do know you can reserve most iP6 at the Apple store. I still saw inventory.

  • Ace G

    Ya lots of them still available if you want iPhone 6, 6 plus is out of stock which is why i reserved one both with Rogers and also with Best buy to be safe:)

  • Bailey

    How do you cancel a reservation? It’s fairly easy and painless to make a reservation but even though they say it’s easy in the FAQ I can’t seem to find a way to cancel my reservation. I’m not paying 1/2 the full price for the phone as a “subsidized” price.

  • Lorenzo

    Cannot get any iphone 5s or iphone 6 with my current 3 years corporate contract…Need to take a 2 years….!

  • TheDude

    I reserved one from Rogers last night, number 91, because I wasn’t able to get a unlocked phone from Apple for next week. What I’m going to do is buy the phone at full price then wait 90 days and get Rogers to unlock it. I know I have to pay $50 more but I don’t want to wait a month to get one from Apple. Plus I’m not going to change my plan on Rogers cuz I have an old one with a 6 gig data package. There’s no way in hell I’m changing my plan to $125 bucks a month.

  • gtasscarlo

    Did you have to put a deposit at Best Buy

  • Yes, I believe it’s $50 but refundable.

  • STFU

    iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Gold
    Position in Line:193

    Dropped from 200 since the am. A few ppl are cancelling after fido launched the price.

  • Jorge

    I am 312 in line. Does that mean I am 312 in line for the store i choose to pick it up at?


    Ummm Rogers won’t sell you the phone unless you change your plan.

  • gtasscarlo

    No you’re 312 all over Canada for your selected iP6(+) whichever you chose. You should be getting it on launch day. Also, you can reserve at the Apple store for the non plus, most stores still have. I don’t think you can get the + now though.

  • gtasscarlo

    Yea $485 for it. It is expensive. At that price it’s better to get an iPad mini retina display.

  • TheDude

    Yah they will if I buy the phone for full price. I talked to a Rogers person today. But contracts purchases are priority. Hopefully I’ll get lucky. If not, I’ll be waiting till Oct to get my phone.

  • Jorge

    Thanks gtasscarlo. I reserved a 6 plus 64 g Gold thu Fido. 312 in line does not sound too bad if its all of Canada. To get it launch day would br great!

  • Lucas

    I was over 1000 last year and I got my iphone 5s on launch day.

    I’m pretty certain anyone under 300-400 will be guaranteed. I’m 52 and like 151 and I’m fairly certain I’ll be getting both at the same time.

  • Omac

    That person lied to u, they will not sell a phone upright, only new Cust and hrdwr upgrades ;( they will tell u what u want to hear before launch

  • KJ

    I am number 155 right now so will be getting it on the Sept.19 or is that when they are going to ship it?

  • Prashant

    Just reserved mine with Rogers … #3780 in line LOL
    Any chance I would get it on launch day?

  • Prashant

    Just reserved mine with Rogers … #3780 in line LOL
    Any chance I would get it on launch day?

  • Raanor

    I’m number 1378 or something around there. Just happened to be up at 4 AM.

  • Daniel

    Reserved a iPhone 6+ Silver 64GB with Fido at 12.30am #2 in line

  • Mark

    Why does ROGERS pushing to change the current data and voice we have? I have 6GB data and 200 mins plus add ons but way cheaper to what they offer now. Does it mean I need to drop these plan just to get the iP6+ upgrade?

  • Tom Clements

    I reserved through Rogers..I’ve been a Rogers customer for almost a decade, so I am staying with them… they are letting me carry my 6GB a month data for 30 bucks and I love that.

  • STFU

    Today my Position in Line:189

  • Iphone user

    I reserved yesterday my iPhone Plus, got the 16gig though I did want the 64gig. Price is too expensive on contract still smh. Maybe I can up my gig later. I’m number 759 FYI too

  • mike

    you are correct however, they will sell it outright if you are a rogers customer though. I’ve done this with the iPhone 5 and note 3.

  • mike

    I am at 167, after reading everyones posts I’m not confident I will get mine on launch. I will be buying it outright from Rogers as I did with the ip5
    ip6+ 64GB GOLD

  • mike

    correction: I am confident 😀

  • jim

    I tried to reservice. However if I upgraded to a new phone my present plan with discounts would be cancelled and I would have to start with a new plan without the discounts I accumulated over 13 years. The only way around this is to but the phone outright.

  • Sakki

    I have a plan that i pay over 100 bucks for and they want to add 30 bucks a month to allow me to reserve.
    So I’m looking to Telus right now and will then buy it outright myself…

  • Tom Clements

    I have never heard of that… I had to pay 40 bucks to reserve the phone, but that will be applied to the final sale when I pick it up. So it’s just a deposit.

  • Shawn

    That won’t be happening. And you will change your opinion of rogers in about a month when you get your new bill

  • zeiesfirdaus

    i reserved mine with Fido .. position #9 . biatches…;-)

  • TheDude

    And I am a Rogers customer. Been with them for 15 years. And I still want to stay with them, I just don’t want to change my plan. I’ve talked to a couple Rogers reps now and they both have said they’ll sell me the phone at full. Plus the 90 day wait for unlocking will be waived because I’m paying full price.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hey Shawn. You are totally wrong. Rogers WILL ALLOW you will keep your old 6Gb per mo the data plan for $30 when you get the iphone 6.
    How do I know? I work for them.

  • Simon Belmont

    I ordered two. I have two lines –
    One 6 plus 128 GB (number 140 in line)
    One 6 64g 64GB (number 315 in line)

  • Simon Belmont

    You will totally get it Friday

  • Anon

    Did you buy the phone outright through Rogers? Or are they extending your current plan for 2 years, and giving you a subsidized discounted phone?

  • Anon

    Question is, will Rogers extend older 6GB plans (including any credits) and sell the iPhone 6 under subsidy?

  • Office_Bob

    Interesting, because I was on live chat with a Rogers rep earlier today and she told me I had to switch to one of the newer plans to upgrade from a 4S (even if I wanted an iPhone 5)…I guess I’ll wait until my order arrives and see what they tell me when I go to pick it up.

  • cloopz

    I woke up at 5AM on the 12th just for this, been waiting ages, im number 16 in line for winnipeg. cant wait!

  • cloopz

    12.30? i thought the shop only opened at 5am.. meh… woke up at 5am and was 16th in line..

  • Newman

    I have two iPhones on pre-order through Rogers. A 6 64GB Gold #63 (up from #68) for my wife and a 6 64GB Space Gray #167 (up from #178) for myself. I see that position numbers are Canada wide and not tied to the store I selected for pick-up. Is there any reasonable chance that I might receive these phones on the Friday launch date? Or am I realistically looking to wait a few weeks?

  • Anon


  • Steve

    What a load of BS. I just talked to Rogers, and spoke to several reps. They only way you can keep your old 6GB plan is if you buy the phone outright. You are forced to upgrade to their newer expensive (aka rip-off plans) if you want the iPhone 6 under subsidy.

  • BeaveVillage

    I think the days of line up at the store are getting to a point where it’s not really viable. First come first serve is truly clicking the ‘reserve’ link on the website at 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, yes, when it’s the most inconvenient for the majority of the population, and reserving your device so it is ready for you on Launch Day, this year being respectively September 19, Friday.

  • Mike t

    I’m stuck at 163. Originally I thoughy 163 in Canada would land me an iPhone on Friday. Not certain now unless I get a shipping notice soon

  • ado

    I reserved iphone 6 through rogers corporate website, and it shows the full price. The representative told me that it will be updated and I’m eligible for a discounted price. However I’m still worried – don’t need a phone for 860$. What price your reservation page is showing?

  • Carl

    How often do you guys usually get shipments?

  • Ace G

    Yes $50 sorry for the delay in reply.

  • Yvonne_Drago

    I’ve got a reservation as the business reservation list. I was #3 on opening day and still haven’t received a phone.They didn’t even allocate 5 iPhones to corporate. Shame on Rogers!

  • Yvonne_Drago

    You likely already got your answer, but that’s all been resolved. What number are you?