Rogers: iPhone 5s Demand “Overwhelming Availability” of Limited Stock


The iPhone 5s launch is turning out to a game of cat and mouse trying to locate the model of your choice either from Apple Stores or carriers, like TELUS indicating to us earlier of high demand for the new model.

Rogers has issued the following email statement to us regarding today’s launch, saying limited stock from Apple has caused more demand than available supply:

There’s no doubt, Apple fans are rallying for the new iPhone devices but due to limited 5s inventory provided by Apple, demand is overwhelming availability. It’s clear from rapidly increasing reservations numbers of 5s that customers are anxious to get the new device. We’re encouraging customers who can’t get their hands on a device today to reserve online at and a device will be shipped to a store of their choice.

Also, some users (thanks Vincent) have reported Rogers/Fido systems have been experiencing intermittent outages since this morning as some are unable to activate their SIM cards. Most likely the issues are related to system strain due to people upgrading or starting new iPhone 5s plans.

Rogers and Fido device reservations went live this morning. Were you able to reserve or buy a Rogers/Fido iPhone 5s today?


  • Nafizur

    got mine at Tbooth wireless, 32GB Space ggrey. I did go to 2 different rogers retail store, and they did not have iPhone 5s, only the 5C.

  • Nice. Did you call ahead?

  • Nafizur

    yea, i called and reserved it tuesday (tip received from this site) and they actually had it. No Gold version though. If anyone is looking for an Iphone, tbooth at bramalea city centre near the good life fitness has a LOT in stock. call n check first 905-793-5865

  • Magrat22

    What city Nafizur (if you don’t mind me asking). None in my Tbooth, downtown Calgary.

  • DravenInc

    I was 6th in line at the Apple Store in Halifax…kinda funny, because there were auditions for Big Brother Canada at the same mall…two VERY different lineups, lol

    I picked up the 64gb Space Grey, Rogers…massively fast upgrade from the 4s I had.

  • Nafizur

    Brampton, ON

  • Scott l

    I reserved a 32 silver online through Rogers at 3:32 this morning and was 25th inline. Should see it in a week or so, can’t imagine what the wait is now.

  • Got a Space Grey 64GB this morning at Future Shop. At 7:45am was 4th of 5 people in line – they were all gone by 10:30. Like Nafizur, went to Rogers store but they told me (along with a couple others), they didn’t receive any. Future Shop upgrade went smoothly this morning no issues.

    FYI – TBooth Wireless at Bramlea CC actually still has in stock (called at 3:15pm) buy only Space Grey.

  • CMfly

    Reserved online with Rogers at 8:00am #311 for a grey and #142 for the silver. Hopefully see them soon but who knows the email says within 15 days.

  • Aleksa Stanojevic

    went to best buy at 0745 and picked up one of only two golden 5s 64gb, waited before at the apple store from 0400am only to tell me at 0730 thay they were out of gold once.

  • kakarot11

    walked into best buy, had stock, no lineup… bought one, flipped it… going to apple store tonight, where there will still be stock…. at noon, when I was in best buy… she had sold one 5C at that point

  • unusualzen

    I reserved my Space Grey 64GB this morning at 6am, I’m #58 and it only went down to
    #54 by this afternoon. I went to the fido store and they said there were out. I found out later that they didn’t get any. The bell kiosk 5ft away still had lots, went back to fido to cancel my service(my contract is over I’m month to month) but they insisted i call customer service myself and wouldn’t do it for me in the store even when i wanted to pay the remainder of my balance.

  • Richard

    I reserved a 16gb silver model little after 8 am in Ottawa and am #31 in the lineup.

  • CMfly

    The grey one is In progress now and the Silver is #11. Should be getting them soon I would think!

  • michelc

    Funny thing went to my local rogers store and they say to everyone that rogers won’t have any iphone for a month that Apple reserve them for them self…. and that no other carrier have any….. talk about moron

  • cheddar

    Reserved a Gold and Silver 16GB. Silver was #5 in line and has been boxed for shipment. Gold is #8 and still hasn’t changed.

  • JWB

    Reserved my 32GB Space Grey online at 11am and was #788! Got a call from somebody I know at a Rogers Plus close to my place around 4pm and proceeded to tell me that she had my exact phone and will set it up for me Monday! Didn’t even have to wait in line!

  • Blunderous

    Sigh, you can’t trust anything these companies say anymore. Just a few days ago I called Fido and they told me not to bother calling back because they won’t get stock for months…. I just called them today because my contract ended and I “threatened” to leave, after which they told me that they actually have plenty of stock left and are sending me a gold 64gb 5s to arrive around Monday next week. Seriously what game are these companies playing?

  • sky_n3t

    So you threatened to leave your carrier then they told you that they had plenty of stock of the gold model of the iPhone 5s and because you threatened to leave them, they are now sending you a gold model iPhone 5s 64GB to pick up around Monday? How did that happen?

  • Blunderous

    I called them asking what my options were now that I’m off my contract and *if I could move to another carrier*. The representative then asked why I wanted to switch carriers, I told him it was because they didn’t have any iPhone 5ses, and he told me that they actually had plenty. I told him I’d stay if I could renew my contract and get a gold 64gb 5s and he told me it’d be shipped this week.

  • sky_n3t

    By any chance, did you receive your device yet?

  • Ladybug

    I reserved a silver 16bit 5S from Rogers on Sept 25. Started off as #565. As of today I am #361. This is terrible.

  • mike

    was 82 on reserved list on Tuesday,,walked into Rogers to pay cable bill and asked when iphone 5s were
    coming lady said said they had one 5s 64 gb in stock and I bought it on the spot