Rogers Offers $50 Loyalty Plan with 4GB Data, Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling


After Fido launched some migration plans targeted at Chatr customers only, the $50/4GB plan from the latter has made its way to Rogers customers through the retentions department.

Here’s what you get with this BYOD plan: 

$50 Loyalty BYOD Plan with 4GB Data

• 4GB Data ($5/100MB overages)
• Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
• Unlimited Sent & Received Text, Picture & Video Messages
• Call Display and Voicemail
• 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
• Conference Calling
• Call Waiting

400x400 smart fit

As you can see in the screenshot above, some are switching to this plan away from a 6GB plan to save $15 per month.

According to RFD, since it’s a retention plan you need to call in and ask for the retentions department to acquire it. As this appears to be a relatively new offering, numerous front line customer service agents are unaware, so if this is the case, ask to speak to a manager.

If you are successful in obtaining this plan, you can also request to have it kick in at your next billing cycle to save on pro rated charges. Some were also able to successfully transfer over their $5/month iPhone Value Pack, which includes Visual Voicemail.

Update: This plan is not eligible for Roam Like Home, which expanded beyond Share Everything Plans recently.

Many Rogers customers expressed on RFD it’s “too bad” Rogers didn’t offer them anything like this during Public Mobile’s $38/4GB plan frenzy, as they ended up switching over to the latter.

Let us know if you’re able to get this retention plan—it’s a decent one!


  • Rich Baker

    6GB of Data in this day and age is a joke. To call this a deal is insulting considering what our friends in the US get. Our phones use more and more Data and these companies are reducing data plans to capitalize on huge overage fees that are inevitable for people who can’t tap into wifi when out and about. I have a 10GB plan with Unlimited Nation wide calling and text for $95 through their corporate rate plan which I come close to exceeding. I laugh when they tell me that’s a deal. I would consider my plan reasonable at $60-$75 a month. A 4GB “loyalty” plan at $50 is pathetic. It should be at least 6GB to be close to reasonable. I really wish Verizon came here a few years back to break this oligarchy and create some serious competition that we all could benefit from.

  • KonstantinRD

    I think this all depends on individual’s data usage. Your usage supports your claim but due to Wifi at home and at work – I rarely go over 2-3GB per month even though I stream Spotify all the time. I’m pretty happy with my Loyalty plan since it’s still a good deal given the regular market prices for new plans and activation.
    I agree that prices should drop all across but that’s just wishful thinking seeing how Wind was struggling at lower prices…

  • Jesse

    I wouldn’t necessarily call the price point of this plan pathetic… Would 6gb of data be more reasonable? Yes of course. But I haven’t seen a plan like this from the big 3 name brands in quite some time.

    With that being said I have 10GB of data for $70 plus tax (BYOD) with rogers 🙂

    I love that it comes with Spotify and NHL GameCenter as well!

  • My old $56/2GB plan with Fido was considered a ‘deal’ in 2016 compared to similar plans from the Big 3. But to see Rogers offer this plan, it’s definitely rare.

    While your U.S. plan is a good one, it’s not one that everyone here can access easily or is willing to jump through the hoops to acquire it.

    Again, we really need to jump on the ‘hot’ plans here while they are offered, and stick with them until the next offer pops up.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Agree with both. But as Gary said we should make use of these deals. Cause a few months back we hardly got 2gb for the same amount

  • Lakh Jhajj

    How in the world you managed to get that ??

  • KB

    Has anyone tried to get Telus to match this? I’m off plan with Telus and have a 6GB / $55 plan but not unlimited calling. Would definitely switch to this and get unlimited but want to stay with Telus due to the other services I have with them.

  • tomm

    I am on the same Fido $56 (-10% loyalty discount) as Gary and it includes visual voice mail. But I wish Fido would offer this 4gb loyalty plan and I’d jump on it and might have to pay a bit extra for VVM. Let’s hope they’ll do it.

  • karinatwork

    Would I be able to get this plan added if I am part of a Share Everything plan under my husband?

  • karinatwork

    Some people over at RFD say that this plan is NOT eligible for Roam Like Home.

  • Rich Baker

    6GB would be reasonable at $50 a month. NHL Game Centre is great but only on Wifi. Watch a hockey game on cellular data and you’ll burn through at least 2 GB. Keep price plans as they are but Data needs to increase significantly at those price points. The US companies offer unlimited packages that are limited to standard definition video. At an extra cost of $25 you can have unlimited high def. total cost per month floats around $100US for unlimited with high def. We should at least have thise types of options as well. Accepting what the big three offer as “deals” is only providing support to the lack of options and outrageous cost of Data they provide Canadians.

  • Was successful. Moved from a 1GB data plan fro $85/month to this new plan. Very stoked. Was booted off Roam Like Home and tried to re-enrol but got an error. Will have to follow up with this.

  • Rich Baker

    Sorry I should have clarified the plan I’m on is through Telus it’s not a US plan. $95 for 10GB of Data and unlimited nation wide calling and text. I understand completely jumping on hot deals when they come out but if the big 3 are having us believe that 4 gigs is a lot of Data then we are going to continue getting minimal data at a high cost.

  • Rob Tanner

    Just switched over…unfortunately a very painful experience with 3 csr’s and retention..but got it…it is not eligible for Roam Like Home.

  • Jesse

    I wasn’t talking about using NHL Game Centre but rather that it’s included with the plan and by it self its 200 some dollars I believe? So its definitely an added bonus for people that would use it.

    But yeah unlimited data is a dream to us… I can’t see us getting it anytime soon.

    Also 6GB is a dream at $50 price point with the big 3 name brands. Even when the data prices were a lot lower I think I was paying just over 60 bucks for 6GBs and my10 talk and unlimited texting. Which was in like 2008.

  • Nice work Mike! $35/month savings is huge.

  • Thanks, updated.

  • Call in and find out, may depend on your plan details right now.

  • karinatwork

    Oh, the dreaded call to Retentions… 🙁

  • karinatwork

    If the Roam Like Home doesn’t work there is always Roam Mobility. Not much more expensive than Rogers’s offerings. But it only works in the US.

  • Haha…yes, I miss those days!

  • karinatwork

    Not a Telus customer, but why not call them and try? Won’t hurt.

  • Babbitt

    Wow, what do you do to use that much data? I had only a 500 mb plan until that Fido $40/4GB option a few weeks ago and I’ve never gone over my data allotment before. Typically I’m on Wifi and I don’t care to watch Youtube much but I don’t know what I’d have to do to eat that data up. Constant music streaming and Remote Desktop tethering or something?

  • I had their $65 5gb a month plan on the business side. I just called them up, and about ½ an hour later I am now on this plan. It suits me to a T, since I rarely use even ½ of that 5 gb data before.


  • Sweeeeeet!

  • It is! Thanks Gary, & have a Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks–you too! 🙂

  • MrXax

    Too little, too late. I dumped Rogers and jumped on the Public Mobile promo a month ago, and couldn’t be happier with them.

    And having to go through the retentions dance? Pfft. And $50/GB overage? Outrageous.

  • NOHoldsBar

    The better question for you Babbitt is why do you even have a smartphone? Obviously, you are oblivious to how much data google maps, other navigation apps, streaming apps, and voip use. Not to mention social media apps like instagram and other media sharing apps.

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    Can I move from other carrier like Koodo ?

  • NOHoldsBar

    Somebody from Europe might consider paying $5 a litre for petrol or fuel a deal compared to how much we pay in Vancouver. It doesn’t mean a sound reasonable person would as well. Those people are the exception, not the norm.

    Sadly, It’s with your kind of attitude/mindset Gary that the carriers and corporations in Canada will continue to gouge the consumers all because you’re doing your dangest in conditioning yourself that something is a “deal” when it is not. Besides, most of us can’t use our mobile phone bill as a business expense and write it off with CRA.

    Any way, the fact of the matter is the trend is that people are using more data, not less. As such, teleco providers should be offering more data for the same or less price. Any attempt to rationalize otherwise is indicative of impaired critical thinking abilities.

  • NOHoldsBar

    It’s for existing Rogers customers only.

  • NOHoldsBar

    This plan expires December 31!!!!!

  • NOHoldsBar

    I completely agree. 6 GB is not enough, but those simple minded brainwashed people think otherwise.

  • Varun A

    I just switched my $100 5GB data plan to this plan today. Thanks for sharing. I had to buy out my S7 Edge for $400. It is worth it in the long run.

  • Cheers. Buyout will be worth it.

  • Honestly, I’ve had 6GB of data for years, and I rarely use even half of it — ultimately it all depends on how mobile you are and how often you’re on Wi-Fi, so it’s going to be different for everybody.

    With 6GB, I’ve never gone out of my way to jump on Wi-Fi hotspots, but I’ve got solid Wi-Fi at home and at work, which of course is where I spend 80% of my time. Hence, no cellular data usage. My girlfriend and I used to share a 6GB plan and and we almost never went over (and when we did, it was usually on her end, as she doesn’t have Wi-Fi at work).

    Needless to say, now that she’s not on my plan any more I’ve been seriously considering moving down to a lower plan, but at the same time I’m not convinced that it’s worth the hassle of dealing with retentions, and I’m already on a 6GB loyalty legacy Share Everything plan (before Rogers jacked the prices in going to “Share Everything Plus”) that I wouldn’t likely be able to get back onto.

  • Heh, I’ve been hearing this “our friends in the U.S.” mantra for years, but if you’ve ever actually tried to use a U.S. cellular network for any more than a couple of days, you’ll probably find that there’s a very real tradeoff here.

    While the U.S. networks are slowly improving, I’ve never gotten anywhere near the coverage, reliability, and performance in the U.S. that I do up here in Canada. Carriers like T-Mobile do strange things down there like put in LTE-only towers with no 3G fallback, and don’t necessarily deploy enough towers to deal with even the tiniest bit of congestion. Roaming on T-Mobile in Buffalo wasn’t much better than being on WIND up here, and while AT&T was marginally better, I still much more regularly experience dropped calls, “LTE” speeds that aren’t even as good as our 3G speeds, and other quirky behaviour — and lest you think that’s a roaming thing, I’ve had similar experiences using a native AT&T account, and I frequently hear similar reports from my U.S. colleagues — when we do download speed comparisons, for example, we’re often both flabbergasted as the differences in performance.

    Now, I’m not saying that we’re not being price-gouged up here — we most definitely are considering that they keep offering these “loyalty” plans when in reality that should simply be their best rates in the first place available to everybody, not to mention the collusion in sneaking up prices all the time. However, the grass is most definitely not greener south of the border….. Sure you get more data, but you won’t be able to use it as effectively.

  • “The US companies offer unlimited packages that are limited to standard definition video.”

    From every report I’ve heard, the packages are ultimately deceptive as data speeds are so lousy in most areas that you can’t actually watch anything reliably. I have several colleagues in the U.S. who don’t even bother to try to stream video over cellular any more, and some of them are in major urban areas like NYC and LA where coverage should be solid, but the networks can’t deal with the congestion.

  • Rich Baker

    Even if it’s true that our wireless network is one of the more reliable in the world (debatable) and also the most expensive… then that just adds to the argument we should have similar plans available here that are available in the US as a reliable network could handle the traffic. There Look at the overage fees we have… $50 for a Gigabyte? Really! There should be no defense for what these companies offer up here. It’s shameful. We can’t even carry unused data to the next month that we paid for.

  • Well, at risk of sounding like an apologist for the Big Three (trust me, I’m not) it’s not just about being able to handle the traffic — there’s also the cost of building and maintaining it that has to be accounted for. Plus, if nobody’s actually using the data because the performance is so poor in many places, it’s not really costing them that much… there’s far less data travelling through their pipes, and less obligation to maintain a reliable network.

    I’m not saying Rogers et al aren’t price gouging — they certainly are, but I’ve suffered enough with wireless service in the U.S. over the years that I wouldn’t exactly look to the U.S. carriers as a good example of how to do things properly. Europe is probably a better example.

  • hlna55

    I got another line added to my share everything for $40/mo… ($15 discount), so at this price, it’s cheaper to keep adding people as a component to my current share plan (15GB)

    If you’re paying the full $55, call them and get a discount! 🙂

  • Babbitt

    I would disagree that I am oblivious, (I’m a web developer…) I just don’t care to use social media much. Also, Google Maps is vector-based unlike what it once was so there isn’t that much data used there. Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. That will use it up. I’m sure I’m the odd one out who chooses not to use these things, but I certainly use the web in my pocket all day (the odd RDC to work, RSS, slashdot, other blogs).

  • LC Cheng

    just called. they said this loyalty promotion just ended yesterday.

  • LC Cheng

    they said it is expired yesterday.

  • Kerry C

    I called yesterday and made the switch, and the CSR said it ends today Dec 23. *shrugs*

  • Kerry C

    Thanks Gary! Made the switch yesterday afternoon from my $99/6gb -> $50/4gb. Too bad about not having Roam Like Home, but I’ll just get a Roam Mobility sim card instead. It was a quick 10min call for me. The CSR knew about this, and mentioned that the CSRs got an email about it earlier that day. She says it’s on-going until today, Dec 23, while someone else commented that they were told it ended yesterday 🙁

  • garychencool

    FYI this plan is no longer active, apparently expired 3 days ago, damn it.

  • Varun A

    Totally. And apparently there is no end date for this plan value, so hopefully the price shouldn’t change in few years time.

  • blackballs

    when I was in Switzerland, I paid 2CHF a day for unlimited data. Canada has it bad when it comes to phone plans