All Rogers iPhone Upgrades Will Require $80 Plans, As Exception Policy to Expire


Back in June it was noted that Rogers hardware upgrades will require $80 plans for premium devices like the iPhone.

There was an exception to the rule, which allowed store managers to allow one-time upgrades for plans within $60-79, to transition customers over to this new policy. There was no word on when this exception would phase out at the time.

But now, the transition policy appears to have ended, according to what Rogers stores are telling customers. According to the following email sent to reader Chris, stores are now “100% required” to implement $80/month plans (emphasis ours):

I wanted to make you aware that as of last week we are now required to change people to current in-market price plans in order to receive subsidies on premium phones like the iPhone. You are correct that we had the ability to make a one-time exception during a transitional phase while we moved into this new system. At this point however, we are 100% required to make the change. We’d be happy to sit down with you and try to find a plan that will suit your needs.

We reached out to Rogers for clarification to see if the exception policy had indeed been phased out for good. Here’s the following statement response from the company via email (emphasis ours):

“In June we made a change so that when a customer upgrades their smartphone and receives a device subsidy, they’ll move to an in-market Share Everything plan. We’re working to improve customer service, including making our plans and processes as simple and straight forward as possible. We have thousands [of] wireless plans- Old plans are in many cases out of date and don’t always provide the best value. This change was introduced to simplify our price plans and create a better experience for customers. Current plans are easy to understand, designed for how customers use their phones and include services like unlimited Canada-wide long distance and texting, voicemail and call display- features customers on many older plans have to pay extra for. We’re phasing in the new policy and introducing more tools to help frontline reps assist customers in finding the plan that best meets their needs. The exception policy is being used less and less as our new policy and the benefits of Share Everything plans are more understood. Our trending suggests it will soon no longer be needed and we will phase it out. The full policy will take effect shortly, no date to share at this time.

So if you’re looking to upgrade or sign a new two-year contract for an iPhone, and were hoping to fall into the one-time exception with your existing plan below $80, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anymore, according to the statement.

Below is the entry Share Everything Plan starting at $80 with 500 MB of data, which is an ‘in-market Share Everything plan’ most people would have to subscribe to in order to meet requirements for a subsidized iPhone plan on a two-year contract:

Screenshot 2014-08-14 09.22.21

For those unaware, you’re better off buying unlocked and going with a cheaper plan and taking advantage of 10% off BYOD discounts.

What’s your monthly plan going to look like when you acquire the iPhone 6 this fall?


  • Shawzborne

    that doesn’t make any sense

  • apprehensive

    It makes complete sense. Since contracts are now only 2 years, they are trying to make sure they secure more revenue to make up for the lost 3rd year. All the mobile carriers have made their plans worse since the change to contract lengths.

  • stanvx

    “Old plans are in many cases out of date and don’t always provide the best value”

    Best value…. for who? Rogers, obviously.

  • Robert

    Is it $80 before monthly discounts or $80 after monthly discounts?

  • Al

    Will this affect me because I’m on a 75$ plan thru my employer? I’d imagine it wouldn’t cause rogers and my
    Employer agreed to the deal they made?

  • K.

    Still have the 30$ for 6gb with 45 voice plan. Am thinking of buying outright to keep a decent plan…

  • Peter Pottinger

    I have a $85 2gb, canada-wide plan with a $10/mo discount. Just ordered the s5 as an upgrade from my iphone4 and with the rogers rewards points applied to the cost, $69!!


  • FragilityG4

    The third year loss is an exuse. Real reason is the tv supscriptions are down as people continue to cancel services, they bought MLSE for half a billion dollars and NHL broadcast rights for five billion. They just want to past the cost on … Three years to two year contract changes was just a convenient excuse.

  • pegger1

    How does it work in MB where the Rogers plans are $65 for a 5GB and $75 for a 10GB? The plans here don’t hit the $80

  • pegger1

    Third year isn’t a loss, it’s the first year of the renewal. That’s not a reason to try to lump all of the third year revenue into the first two years.

  • Just to let people know, when we followed up with further clarification on the statement received, the Rogers spokesperson was unable to comment further on the matter.

  • Christopher Walken

    don’t forget they just paid WWE a ton of money for exclusivity of the WWE Network. Rogers sure likes to throw their customers money around.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    unlocked thanks and i will keep my retention plan 🙂

  • Jean-Franç?is Roy

    Hello Videotron for me, when I will buy my iPhone 6

  • FragilityG4

    You’re right! I wonder how much they put out for that … It wouldn’t be cheap that’s for sure.

  • cdawg

    Definitely ditching all the carrier voice plans for a voip plan on ipad.

  • Jason Reid

    Remember people Rogers will charge you a full month after you port your phone number over to another carrier. I gave 45 day notice that I was leaving them last year. I was off contract. I had to file a complaint with the CCTS to get my $ back. Only took 10-12 days. Still best decision I made was to leave them after 9 years.

  • Shawzborne


  • Kirk

    Uhh yeah okay… Upgrade my @$$! I bought the iPhone 5 outright two years ago and I plan to do that with the iPhone 6.

  • Fireeast

    It is complete robbery, they have already over compensated plans when the government mentioned the move to 2 year plans. Robbules should have increased plans $5 to compensate the difference of the device subsiddy, instead they increased all plans by $20 – $40 a month. This is just further highway robbery, the moment my agreement ends, I will be moving over to wind.

  • iFone

    wow, Rogers is applying reality distortion to the max!

  • J. W.

    Hope this rule won’t apply to corporate plans.

  • ProudCDN

    Wow! What a load of BS from Rogers. If I want to get a “preimum” phone subidy I now have to spend 40% more a month than I’m paying now? This’ll be the second time I’m buying an unlocked phone from the manufacture. Not paying rogers one red cent more than I have to.

  • Dario Sycco

    I guess somebody has to pay for that big hockey deal. Not my family.

  • Steve0

    Yeah, thats shit. However, you can’t bitch about Rogers on that one, THEY ALL DO IT! Bell did it to me a few years back.

  • Biggy604

    I hope Fido dooesnt follow suit since you know, Rogers is Fido’s Parent company……..

  • Jay

    I wonder if this will affect corporate plans? I’m on a $50 corporate plan and plan to upgrade my iPhone to the 6 this fall.

  • Ken

    I still can’t believe how expensive North America’s cell plans are. I wish Videotron will come in to Canada and drive down the cost of monthly plans.

  • WTF!!!! Again this is why after having a cell phone since 1999 I will be buying a new iPhone unlocked to keep my old $60 a month plan and I’ll still save money

  • ?suttonmontreal

    The day the government let a US company do competition in Canada. the BIG 3 will be in BIG trouble .. is incredible how in the US you can even get unlimited ALL included data for 40-45$ a month. Straight Talk is one of them and uses AT&T towers

  • I hate Rogers

    See you later Robers!!

  • SS

    Makes me mad just reading those words. How they hell can they pass off such BS and expect us to believe it?!

  • einsteinbqat

    80$ for 500MB!?!?!? Happy that I got unlimited voice and messages (CA/US/Intl), and 6GB for 79$ with Fido before this madness.

  • Now we understand why Fido upgraded their smart plan for a short period of time… You get 2Gb for 75$ instead of 500 Mo and 4Gb for the 80$ plan at this time. Nevertheless, let’s keep the 3Gb plan for 60$, unlimited talk in Canada and free international SMS plan with the iPhone 5s.

  • Dave

    That is a bullshit excuse that Rogers likes to use.

    When new iPhones are released, Rogers always offers a subsidy of about $470. On a 3 year term, that means that $13.06 per month is going towards the phone. Switching that to a 2 year term means that $19.58 per month goes towards the phone.

    In other words, by switching from 3 year to 2 year terms, the subsidy cost to Rogers went up by about $6.53 per month. Yet over that same period, prices have gone up by around $30 per month!

    There is no excusing this behaviour. It is a cash grab by an oligopoly, plain and simple.

    Rogers, Bell, and Telus were screwing us over with 3 year contracts when most of the world was on 2 year contracts, we complained about this terrible treatment, and in response to our complaints, Rogers/Bell/Telus found a way to screw us even harder.

  • floydstyle

    And Videotron still offering unlimited calls to canada and usa with 3GB for 50$. My wife and my iphone contract are expiring soon, going to leave rogers for videotron. We both pay 60$ for canada only

  • Jason Reid

    Really! Thought it was just Rogers. Hadn’t heard of another carrier doing it until now. Thanks! Good to know.

  • FamiGami

    You’re expecting too much. If a us company came here, their range would initially be very restricted, quality would be sporadic, and would mostly be fixed to urban venters or wind mobile. Don’t expect a miracle until decades pass and by then, they’ll be corrupted and join the big boys collusion club.

  • JKane9999

    “We have thousands [of] wireless plans- Old plans are in many cases out
    of date and don’t always provide the best value. This change was
    introduced to simplify our price plans and create a better experience
    for customers.”

    This is an outright lie. I changed away from Rogers last year when they forced me into a price plan that provided LESS value than my existing one. MUCH less value. I bought my phone outright and went with Wind. Yes, coverage isn’t as good, yes I don’t have LTE. But the coverage and service is certainly good enough to justify my $40/mo savings compared to what Rogers offered. AND, I wouldn’t even have qualified for an iPhone under what they offered me!

  • JKane9999

    They tried to do that to me…I had to fight for 45 minutes to make a note on my file stating that I was giving my 30 days notice, then they charged me anyways and I had to fight another 45 minutes with them to get reimbursed. And even then, they only did it when I threatened to cancel my cable.

    It’s unbelievable that they haven’t been sued for this practice. It’s outright theft.

  • Kevin D.

    I’m not with Rogers but Fido, which I guess will be essentially the same so I guess Apple will be getting my business! No more 2yr term and I’ll stick with my unlimited canada/3gig for 60$.

  • Fireeast

    You’re are defiently expecting to much, if a US company came to Canada, they would charge the exact same amount. Just like any other company that moved to Canada, Target is a great example. Videotron is our only hope, or as a country we give up our phones.

  • gtasscarlo

    I thought my plan of $69 Rogers unlimited local talk+text+ Cid and VVm with 6 GB data was expensive.

  • K.

    Doesn’t videotron request to have a 79.95$ plan to get the 5S at 100$?

  • ChrisShield5

    Here’s what you do guys/gals. 2 Options:

    Option 1) Buy the phone outright. Get a cheap Fido Smart Plan. Whenever a better plan is released from Fido, switch to that one and just keep it. Way cheaper in the long run, and you don’t have to worry about being locked to a carrier if you move (or want to switch).

    Option 2) Call Rogers your seriously considering cancelling, and that your outraged you have to switch to an $80 plan. You want to cancel your services. They will switch you a department for cancellation. Tell those guys you rather stay, but you need a better plan than that, and explain your good customer. They will offer you a much better plan than what’s online. If they refuse to give you anything acceptable. Just say you will keep thinking about it and call back. At that point, I’d go with Option 1 (unless you will pay a huge cancellation fee).

    Checkout “redflagdeals retention plan rogers” to see what plans you could get if you are about to cancel too. There is a long thread about it there.

    IMO The easiest route is Fido, and outright. Every once and a while they have some great plans, and with no contract/phone restrictions you can capatalize any time.

  • Great tips!

  • jabohn

    You can also switch from Rogers to Fido without having to give the advanced notice. As long as the Rep knows how to do it, they will just switch you over and not charge you (assuming your contract is over). I did this with my mom’s phone.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Screw you Robers !

    You’r lucky that my old corporate plan from my union is good! 52$/month, with 6GB LTE. I won’t change that and never buy your Overpriced hardware, i’ll always buy Unlocked from manufacturer from now on.

  • Psycholabiamajora

    Lol! Last time I checked, Québec was still part of Canada. Did you mean to say you wish, Vidéotron comes to ‘the rest of’ Canada, or were you talking about Verizon? I can see how one can easily make that mistake, as they both begin with the letter ‘V’! Interesting Freudian slip, mon ami 🙂

  • Patrick Ducharme

    That work only once. I did already. Once from Robers to Fido and Once from Fido to Robers. Now, i’m “flagged” as a customer that can’t use that “tactict” anymore.

  • FamiGami

    Rogers could have easily let it stay at 60$ plan minimum and raise phone prices when the iphone 6 releases. They didn’t because clearly the monthly plan earns them more revenue. Don’t fall for it people!

  • Last year, me and my wife bought the 5S, 32GB unlocked and outright from Apple. We both save well over $85 a month using the Wind Network of the $30 plan. With much improved roaming agreement ahead and I rarely travel outside of Wind zone, buying the iPhone outright from Apple is the way to go. For the last 10 months with Wind, we save $850! That is equivalent of a brand new 32GB 5S. If I am spending the same amount of money anyway, I will make sure Rogers does not benefit a single penny from me.

  • Chrome262

    I renewed with Fido, I wasn’t going to but they renewed my 6 gigs for 30 bucks plan and improved my voice as well. With my fido dollars, and trade in, I got to 5s for 100 bucks.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Has me wondering if this is a step towards phasing out device subsidies altogether? They see how huge the demand for high end devices is, so why subsidies if you dont have to? Gotta keep growing profits somehow.

  • GH

    I had been a Rogers customer since Cantel days. The recent plans are a ripoff. I jumped to Koodo – Manitoba rates $49.50 per month after BYOD discount – ported my Ontario number and retained the plan – unlimited calls, unlimited txts including international and 5 gig data. Best deal I could find. The days of getting your iPhone from Rogers are over.

  • Andrew

    Anybody know about this?

  • K.

    How is Fido different from Rogers?

  • Erik Kappel

    I’ve been using Fongo on my iPad for voice. It works perfectly now (had some issues when it launched but no more thanks to regular updates). I get my own local number and unlimited calls, free. I use it on wifi at home, but I have also used it on a wifi hotspot on the go and it works just as well. I’ve been keeping my phone alive for the few people I need to text on a $10/month pre-paid plan, and if I ever need internet on the go I have a wifi hotspot I can reactivate on a flex plan. Saving a good lot of money compared to what I was paying before and I don’t miss the old service one bit.

  • geekyaleks

    I think that when a new device comes out, Apple mandates that all carriers sell the new iPhone for $199 or something similar. This is part of the appeal – that price is “forced” on all carriers world-wide.

  • geekyaleks

    I used to use StriaghtTalk when I lived in New Jersey for a few months – it is Walmart’s brand. The problem with them is that they use T-Mobile’s network, meaning they will have very poor performance and coverage…

  • FamiGami

    LOL! TMobile is in the US. It has a worldwide ROAMING plan. It doesn’t operate in Canada and to sign up, you need a US address. They have agreements with Canadian carriers and absorb the cost themselves. They definitely have permission. You seriously need to learn about how it works man, so innocent!

  • FamiGami

    That would be illegal. It’s called price fixing.

  • geekyaleks

    If you look at any of the Apple iPhone announcements (at the WWDC), they ALWAYS say, that the phone will be available for $199 at all carriers world-wide on agreement..

  • Parksy

    Diddo. I figure they will catch up eventually though.

  • FamiGami

    No they don’t. They say it will be available at $199 US at all carriers (in the US) of that device. Case in point: Canadian price does not correlate to the US price. Furthermore, very often in the Canadian market you’ll see one company drop price before the others do. That means it isn’t Apple setting the price but carriers who all copy each other as quickly as possible.

  • ?suttonmontreal

    well this forum is not about who knows more but to give some advices. with all the respect to you my friend you can’t talk about an iPhone if you don’t own one. and what i mean is I’m giving facts and not what i think.
    i travel a lot to the US and i use roam mobility and also straight talk plans when i do that. but that is when going down there.
    when my brother comes here from the us he uses his Tmobile international date and uses Fongo app to make canadians calls here and google voice app to call back there
    so i guess you didn’t read the Tmobile link that i put there
    the only thing i agree with you is that you need a US address to get that service from Tmobile and of course who will not know that?
    i will let it like that and like i said before this is just an advice to somebody that needs to know about that and not to people that knows everything without trying something

  • Dave

    The problem I have is that the Wind network is terrible though. I work in downtown Toronto and the guy who sits beside me has a Nexus 5 running on Wind. He finds himself with no bars at least once a day, sometimes for long periods of time. In addition, even when he does have a connection his 3G speeds compared to my iPhone’s 3G speeds on Bell’s network when subjected to the app is about 0.8MB down for him(typically) vs around 5MB down for me(typically). If I hop on the LTE network my speeds go up to 15-20MB down whereas Wind doesn’t even support LTE.

  • FamiGami

    There’s a fundamental difference between operating in Canada and working in Canada. I never said what you said wasn’t true – I said it was incorrect. Of course a tmobile phone works in Canada but it doesn’t OEPRATE in Canada – meaning when he uses it here, it switches to the local carrier frequencies.

    I own two iPhones so don’t pretend to think I don’t own any. Your “facts” are wrong. Your explanation outright proves you were wrong. If your brother is using apps to make calls, he’s not using cellular voice.

    I know you know what you’re talking about but you are using such incorrect terminology as to make yourself sound ignorant of how things work.

    Having international plans only means you don’t pay for roaming – it means NOTHING about where a carrier operates or competes with.

  • ?suttonmontreal

    Bravo!!! You are the one…

  • Yes, Wind has spotty signal in buildings not only downtown. I work in Wellington and King area at 17th floor. Wind signal is not as bad as I think. When I was with Rogers, I Did not get a good connection either, only 2 bars. To me, saving $ is more important.

  • T_T ?

    Corporate plans with the 6GB plans are the biggest one’s to suffer. Hello WIND?

  • T_T ?

    Didn’t Rogers say they are raising the price of the 6 GB by $5?

  • T_T ?

    However, Wind data speeds have been tested to be considerably slower than Rogers. Besides, WIND lacks LTE. That is a deal breaker for many.

  • It depends on how your value speed vs saving $. I don’t mind slower speed or spotty coverage in exchange for almost 59% savings per month,

  • Canada

    F*** you Rogers.

  • T_T ?

    On my corporate plan, I am currently paying with taxes et al around $55/month and that includes 6 GB of data and LTE speeds which is very important. At this time, it’s hard for me to switch to WIND. However, when it’s time for renewal I may have no choice.

  • johnnygoodface

    I admire your courage Rogers! You know of course that you handling clients to Telus and Bell with a decision like this, right? I’m with Telus so it’s all good with me! Good luck Mr. CEO!

  • Actually, you do. If you want to maintain your awesome $55 plan, just buy the device outright and you can keep the plan. Rogers won’t force you to change to a new plan if you buy your device outright or using or your unlocked device. If LTE and reliability to you is important, this is exactly what you need to do.

  • SL

    Plans are seen to offer more and are cheaper where there’s more carrier competition for MB there’s MTS.

  • KBlazer7

    Rogers does have a price match guarantee which states it has to be on similar terms. One could argue that Bell still only needs a $60/month plan, so Rogers must match those terms (and price).

  • KBlazer07

    Rogers has a price match guarantee with a statement that it has to have identical terms. Bell only requires a $60/month plan, so rogers should have to match the price and the terms.

  • Renegader

    This actually also applies to any smartphone with a subsidy. Not just an iPhone.

  • Jay

    My plan as well

  • Hahs

    Why is this post stickied to the top?

  • It’s important news that we get asked a lot about.

  • justAq

    Has anyone specifically confirmed that a new ‘share everything’ plan is required and that an older plan at $80+/month will not qualify for a HUP?

  • MassDeduction

    No way is an extra $5/month enough to make the new plans as good as grandfathered plans. I’m still saving a bundle buying devices outright.

  • Hoho

    Remember when iPhone was first released in canada? There was an outcry of expensive data plan. And that was my first time seeing the power of consumer unity.

    We should do the same for this!

  • Odd. I had no trouble upgrading a device on a much cheaper plan two weeks ago. The salesman was cackling when it let him put through an upgrade on our plan (without even asking for an override).

  • johnnygoodface

    I love the fact that you keep the article pinned on the front page! This kind of news has to be insisted upon!

  • Thanks!

  • hoho

    Yep. Though I’m not with Rogers, if we don’t make a noise out of this, other company will follow suit.

  • EzE514

    It’s clear that now that the contracts are 2 yrs, they need to make up the money elsewhere, so screwing their clients (loyal or not) is the only option.
    Does anyone know if previous Share plans $100+ would be considered?
    I am eligible to upgrade since March but waiting…I should be able to fall under old rule in this case right?

  • AdamThePhoneGuy

    Bell still requires that Data-add on in order to use the full subsidy.

  • AdamThePhoneGuy

    They have put out a mandate that pops up when you access a customer’s account that shows “Recommended Share Plans” that are not nearly as close in value.

  • Guest

    I heard that Bell and Telus had already implemented a similar policy last winter.

  • dean

    Hello i’m a rogers customer since 1996.current plan 60 dollar 6 super plan -15 dollars loyalty credit.Just got an iPhone 5s for 99 from rogers no problems with keeping the plan and discounts.I’m not a rogers supporter but if you don’t get the right rep try again be polite and try again eventually you’ll the right rep that has the right codes and has learned to outsmart rogers billing system.

  • IPhoneUser

    Is there somewhere to submit a complaint but not about a specific representative? I just found all of this out when I noticed my plan went up as my contract is about to end so I dont get a some of the savings that were attached to my monthly bill. The representatives that I spoke with were great but its just that im starting to dislike the company’s doings in all of these changes and what appears to be the giant force of trying to move us all to the share everything plans (as a hardware upgrade is impossible I want to keep the 6gb/$30 (soon to be $35 for me). I just want to express to rogers that that seems very crazy if they have any sense of how to allow loyal longstanding customers to feel valued want to remain loyal – when apparently this is treating us almost like anyone else.

  • Jay

    I wasnt aware there were plans under 100$ with Rogers 😛

  • ftheroux

    According to our account exec, corporate customers have a 60$ monthly fee threshold vs 80$.

  • xxxJDxxx


  • Matt

    While I know they’re not “perfect” and won’t suit everyone’s needs I have been very happy with my $30 WIND plan and it was more than worth it for me to but the phone outright from Apple. $80/mo +tax? For what? 500MB of data? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • wes

    The 10% BYOD is a scam. Calculate the 10% off per month then multiply it by 24 months and you’ll see how much you’ll be saving. You are better off to buy a phone with a contract and then factor in the price of the phone into the monthly plan. Unless you have a grandfathered plan.

  • Well at $80/month and 500MB as the minimum for an iPhone subsidy, going unlocked is the way to go. The numbers don’t lie:

  • wes

    500MB? I guess it all makes sense. Cellphone companies need to make money off iPhones.

    I guess that’s what you get for getting an iPhone. Apple forces companies to give huge subsidies so that people can afford buying theses phones.

  • It’s not just an iPhone, but any premium smartphone on Rogers. So for example the Galaxy S5 will require $80/mo too.

  • wes

    Im just going to keep my 55$ 6gig plan with 15$ credits = 40$ and get a nexus 5. With the price of my plan i can get a nexus 5 and basically when you factor in the price of the phone into my plan, my monthly for the voice and data plan drop.

  • scig

    I agree. It’s better for Rogers. Well I for one will slowly migrate to other service providers over time. I have been with Rogers for 20 years and if now this? I have put up with the 3rd party gorillas who do the cable installation damaging my furniture and walls to this crap now? A really rough calculation on what I’ve spent with Rogers $54, 480.00 in 20 years. That ain’t chicken feed.

  • Anon

    Like it’s hard to get a US address. There are tons of parcel pickup/mail forwarding companies along the Canada/US border, many in Blaine if you live in GVR.

  • Anon

    SendHub charges a min. of $25/month on their cheapest paid plan, plus it requires data – which is a rip-off. Fongo is much better, but it requires data as it’s also a VOIP app, not cellular. Using Fongo on-the-go using cellular data sucks if you’re not within LTE range – that’s IF you can even get LTE data while roaming with t-mobile.

  • Anon

    I hope you realize that your credits with Rogers don’t last forever. They EXPIRE after your plan is over. Rogers will NOT renew them. And this goes for any plan discounts or free features like voice mail, LD calling, Rogers network calling, etc. they will also expire, and will be paying extra for those. So expect to pay an extra $15/month + Extra for any other discounted plan features, when your plan expires.

  • wes

    First of all I’m with Fido, and as long as I keep renewing on this plan, they can’t increase or take anything away from me. Even if they don’t give me credits, my plan will be max 55$ for 6 gigs, and all I’ll have to do is sign a contract to get a phone and sell it for “credits”.

  • wes

    That’s why I don’t get expensive premium phones. The Nexus 4 is what I was using, and I downgraded to the Moto G that I bought used for 80$. It does everything I want it to do, yes it’s not the best, but does everything I need it to do. Worse comes to worse I upgrade to the Nexus 5 for 350$ and that would come up to 15$ a month ($350/24months).

  • Yeah buying an unlocked phone is the way to go versus being locked into a 2 year subsidized contract.

  • mcfilmmakers

    He never said it was hard or impossible. It still changes nothing about how a carrier operates.

  • wes

    I used to think that way until I calculated it myself. Think about it, if you want to get an iPhone 5s outright how much will it cost you? 720$. Now bring that same phone to Fido and it’ll cost you 60$ a month. Over two years it’ll be 60×24 + 720 – (6 x 24 for the 10% savings a month) = 2016. Get that same iPhone for 75$ a month for a 2 year contract + 100$ for the phone and that comes up to = 1900$.

    Which one is cheaper? Getting a two year contract! Why? The 10% they give you as a discount isn’t enough of a difference for you to save more than signing a contract.

    If you take into account grandfather plans, then you have an even greater difference when you consider data limits.

    Another example, getting a Nexus 5 from google or getting it from Fido. From Google = 350$ + (39$ – 3.9$)x24 = 1192.40 over two years. From Fido = 50$ + (45×24) = 1130.

    You save more money by signing a contract.

  • Let’s say we go by prices RIGHT NOW.

    Unlocked 16GB Phone 5s: $719

    Fido $49 Standard Plan with 500MB – 10% off for BYOD: $44.10/month

    $44.10 x 24 months = $1058.40 + $719 (unlocked iPhone) = $1777.44

    2-year contract 16GB iPhone 5s: $100 (this is the sale price; only because new iPhones are coming; normally $229 at launch)

    $80/month plan with 500MB x 24 months = $1920
    Add $100 (or $229): $2020 (or $2149).

    That’s $1777.44 vs $2020. How is contract cheaper? That doesn’t even take into account activation fees, etc.

  • wes

    Yes let’s use prices RIGHT NOW.

    You can’t get an iPhone 5s on the 49$ plan. Minimum is 75$ a $month in Quebec. That’s why I chose that amount per month. In Quebec it’s a 75$ minimum per month with 2 gbs of internet. Therefore it’s 75$ x 24 months + 100 = 1900$ for the phone and 2 year plan minus the taxes and other fees.

    If you were to get the same plan but you had bought your phone outright, a 2 gig plan in Quebec is 60$ a month. Therefore $60×24 months – (10%) + $720 = $2016 for the phone and a 2 year plan minus taxes and other fees.

    @ 2 GBS: 1900 (2 year contract) vs 2016 (no contract)

    Our 80$ plan comes with 4 gbs of data. There is no standard plan at Fido that offers more than 2 gbs of data. So if you consider that, the overages would cost even more. The 80$ max plan = $80×24 months + 100 = 2020$. Whereas a standard plan of 60$ plus overages to get to 4 gbs will be 40$ extra, so 100$ – (6×24) + 100 = 2482$. As you see again it’s cheaper to get a two year plan.

    @ 4 GBS: 2020 (2 year contract) vs 2482$ (no contract)

    That’s how it’s cheaper to get a 2 year contract. Move to Quebec. If you consider that my plan is 55$ with 6 gbs of data, you can see that I’ll save even more money if I buy the phone with a contract, especially since the phone’s price will be included in the 55$. If I get credits, it’s even better for me.

  • Okay, of course things are different in Quebec, so it’s hard to compare for the rest of Canada (and SK/MB). I see your math. Why didn’t you say so! 😛

    In reality, the differences are actually $116 minus the $50 unlocking fee, so it’s $66 more to go unlocked in Quebec on the $60/mo plan.

    For $66 more, people need to consider whether that is worth the opportunity to jump ship to another carrier that offers up a better offer (since you’re month to month and contract-free) and also the ability to upgrade yearly, if they wish to do so. Is $2.75 per month extra per month worth it to have freedom of mobility?

    In our calculations, it was about people getting an iPhone for the cheapest plan with 500MB, since some casual users don’t use a lot of data (and that’s how much data is in a $80/mo plan). But in QC, the 2GB in the $75 plan has advantages over the rest of the country.

    That’s it, I’m packing my bags 🙂

  • Ari

    Robbers sucks. They could have easily afforded to allow me to cancel my iPad data plan pro-rated to the cancellation date but because I was a “loyal” customer who signed up before the new rules from the Harper government came into force, I get to pay for an extra month of service that I don’t want.

    Thank you Robbers for treating “loyal” customers like crap.

  • whatever

    I just received a partial voice mail message on 1st September that was sent to me on June 10th . No doubt Rogers the most reliable Canadian Mobile network

  • maxiroy

    I am always amused by the customers that phone in saying they are loyal customers. Rogers doesn’t really care I feel like telling them! And that deal you got with the President of Rogers? He didn’t specifically give you that deal, it just comes from a different department that is all. They just call it the Office of the President to make you feel important and they have a budget just like retention and loyalty does.

    At the end of the day it is all about the shareholders.

  • maxiroy

    There is no way they are going to let anyone upgrade to an Iphone 6 without changing their plan to one of the share everything plans. No more exceptions. You might be able to get some credits with retention for switching your plan, but they won’t be very much. I have put many people thru to retention because they don’t want to switch and even retention has told me they are not allowed to keep people on these older plans. People that continually ask for credits and people that don’t want to pay for the new plans, or are unreasonable about the pricing, they are basically okay letting you go. Cause you aren’t making them any money. That really is the bottom line for Rogers.

  • alamarco

    Wait what? When? I haven’t seen this.

  • whatever

    I just received a partial voice mail message on 1st September that was sent to me on June 10th . No doubt Rogers the most reliable Canadian Mobile network

  • bspence88

    I just called to fix my visual voicemail and the rep put me on this sweet $75 corporate plan to fix it… I don’t have to worry about my plan being $80 since I buy my phones unlocked outright directly from Apple. But I now get:

    $75 per month:
    – Unlimited Calling North America Wide
    – Unlimited Texts North America Wide
    – 5GB of Data
    – Visual Voicemail
    – Caller ID
    – Call-forwarding
    – WhoCalled Service

  • johnnygoodface

    Well Telus’s there too now 🙁

  • fmgasparino

    Any reason for this Article to be on Top for weeks now?

  • alamarco

    Thanks for linking! My price didn’t get raised, that’s why I was curious. After reading the article looks like it’s only for month to month customers that got the raise. I’m still contract tied.

  • MJ

    Great site but annoying seeing the same story glued to the top of your page everyday.

  • flipsaba

    Hey Gh I live in Montreal and have a 514 number. How did you port your ontario number?

  • flipsaba

    I would like to do the same, how do I can i get that plan?

  • Delicious strange and beautiful.

  • Bradey

    tried to change my 80$ a month plan to a cheaper one because i cant afford it, they said 80$ is the cheapest you can go because an iphone is a “premium” device. But when i called, they said i have a blackberry because thats what it said on there records ( i did before i had my iphone), my question is, if i go along with saying i still have the blackberry, can i use one of there smart pick plans and have it work on my iphone?

  • Widohmaker

    Do you have a corporate account or did Rogers put your consumer account on a corporate plan?

  • bspence88

    I’ve always been a business customer but not a corporate customer. The guy asked me if me or my spouse worked for any corporations. I told him my spouse worked for Nike Canada and he checked to see if they were on a corporate plan and apparently they are. They didn’t even ask me for any sort of proof. Great plan.

  • Rees

    Just got off the phone with Rogers and was told that upgrading your phone to the new iPhone 6 with require an $80+ Consumer Plan or a $60+ Corporate Plan

  • Hawkeye379

    Let’s say I pay over $80/month currently, do I need to change to a “share everything” plan or can I keep what I have?

  • Steve

    It’s not a “subsidized” phone plan. It’s a high interest lease on a phone.

  • Carl Pilon

    first in line at best buy this morning, now i know why. After waiting ten minutes i find out that I have to give up my 6 gig data plan. What a rip off, I pay $30 for 6 gigs and want to keep it. Its nice never have to worry about data use

  • Rogers Suck

    Spoke with a Rogers rep today to attempt to get a iPhone 5S upgrade for $154. Client rep insisted that I take new plan for over $80 with very little data. Told them to forget it. I get 200 min per month and 6gb of data for $63.
    Why on earth would I want to upgrade. I’ll keep my iPhone 4S and my old plan and use it till it drops! Then I’ll go elsewhere. Rogers… you SUCK the big one!

  • Ken

    I hate the people who ask you ohhh what are you paying per month? And somehow they think $20 more is sooo drastic lol. Seriously those people are retards. You cant get any new smartphone for a 2 year-contract for under $50 per month… And they are the retards who buy out a fucking phone for $500 cash up front, thats so jokes. Getting the brand new phone for $100 and paying the extra $20 per month for the actual phone isn’t bad at all like SMD lol

  • Elena Thymis

    I had the $52 6GB that you’re speaking of until 3 months ago when my -$15 ended. Apparently when I negotiated my contract 3 years ago and they told me the cost of my plan was to be $52 per month they actually meant $60 bundle minus $15 loyalty discount (which would expire at the end of my contract but I wasn’t informed of this) plus $7 voicemail and call display. Sooooo this so called discount expires and I’m now on the hook for $67 per month plus tax for the exact same plan.

    Fought and fought with retention and they will not change it! I have been with Rogers for 10 years now and they won’t budge!

  • Patrick Ducharme

    If you work for Federal Government and live in Québec, they have a 42.50$/mo if you bring your device, you can add a 2nd line for additional 30$, so 72.50$ for 2 unlimited Line with Caller-ID and Voicemail + a shared 6GB on the 2 lines!

  • Paul Grant

    I pay about $60 a month for a 6GB “Grandfathered” plan and my contract of 3 years just expired. That price was said to cover both subsidizing the device (iPhone 5 at the time) and my data/cellular service.

    Due to the now strong US dollar, it would cost me $1,029+134tax, to purchase an unlocked iphone 6S 64GB in Canada, from Apple, which is just a laughably crazy amount at $1,163 total.

    But Rogers charges you more than that for a new iPhone 6S 64GB, locked to their network…

    Older 3 year contract = $60 per month. Retention offered to lower a somewhat comparable 5GB plan from $110 to $100 over 24 months. This would still represent a $40 dollar increase over top of my old bill for a two year period to get the new phone. 40×24 months is $960 extra. Then, add Rogers “subsidized” iphone 6S 64gb price of $529+$70 tax, and you have a grand total of $1,559 CAD paid in two years. How can Rogers, in their right mind, even call that a subsidized price? They just forced you to pay $400 more for a locked phone than going over to the Apple store.

    What Rogers has done is raised all of their prices, unfairly, well above what a 33% increase in costs might be incurred by switching from a 3 year to a 2 year contract, and are now gauging their clients like never before.

  • deasys

    How can Rogers, in their right mind, even call that a subsidized price? They just forced you to pay $400 more for a locked phone than going over to the Apple store.

    Well, that’s the thing—what Rogers (and, I assume, Bell) offer is not a “subsidy,” it’s a plain old time payment plan for the remaining balance of your hardware cost. They blend those payments in with your monthly bill. That should be illegal.

    If the carriers were forced to break out the monthly hardware payments, they’d no longer get away with ripping off customers after the time payments have ceased by continuing with the same monthly charge even though the phone hardware is now completely paid off.