Rogers/Fido iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Pricing Coming, Pre-Orders Sept. 9th [u]


Rogers has confirmed to iPhone in Canada they will start pre-orders for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, starting tomorrow at 3AM PST/6AM EST (updated), which includes Fido as well. The company spokesperson did not elaborate on pricing, other than to say “stay tuned for pricing details.”

Yesterday, TELUS confirmed they would start iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pre-orders tomorrow as well, the same say pre-orders will be available from Apple.

Unlocked iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing has remained the same, except the 5.5-inch model increases by $20 compared to last year’s iPhone 6s Plus. So with this in mind, expect 2-year term prices to be about the same. Stay tuned!

Update: SaskTel just posted their 2-year term iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing, which is the same as last year. So expect the Big 3 to post similar prices as well, since last year their prices were the same as SaskTel, pretty much:

iPhone 7
– 32 GB – $398.99
– 128 GB – $528.99
– 256 GB – $658.99
iPhone 7 Plus
– 32 GB – $548.99
– 128 GB – $678.99
– 256 GB – $798.99


  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    iPhone 7 plus 128gb black ????????

  • Nice! The new blacks look so good. Damn you, Apple. Damn youuuuu!

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    Honestly I like the jet black but the finger prints and all are a no no but that classic looking iPad mini 1 and iPhone 5 black is a classic to me I need it back in my life

  • Jake

    Any word if reserve in store option for Apple Store will be available?

  • Riley Freeman

    matter black 256gb plus model

  • Eric

    For the longest time I wanted a rose gold iPhone 7 with navy case. Now I’m debating a different model (I have the gold now). What do I do.. Go for what I “wanted” or get black.

  • Ryan Peterson

    I’m going to buy one of each black and jet black, try it out for a week and gauge slipperiness and scratchability and return the loser. I am soooo hoping the jet black finish holds up to normal wear and tear.

  • DamienL

    3AM PST — really Rogers? Always with the incredibly inconvenient times for the west coast.

    Is Telus or Bell starting pre-orders at better times? I’ll switch carriers if that’s the case…

  • Bentech44

    The contract prices do not make any sense!! The existing pulse plans for Fido allows $700 off the phone’s price. So iPhone 7 32gb should be 900-700=$200 with 2-year term

  • Fido actually currently has a promotion for $760 off a phone for $30 per month. I wonder if that would work with the iPhone 7.

  • Alex

    Rogers just tweeted that the 7 will release after 6am EST

  • Remy9070

    On a chat with a Fido rep this evening, I was told their preorder starts at 3AM Eastern Time/12AM Pacific Time.

  • Link737

    Sorry, just called them and they are selling the Iphone 7 for 399$ with their most expensive plans (the Plus20). Told them they were nuts since Bell and Telus price it at 200$ for the same priced plans, the guys agreed but said he couldn’t do anything, he expects the Fido marketing department to realise their mistake soon tho

  • Bentech44

    nop that is not for the new iphone