Rogers to Debut World’s First 4K NHL Broadcast on Jan. 23


Last week Rogers delivered the first ever live NBA broadcast in 4K, and this weekend it sets to do the same but with the NHL, with a classic Original Six match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens, on January 23 at 7PM ET/4PM PT.

This Hockey Night in Canada broadcast by Sportsbet will be available to Rogers 4K subscribers on Channel 999, the first of 20 NHL games in 4K coming this year. The immediate NHL 4K schedule is below:

Rogers nhl 4k

Scott Moore, President, Sportsnet & NHL Properties, Rogers, said “Games are won and lost in the details, and with 4K, the fans are closer than ever to the insider perspective.”

Rogers says with 4K (four times the resolution of HD), customers will be able to “see the flex of the stick and the grooves in the ice,” while live game producers will have the ability to zoom in on plays like slap shots—up to 500%—without motion blur. (Editor’s note: I wonder what fans will look like when they’re caught picking their nose?)

National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, added “Rogers 4K NHL broadcasts will bring Canadian hockey fans even closer to the game.”

The company first announced their 4K TV and Gigabit Internet commitment back in October, with its first launch in Toronto later in December.


  • jmcd102

    This is getting interesting. Bell will be the first to broadcast a pro game (Raps game in London was broadcast by BT) and be the first to broadcast from Canada.

    I just want R&B to pick up the other’s 4K channel. For now it is of no use to me until I see what HDR is being used and the 2016 TV and Receivers are released. Late spring to early summer for us.

  • “…live game producers will have the ability to zoom in on plays like slap shots—up to 500%—without motion blur.”

    Without motion blur? Resolution doesn’t have anything to do with motion blur. Motion blur is dependent on shutter speed, which would have much more to do with amount of light and sensor sensitivity. Sounds like a bunch of marketing BS to me.

  • Corey Beazer

    Wonder how badly Rogers will compress it

  • ticky13

    The Raptors London game was on Sportsnet, not TSN.

  • jmcd102

    The London game was broadcast by BT Sports. It was picked up by Sportsnet with the announcers using the British feed. Bell broadcasted and produced theirs before Rogers.

  • ticky13

    Right. I misread your original statement. Carry on.