Rogers to Terminate the $50 Hardware Rebate ‘Irritant’ on Feb. 19


Rogers customers who have performed hardware upgrades in the past are well aware of the company’s practice to charge $50 more than your device’s sticker price, only to rebate the amount to customer accounts (that is if they remember to submit a form for the rebate within 60 days) later on.

Well, it turns out the company has realized customers don’t like this practice, as according to an internal doc it “is cited as one of the top irritants by customers,” (via MobileSyrup) and will be removed in mid-February:

Rogers says it will eliminate the $50 hardware rebate on February 19th, so users upgrading between now and then will still have to go through the process of filling out the rebate form and submitting it. That can be found on the My Rogers website under Products and Services.

Customers typically had to mail away a rebate form but as of late the $50 could be recouped by submitting a form online, which resulted in much faster processing times of 24 hours, versus up to 8 weeks via the paper rebate form. This is great news for those set for a hardware upgrade after February 19.


  • Biggy604

    So from here on out anyone doing a hardware upgrade will continue to be charged $50 extra from the sticker price. Since Rogers did not say anything of removing that $50 fee from there on out.

  • K3

    Did that link ever come back? Waited a week after upgrade, finally had to go back into the store. Good news is that day of outage refund was a lifesaver! whew!

    Rogers, Verizon is still coming. ????

  • MrXax

    Fuckin Rogers, man.

  • Didn’t we just say they were removing this $50 charge?

  • guest

    Did you skim through the article?

  • Bob

    Actually, you didn’t. You said the rebate was being removed. Which would read that the charge is still being applied but the process for recouping it will be gone.

  • One the $50 rebate is gone, the charge will be gone too. Rogers wouldn’t just add $50 on top of all of their prices for fun, would they?

  • Is that a rhetorical question, or a sarcastic one?