Rogers Signs Landmark $5.2 Billion, 12 Year Deal with the NHL


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Last night hockey insider from TSN Bob McKenzie broke the news on Twitter his network (owned by Bell) had lost its national NHL broadcasting rights to Rogers and the CBC:

As expected, this morning Rogers officially announced a blockbuster $5.2 billion deal with the NHL over 12 years for broadcast and multimedia coverage on all platforms in all languages. Rogers chose the CBC for licensing deals of English broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada and national French media rights, respectively.

Nadir Mohamed, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Communications said in a statement: “Canadians are passionate about hockey, and through this landmark partnership with the NHL we’ll be able to bring hockey fans more games and more content on their platform of choice.”

The deal is the largest media rights deal in League history and starts in the 2014-15 season and continues through the 2025-26 season. It’s the first time a premium North American-wide sports league has granted all of its national (Canadian) rights to one company over a long term deal.

The deal will cement Rogers’ ability to stream the NHL to TV, smartphones, tablets, internet streaming, satellite radio, and more, including NHL Game Centre Live and Centre Ice, plus represent pretty much all Canadian aspects of the NHL. Rogers owns a 37.5% stake in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

The deal comes as a blow to Bell, the parent company of TSN, which again has lost its NHL national broadcasting rights, bringing the network back to the days of 1998-2002 when it also had no national licensing deal in place.

Bell said the following statement to CTV News:

We congratulate the NHL on this announcement. We submitted a bid we believed was valuable for the NHL and appropriate for our business but were ultimately outbid. In hockey, our partnerships with the Leafs, Jets, Canadiens, Sens, and Hockey Canada (including the World Juniors) remain core to our TSN and RDS TV, radio and digital properties. With an on-air broadcast team unmatched in terms of talent and experience and our extensive array of pro sports content, we’re committed to TSN remaining Canada’s Sports Leader.

TSN does still own the iconic Hockey Night in Canada theme song, which it acquired in 2008 after the CBC could not negotiate a new deal with the song’s composer.

What do you think of this Rogers/CBC deal with the NHL?


  • crosseyed_mofo

    this is just bad on so many levels, tsn’s coverage is sooo much better than sportsnet, rds’s pundits, although can be brutal, arent nearly as bad as tva

    although the one funny/sad part of it all is whats tsn going to do with the hnic themesong they payed millions for?

  • Tim

    Buy the song back now and seal the deal! I hate listening to that thing on TSN

  • It’ll be interesting if they try to buy back the song. But at this point in time…they probably won’t.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yea but what good is a theme song you can’t use for the next 12 years?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Although I’m a proponent of capitalism this is just further proof the Government needs to reign in companies like Rogers from acquiring anything and everything. Monopolies aren’t good for the consumer.

  • FragilityG4

    I love hockey … But I fear Rogers service rates will go up as a result of this … God knows they don’t like paying for things.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    yeah that ship is sailed

    rds will still use it for habs games though id imagine…

  • xxxJDxxx

    To add insult to injury TSN will be forced to sell the song for less than they paid for it….. Realistically though it doesn’t sound like CBC is going to have much control over their broadcasts so I doubt they would spend the money and it would be even more bizarre if the song went to Sportsnet….

  • ken

    I subscribe to TSN JETS channel, what is going to happen to that? I get it through MTS right now.

  • I think TSN might still have some regional broadcasts, just no longer national.

  • ken

    Thanks for the reply. I hope so cause I love watching all the games even though the Jets kinda suck. :p