Rogers iPhone SE Pricing: Starts at $99.99 for 16GB on Contract [u]


Rogers has revealed their two-year contract pricing for the 4-inch iPhone SE, and it’s cheaper than we had anticipated. The 16GB model starts at $99.99, while the 64GB version is $229.99, both on contract, as seen below:

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Outright pricing remains pretty much the same as, as expected.

You’ll notice the 16GB and 64GB prices right now are identical to the iPhone 6, which has a larger 4.7-inch display, but lacks the latest iPhone 6s hardware found within the iPhone SE. Customers will now have to make a choice.

As for TELUS and Bell, no prices have been revealed just yet, but stay tuned. iPhone SE pre-orders kick off on Friday, March 24, so we’ll most likely find out in the next few days.

What do you think about paying $99.99 for the iPhone SE on contract (and most likely with a minimum $80/month plan)?

Update: Fido has listed on their website the iPhone SE is “coming soon”.

Thanks Dany!


  • Neutral President

    That’s not bad at all. Personally, I would go for the 64 GB one.

  • Wall Man

    Cool, I nailed the $480 subsidy! A decent enough price for people to get into the 5SE. Also just saw that it comes with 2GB of Ram and should also do very well on battery life.

    The downside is the $80/mth plan. But, just looked at Fido and see they have a new $50/mth plan for 1.5 GB with unlimited minutes and messaging. So with a $30/mth savings that would be 720 over 2 years! Pretty much the full cost of the 64GB SE.

    Looks like the best route to go is get it off contract through Apple and shop around for a BYOD plan. There is also a $45 plan with just 1 GB and 500 minutes.

  • G-Money41

    Just like that line in Zoolander – I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Why does everyone seem okay with this??

    The 16GB version shouldn’t exist in the first place. It’s 2016 – that’s not enough storage. So the real price here is $229 ON CONTRACT for a phone that’s 4″? That’s more than an S6, a G4, an iPhone 6 (64GB), etc. It’s basically the same price as the upcoming LG G5.

    This is a 4″ phone, with display technology from 2013! They are charging $709 outright for the same external hardware, but upgraded internals. People use their phones for Facebook, web browsing, puzzle games, and Instagram. You don’t think all of the above phones can do those same things just as well, but at a lower price and with a bigger screen?

    I really don’t understand some people.

  • chikaraginger

    $100 is an expensive ‘FREE’ phone. Let’s be honest… while it’s great that they have a 4″ phone in the lineup… they could really make more headway in the market by making the iPhone 6 $399 USD ( still OUCH in CAD ). I get that they updated the internals and that’s nice n’ all… but still… come one Apple.

    You can do better on the pricing front.

  • Dany Quirion

    No problem Gary ???? I was keeping an eye on it ????

  • KIII

    Cant help but wonder how fast a 64 would fill up with photo taking then add in movie and music collections.

  • FragilityG4

    So buy a 6s.

  • hub2

    It’s bad when it’s $99 but is a direct replacement for the 5s, which is currently $0 on contract from Fido. Heck, even the iPhone 6 is $0.

  • Jay

    My gf has been thinking about ditching her 5 for a while now, she doesnt like the bigger screens as she cant hold them securely with her tiny hands.

    She is very pleased with the SE even though its not appealing to me in the slightest. Will be waiting for the 7 announcement

  • Graham J

    It’s harder to make a smaller phone. The difference in cost of display does not make up for the difference in price of internal components and engineering.

  • Graham J

    The unsubsidized price of the SE is $200 less than that of the iPhone 6 therefore the subsidized price should be free.

  • Ladiha

    Does anyone know where I can just get a iphone se without a plan??