Rogers LTE Network Expands, Will Reach 20 Million Canadians by End of 2012

Rogers has announced further expansion of its LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in cities around Montreal (Laval, Terrebonne, Brossard, Longueuil and Vaudreuil) and also plans to expand to 25 more cities this year, and ultimately reaching more than 20 million Canadians by the end of the year.

The Rogers LTE network launched last July in Ottawa, then hit Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver in September.

“We were proud to be first to bring the LTE network to Canadians,” said John Boynton, Rogers Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Today, we reach over 11 million and we are continuing to expand. By the end of 2012 we will double this with 20 million Canadians able to use LTE devices to download apps, stream HD videos and music or play on-line games, with no delays or buffering.”

As much as LTE networks are lightning fast, most smartphones compatible with the network still rely on abysmal battery life. As for an iPhone ‘LTE’? It never arrived last year due to rumoured modem size limitations of Qualcomm LTE chipsets.

Bell also has their LTE network up and running, with Telus set to launch their network later this year.

Who’s excited to jump onto the LTE bandwagon?

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  • But, will the iPhone 5 support LTE? That’s the question.

  • Yup. I know the answer and it is _____ .

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a question… how long had Rogers supported 3G before the iPhone 3G was introduced? Did Rogers roll it out the same year? (I honestly don’t remember) Knowing that info might give clues as to whether the next iPhone will indeed have LTE or not.

    Another good question is: Where do internationally carriers currently stand with LTE? Has it seen big roll outs in Europe yet?

  • Anonymous

    Does Rogers have a list of those 25 cities anywhere?

  • Anonymous

    A. Possibly
    B. Maybe
    C. Theoretically
    D. Perhaps
    E. All of the above

  • Garret

    I would personally be happy enough if the iPhone 5 had max speeds of 42 mbps on the ‘4G’ network

  • Anonymous

    You know, maybe Rogers should get 3G into areas where Telus and Bell have 3G before rolling out LTE???  May save some customers that way.

  • Anonymous

    E. All of the above.