Rogers Launches Price Match Program for Smartphone Upgrades


Rogers has announced today a new program today called Price Match, which aims to guarantee the lowest price you pay for any new smartphone upgrade. As the company explains to us, if you see a lower advertised price (same device, same term, same cost) elsewhere nationwide on TV, radio, print or the internet, they will match it.

The company says they will match the following carriers and retailers:

  • National carriers: Bell, TELUS, Koodo, WIND, Mobilicity, Virgin
  • National retailers: Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart Canada, Target
The fine print says this is:
  • available to existing Rogers customers only (excludes corporate) set to do a 2 or 3 year term upgrade
  • the advertised offer must be a national ad campaign (local dealer pricing and regional retailer pricing not eligible for match)
  • Price Match will not apply to competitors plans

Essentially, if you’re still doing contracts, this adds one more avenue for you to get the best price on iPhone hardware or any other smartphone, as you can just call Rogers to price match, instead of driving out to a retailer to get a deal (especially during Boxing Day sales). Now, if only plans were included as part of Price Match, right?

Customers can use the price match policy by calling into customer service (Call 1-800-518-2788 and Quote “MATCHMYPRICE”) or visit any Rogers store.


  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    Gay.. All 3 work together, how about US price/term match screw rogers/telus/bell/end rant

  • What would Splinter say about this?

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    He’d be upset about Rogers bullshit

  • John

    So Rogers is just matching the price on the phone and not the plans as well? Since WIND and Mobilicty was mentioned, I would have been excited to see them match plans too. Wishful thinking I guess.