Rogers Gifting “Loyal” Customers Extra 3GB Data Per Month via Text


Some Rogers customers are receiving text messages from the company offering bonus data of 3GB extra per month for their Share Everything plan, at no additional charge, for 12 months. The text message reads:

Great news! Get 3 extra GB of data/mo. for your Share Everything plan at no extra cost as our thanks for being a loyal customer. Replay YES within 5 days to receive this gift. Enjoy this gift effective 05/12/2016, valid only for ____ on your current plan until your next device upgrade for a maximum of 12 months (non-transferrable). Usage exceeding allowance charged at applicable rates as per your plan. Don’t forget to monitor usage on MyROGERS app or You’ll receive a confirmation when it’s available.

Rogers 3gb offer

This text message was received yesterday by iPhone in Canada reader @Nascarehh yesterday.

We’ve seen Rogers’ flanker brand Fido also send out free bonus data to customers in the past, so it’s not out of the ordinary. The move essentially ensures customers stay put with the company, instead of jumping ship to something like Public Mobile’s $38/4GB promo plan (expires Nov. 20).

Anyone else get one of these?


  • mrideas

    No texts here…who wouldn’t want extra data…but I did get an email from them as I’ve gone over my 9GB data two months in a row and bought a data boost once or twice. Oops…but they offered me an extra gig for the same price I was paying already for my plan. Shocked the hell out of me! What’s happening at Rogers these days??? Dare I say they are actually nice to deal with lately?!!??

  • Kirk

    I can’t budge on my plan. It’s the 6GB super plan from way back. There’s just no way I’m changing 6GB data monthly for 60 bucks with the plans they have nowadays unless Rogers can match it with something similar which I don’t see happening. Good on them though

  • BMGoss

    I got the following free upgrade a couple of weeks ago on my Internet package. My plan is coming up for renewal in 2 months.

    Rogers service msg: To thank you for your loyalty, on your home internet package, we’ve increased your maximum download speed from 60 to 100 Mbps. So now you can share, stream and download faster than ever. This upgrade is free of charge and already effective on your account, so you don’t need to do a thing. Enjoy your free upgrade, with our thanks.


  • SkAshe

    Got the same text from Fido, but they offered me 2gb (I have the 34$ 2gb plan) which is really good

  • SOB

    I have shelled out so much money to Rogers for many many years. Would hope that I would get this deal. However, my device upgrade was last month. Not sure if that would still qualify me.

  • cashinstinct

    i tried to text “yes” to the number 4758. I did not get any text from Rogers beforehand.

    Got an answee right away:
    Rogers Info: We’re sorry, unfortunately you do not qualify for this promo.

  • FragilityG4

    Ah the Drug Dealer approach. Give a little free for a while … get you addicted … then take it away and demand money.

  • It’s Me

    They are losing thousands of customers to the koodo MB/SK plan and the new public mobile $38/month for 12GB/3month plan. This is a way to try to keep some customers without reducing prices.

  • Jennie Garth Portal

    Rogers sucks
    I was with them for so many yrs then switched to a joint account and then went back to my own account and apparently I have to start from scratch . Even tho I was with them for over 10yrs

  • hlna55

    What did you expect. Telus won’t give me any special treatment if I go back to THEM

  • Daniel

    We’re on a 6gb share everything plan. I have not upgraded my device in almost 4 years . Been buying outright . I’ll make sure I make the most of the 3 extra GB’s 😉

  • Cody Woodward

    pretty sure you are missing her point. She never left Rogers. She just changed the style of her Rogers account from an individual line, to a family plan and then back to an individual line again all within Rogers and when she did she lost her loyalty years (they did the same to me).

  • xxxJDxxx

    *Introductory pricing

  • I’m in the GTA, and got the message, but was only offered 1GB. I still said yes.

  • Gordon

    I signed up for the free data Fido was giving away and it said it would show up on my November and December cycle but when I log in, it doesn’t reflect the extra data. Anyone get their free data yet?

  • David Monkman

    “Loyal” ha, I’ve been post paid since 2002. No such offer here!

  • SOB

    I did the same thing. Na da! No soup for me! 🙁

  • Hillspinikin

    My offer was 2 gb. added to my Share Everything Plan. I already had 10. It’s for a year max. or until you upgrade. When upgrading Rogers always takes the opportunity to force a new more expensive plan on me.

  • I miss that plan 🙁 I really should have kept it haha but at the time I couldnt even afford that.. now I’m like 2GB for nearly twice as much $$

  • Kirk

    Sucks. Yeah I will never change it until I’m forced too.

  • HDOtter

    Received the text today, replied Yes since I could find no info that it was a phish/spam and received the following text:

    Rogers Info: Thank you for responding. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this offer to be added to your account. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS once it has been added.