Rogers Launches New Easy to Read Paper Bill and Online Bill [VIDEOS]


On the weekend, MyRogers for iPhone was updated with a new design plus support for the iPhone 6. The new app brought a much simpler interface to make understanding your bill easier.

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The company has also extended this to their paper and online bills, and has now shared a couple videos detailing the changes you can expect. Rogers says “you told us our bills were confusing…you spoke and we listened.”

The new paper bill brings line by line items of what you were charged and for what service, savings are highlighted in green, and any changes made to your bill are clearly labeled. Check out the video below:

Here’s the video for the online bill format, which is similar to the paper format, taking advantage of colours and easy to read graphs to check cellular usage such as minutes and data:

Back in April, Rogers admitted it would be fixing the billing process, so both customers and their employees would see the same thing, a solution to end frustating and long support calls.

The recent CCTS mid-year report saw Bell and Rogers lead all wireless complaints, taking in 59.1% combined; TELUS only saw 243 complaints, which was 4.4 per cent of all total complaints. The chart above paints a picture of how customer service can play a major role acquiring and retaining customers, with TELUS now leading the pack out of the ‘Big 3’ in terms of wireless growth.


  • Al

    I’d like to know why their app they updated no longer supports corporate plan based plans. It’s frustrating knowing their app worked decently enough and now it’s not supported.. With they would get their shit together. IMO

  • Al

    *wish they

  • Fool_me_once

    Too little too late. Dumped Rogers and never looked back. Used to cringe everytime we saw a Rogers bill. Now I get the same bill every month with no surprises. Helped many a friend get Rogers aggrevation out of thier lives too.

  • Rio

    Have been with bell for 10+ years but lately they have been starting to slack. Very close to switching to rogers, atleast they are trying

  • Wow, didn’t know that. Maybe a separate app is coming for corporate?

  • I agree with a couple other people here.
    Rogers has ruined the relationship they had with me by inflating my bill without warning in an attempt to kick me off my 6Gb plan, and make little to no effort to help, they essentially pushed me out the door.

    Switched to Wind Mobile and I have no plans in ever dealing with Rogers again, and their shady ways.