Rogers iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Contract Pricing Starts at $229 on Premium Plus


Rogers has shared their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus two-year contract pricing, which starts at $229 on a Premium+ plan. Here are the prices below:

iPhone 8

  • 64 GB – $229 on Premium+ ($429 on Premium)
  • 256 GB – $429 on Premium+ ($629 on Premium)

iPhone 8 Plus

  • 64 GB – $359 on Premium+ ($559 on Premium)
  • 256 GB – $559 on Premium+ ($759 on Premium)

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Premium+ plans cost $10 more per month than Premium plans, taking $200 off your up front cost of iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Premium+ plans start at $95 per month with 3GB data and 300 local weekday minutes.

Rogers iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders start September 15, with launch day set for September 22, just like Apple.

Earlier today, Telus revealed their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus two-year term pricing, which looks identical to Rogers.


  • Colin

    So both Telus and Rogers have the same price (okay, minus a dollar) and they both have premium and premium plus plans that add $10 to your bill to take $200 off the price of the phone. Competition!!

  • ValhallaOutcast

    yup adds $20 a month from my share everything plan, id rather buy unlocked instead of paying installments to pretend I am getting a deal and forcing my selft to stay with Rogers for another 2 years

  • It’s Me

    If they competed any more none us would be able to walk straight for years.

  • Si2k78


  • So Young

    If I already have a share everything plan BYOD at $57 for 7GB, will I be able to stay with the same plan but just paying for exemple an extra $20 per month? Because if I try to upgrade on their site, they force me to chose a new plan. I just want to know if I can keep my plan but just paying extra so I can pay the rest of the balance at anytime and paying $57/month again after.

  • My 1/2 cents

    They’ll provide the lubricant though!

  • It’s Me

    That must be a Quebec only plan. They rest of us have to beg them to spit first.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Most people these days like to be in denial and pretend. Consider yourself to be in the minority.

  • My 1/2 cents

    And Rogers LTE network is at least a generation behind the competition. I’m switching to Koodo.

    But no. They’ll force you to change plans. You’re paying too little in their view.

  • Kael

    No, you have to have a plan that is $80 or more per month to get a subsidized iPhone. And this is why I am on a bring your own phone plan for $50 with five gigs. I save on the plan itself to purchase a phone.

  • So Young

    I have no problem with LTE speeds with Rogers honnestly and I like VoLTE. So far I’m generally satisfied with them since February.

    I though I could stay with the same plan because here in Quebec the cheapest plan they offering right now is 62$ for 7GB, just $5 over my plan so I though I could stay with my plan but just pay the extra for premium.

  • Goatman

    You have to remember with iPhone, Apple strictly controls the price of the iPhone.

  • Potzie2

    My company pays my monthly bill, but not for my device. Guess which way I am going? The more they will subsidize the better for me.

  • Widohmaker

    I wish Apple had the upgrade program or the purchase program in Canada so we wouldn’t have to deal with carriers on subsidized cost. The US program is seamless.

  • K.

    Just. Too. Funny.

  • Chris Kim

    The key point here is how much the subsidy is compared to how much it would cost to buy the phone outright from Apple (and be on a BYOD plan). As most people know now, even though you get a subsidy on the phone, your plan costs more (because you have to be on a Premium or Premium+ tab), so actual discount is much less than the “subsidy”. Using the iPhone 8 64GB and the Rogers 6(+1)GB Unlimited Local Calling plan as an example:

    – Buying Phone from Apple: $929. Rogers BYOD tab ($100/month)
    – Buying Phone from Rogers (Premium Tab): $429 ($500 savings). Rogers Premium tab ($115/month). Increase of $15/month, which over 2 years = $360 increase
    – Buying Phone from Rogers (Premium+ tab): $229 ($700 savings). Rogers Premium+ tab ($125/month). Increase of $25/month, which over 2 years = $600 increase

    Bottom line: these subsidies seem pretty fair. The Premium tab saves you $500 off cost of phone, and you pay an extra $360 in monthly plan over your 2 years. You effectively get a bit more than $140 “discount” (a bit more because technically $360 over 2 years is a bit less than $360 in present value). The Premium+ tab is less of a “discount” (you get a bit more than a $100 “discount”). As always, this “discount” needs to be weighed against the fact that you generally have to move to Rogers / Bell’s latest plans in order to get a subsidized phone, so may not be worth it if increase in your monthly plan is much more than $15 / $25.

    As someone who’s planning to get the iPhone X, curious if Rogers / Bell will have similar “discounts” on that phone!

  • Moe

    It’s the exact same plan. $62 for canada wide calling and $57(Optional) for province wide calling (Quebec Only). If you switch to the premium version of this plan you will pay $77 which is what you pay now + $20 and in the same time you will get Canada wide calling. Not sure if you can choose province wide for $72 though.

  • Si2k78

    I chocked laughing…

  • Si2k78

    Unlike samsungs, which can be had for $0 a few short months after launch…