Rogers to Launch 2-Year Term Pricing “Shortly”, Just Like TELUS and Bell


With Bell and TELUS set to launch two-year term pricing, all eyes were on Rogers to follow suit. Well, that will happen fairly soon as an internal Rogers memo obtained by MobileSyrup states the following:

The new Wireless Code impacts all carriers who have wireless contracts longer than 2 years. As such, we will be introducing new two-year contracts and will share more details shortly.

At Rogers, we are working hard to implement the Code and to make positive changes that will benefit our customers.

Please stay tuned for more details, which will be provided shortly.

The CRTC’s new Wireless Draft code is set to be implemented on December 2, 2013. Carriers have ‘claimed’ two-year term pricing has nothing to do with the Code, but given the fact consumers will be able to cancel contracts after two years, it’s hard to say the Code isn’t a factor.


  • MleB1

    Don’t worry. The Big 3 will conspire to gouge Canadians in new, create and just marginally legal ways.
    As Bell has already shown, phone prices at sign-up will go up and
    doubtless other features will either go up in price or drop in
    capabilities. And contracts will be written with even less responsibility admitted by carriers.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    I think its clear as day that this is a colluded attack on 2 year plans