Rogers Launches 6PM Early Evenings Promo For March 2011


Effective March 12, 2011, and until further notice, Rogers has launched their free 6PM early evening add-on for all new activations and existing customers.

The 6PM early evenings calling bonus is available on the following 2 and 3-year term in-market plans:

  • Unlimited Voice plans
  • Unlimited Voice and Data plans
  • Student plans
  • Family plans

All new activations will automatically have the 6PM Early Evening Calling bonus automatically added upon activation.

Existing Rogers Customers

The promotion has also been extended to existing customers on a reactive basis.

What this means is that existing customers must move to an in-market plan (dumping your current plan if it was not released in the last year or so) and renew the plan term for 3 years (does not affect hardware upgrade date).

After the plan changes, the 6PM Early Evening Calling code and the discount code will be applied manually for existing customers.

Also note that Rogers has recently launched their $35 activation fee waiving promotion.


  • Stiggz

    sad how we get excited about even the most of trivial Canadian cell phone provider offers. These are things that should have existed from years ago and for free. Hopefully more and more people move to mobilicity and their no contract affordable unlimited plans so that they may expand they area coverages and stick it to the big 3. C’mon people, WAKE UP!!!!

  • Phphreak

    These plans aren’t competitive at all. Do they even check the competition before they post these doggish plans?

  • Anonymous

    Telus and Virgin still have Rogers beat with the recent $55 plans announced a few days ago.

  • Jbohn

    If the deal only applies to Unlimited Voice plans, then what is the point? Wouldn’t you be getting unlimited anyway, no matter when you call?

  • Ex

    Rogers calls them “unlimited voice plans” but these plans still have minute restrictions.

  • randomrazr

    u can all kiss my 20 dollar iphone plan LOL