Rogers Launches New ‘6GB Super Plan’ Until August 8th [Update]


A while back we confirmed Rogers had brought back the 6GB/$30 data plan, only available to those that called in and gave a SOC code to customer service agents. Just today, the company has launched the plan again as part of the new ‘6GB Super Plan’, as noted on the Rogers website. The site link hasn’t been updated to detail the plan, but MobileSyrup has the goods from an internal doc:

– 6 GB of Data, 3G/LTE ready
– Unlimited MY10 Canada-Wide
– Unlimited Messaging
– Unlimited 6PM Evenings & Weekends
– Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling from Your Computer with Rogers One Number
– 200 Weekday Minutes

You’ll note the plan doesn’t include Caller ID/Voicemail, so that of course will be extra. If you consider the 6GB data plan costs $30, you’re essentially getting a decent $30 voice plan with My10 Canada-wide and 6pm evenings. Add on a $15 value pack for CallerID/Voicemail and you will have a decent $75/month plan, without contract.

It’s also worth noting Telus is also offering the 6GB/$30 data plan.

Let us know if you’ll be jumping on this plan in the comments. I wonder if this will be extended into the Fall for the launch of the next iPhone.

Update 1: The Rogers Redboard has this to say about data sharing with the new 6GB Super Plan:

Data Sharing with 6 GB Super Plan

As you can see, 6 GB is a lot of data, especially for just one device. That’s why we recommend our data sharing plan. Now being offered at $10 off/month for 10 months, the data sharing plan is the perfect way to keep all your essential devices connected. By signing up for a no-term data sharing plan with the 6 GB Super Plan, you can maximize your monthly data usage by sharing your data across as many as four additional devices. So whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet, rocket stick or laptop, you will always be connected.



  • FragilityG4

    I wonder if they’ll charge extra for teathering and 3G FaceTime … And is there term attached?

  • It was noted earlier FaceTime won’t be extra; tethering has always been free. Most likely a 3 year term attached.

  • FragilityG4

    I heard that once they go LTE all three are going to charge for teathering … The earlier article confirms that Rogers will support cellular FaceTime but no mention charges …

  • aRhyno

    you mentioned telus offered 6GB again, telus also has all that + caller ID for 40 + the 30 for 6GB minus the one number thing. for 70. 40$ plan + 30 for 6GB

  • This plan supports LTE-enabled devices. No word of charges yet. LTE data plan overages would be welcome by the carriers most likely. 😉

  • Steven

    Actaully, it can go on monthly.

  • aRhyno

    Did you remove my earlier post of mentioning telus had the same plan for 70 that included caller ID ?

  • Nope. Links in comments require moderation to prevent spam.

  • Terry

    Is Fido going to do the same plans ?

  • Joker Eh

    Does this require a contract?

  • draz

    That’s actually pretty good
    One can prob get call display from retentions tossed in if you are loyal enough.

    I’m considering switching to that plan. And I have a retention plan too with 6gb/$30

  • Networx

    Ya think? Practically everything with Rogers requires a three year contract. Did you just move here from Neptune?

  • Networx

    No doubt they are trying to drum up some business for the iPhone 4s before everyone stops buying it to play the iPhone 5 waiting game. My son is just on the edge of buying a new phone and can’t decide if he should wait or not. This might just push him over the edge into buying this weekend.

  • Ruhndmc

    What amazes me is that people fall for the trick of “data sharing”! If Rogers admits that 6 gigs is a lot of data, and most people know that most smart phones allow you to tether your data plan to any additional device FOR FREE, then why would anyone pay extra for something they can already do for free. I called out a Rogers rep on this once and he admitted to me that it was cheaper to keep my 6gig data plan the way it is because it was going to cost me extra to share my 6 gigs. Most people keep their phone with them all the time and so they won’t need a rocket stick to provide internet for their laptop! And as everyone knows, you can tether your phones data to your laptop! 6gigs is a lot of data, and there is no reason why one should need to pay more money for something they can do already for the outrageous phone plans that Canada has to pay when compared to other countries.
    And @Rhyno, telus may offer that plan, but that is Telus. We all know who holds the trophy for the most terrible customer service in Canada. Or at least they share it with Bell 😉

  • Networx

    The point of sharing a 6GB data plan is not only to provide data to your other devices but to other family member’s phones or tablets, which may not be in proximity to your phone for tethering. At least that’s the only reason I can see to share a data plan, right?

  • draz

    $10/mo to share a data plan with someone else is pretty decent. They can be anywhere there is Rogers service.

  • Daniel

    Got this plan and saved myself $4.13 a month, without losing anything!

  • Daniel

    I got this plan without a new contract

  • Rogers Insider

    So with Telus you pay $10 to get caller id? Seems expensive. With Rogers you can caller id and voice mail for $7 — making it STILL cheaper than Telus.

  • Yes does anybody have any knowledge of this? Please and spanks

  • Behn Chod

    No, you can switch out your current plan to this and finish your contract out at the same time.

  • Behn Chod

    You can go monthly, or switch your current plan out to this new one and finish out your existing term.

  • AnonymousGWN

    No voicemail and caller id in 2012????

  • skip22

    tethering is not included just call rogers.

  • it is only 7 dollars if you get their “light voicemail” which only allows up to 3 messages to be left. it is 12 dollars for full voicemail package at rogers.

  • arcterex

    Tethering is included if you have a > 1G plan last time I checked.

  • arcterex

    Talked to them about this, the “light voicemail” also cripples your caller ID, only shows #s, not names 🙁

    I ended up shifting my plan over to this (thanks to everyone here and at IIC for the pointer to it) and now (well, at the end of the month) will pay $10 less a month for the same features (and more actually, I didn’t have my10 before). I was thinking about going with the data sharing, but the $10 I don’t pay a month would be eaten up with the ‘system access fee’ that I’d have to pay for my tablet, so I’ll keep on tethering.

  • I just switched to this. There is no contract renewal because they don’t have contracts. Flex tab. So no contract renewals unless it’s hardware. Also got the value pack added for $10 to match telus

  • Joe

    Anyone know if this is open to new Rogers customers? Or only to retention customers?

  • Devaki

    Thanks for posting this. I just called and switched easily. I was paying $60 for 1 gig and the same plan, so now i have 6 gigs- great! Everything else stayed the same. My only problem was when I tried calling from my phone, because I live in Quebec, they answered in French and told me to press 8 for English. It never went to English, so I had to call on on my regular phone. C’est la vie!

  • MikeG

    It is not worth it. I have 6GB with 200 Min Plan, unlimited incoming calls, free calls after 6pm and weekends. I pay $70. If I switch to this new plan, I will loose the unlimited incoming calls option. Not falling for this …

  • Unlimited incoming calls are pretty awesome.

  • ritchie

    got the plan and im getting 5.5mb/s down and 1.5mb/s upload with the 4s. pretty decent. Will find out soon if ill actually us up the 6gb. and i guess ill also find out what the speed is during busy hours!!!!!

  • Nick

    I ran into the same problem, called back once or twice and then for whatever reason it worked when I went speakerphone.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    When I got my iphone 4 almost 3 years ago everyone was getting retention deals (thanks iphoneincanada forums!) that took $20 off the $30 6 GB data fee. I don’t see this anymore on the forums. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a similar sweet deal when the new iPhone comes out and I am off contract 🙂 share those deals people, it’s the only way others will know exactly what to ask for 🙂