Rogers Launches New Website Redesign [PIC]


Rogers has launched a new website redesign which offers easier and simpler navigation compared to its previous design. There are two prominent featured sections plus a simpler navigation menu along the top and also faster and simpler access to devices, plans and pricing.

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Unfortunately the site does not have a responsive design, so it doesn’t automatically optimize itself for mobile devices and tablets.

Back in August, Telus teased its current responsive website design, which also sports a simple and clutter-free design. This leaves Bell has the last of the ‘Big 3’ to come out with an updated website.

Let us know how you like this new redesign and if there are any differences when you sign into your account.


  • FragilityG4

    Their site never renders properly on my phone … You would think they would test that … I guess that would make too much sense …

  • K3


    Found this out on Friday but unfortunately they still have a problem with account login. Apparently you can be a customer for years and yet your online profile is not registered to your phone number.

    Also that sneaky little $50 iPhone rebate is there…somewhere… maybe.