Rogers Announces NHL GameCentre LIVE for $199, Free Trial Until Dec. 31


Last fall Rogers successfully inked a landmark $5.2 billion, 12 year deal with the NHL to cover all Canadian broadcasting rights, beating out Bell and the CBC in the bidding process. We’ve already seen the new broadcaster hires for the upcoming 2014-15 NHL season and now Rogers has unveiled the details of their NHL GameCentre LIVE.

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Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE will allow users to stream all games online via the web and the NHL GameCentre LIVE mobile app, on top of other devices like tablets, and the app available via Apple TV.

This season Rogers says GameCentre LIVE will have over 1000 games, which they say is 50% more than last season, including the following:

  • All national games – Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey, HNIC on Saturday, and Hometown Hockey on Sundays
  • All Playoff games, including the Stanley Cup Final
  • NHL All-Star Game, Bridgestone Winter Classic, Stadium Series
  • Regional in-market games for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, and Leafs on an authenticated basis. And of course, Rogers GameCentre LIVE will continue to offer out-of-market games.
  • Regional out-of-market games in French for the Montreal Canadians (60 games) and Ottawa Senators (54 games)
  • Beginning January 2015, more than 100 games in French in Quebec, on an authenticated basis

Rogers also has hired NHL veteran Mark Messier as the Rogers NHL Hockey Ambassador. Here’s what he had to say:

“The number of games is incredible.  Now I can catch every team, and all the players, in the games I want to watch. Any passionate hockey fan who wants more games, and better choice is going to love this app,”

Messier will participate in a live Q&A with the @RogersBuzz team, live right now (1:30-2:00PM ET), using the hashtag #AskMess. Users are asked to submit questions, such as “regarding Lay’s potato chips, have you eaten more than just one?”

For eligible Rogers customers subscribed to internet and wireless data accounts, they can register soon to get a free trial of NHL GameCentre LIVE until December 31, 2014.

For wireless data users looking to jump on the trial, the fine print says standard data overage/roaming charges apply, and one game streaming will use about 1GB of data:

Includes subscription only. Standard data overage/roaming charges apply. My Rogers account registration required. Some blackouts and other restrictions apply based on your location at time of viewing. Other conditions apply. Visit for full terms and conditions. Data consumption is approx. 1GB/game when streamed to a smartphone and approx. 2-5GB/game when streamed to a tablet, computer, gaming console or TV (varies based on length of game, stream quality, device and other factors). Data usage exceeding your plan allotment (overage) is charged in increments rounded up to the next MB or GB (as applicable based on your plan). Standard roaming charges apply when not on the Rogers wireless network.

NHL GameCentre LIVE usually costs around $160US for an entire season and a couple years it was offered for $49.99 CAD due to the shortened season. Since Rogers will be broadcasting more games, the cost for this season will be $199. As for the existing NHL GameCentre LIVE website, it now redirects to the Rogers webpage.

Also, there will be a French-only package that includes les Canadiens (60 games) and les Sénateurs (54 games) regional games for $59.99.

If users are able to subscribe to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE via the Apple TV and the in-app purchase process, if you are funding your iTunes account with discounted iTunes cards, you can save 10-15% off your subscription.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on NHL GameCentre LIVE this hockey season!


  • Parksy

    My question is whether or not the regional games (It’s the Leafs in Southern Ontario) will be available on the Sportnet Now app or are they going to block them. Since every game the Leafs play is available to me on my TV, I’m not going to pay $199 to watch them on my iPad or my 4″ iPhone 5 (or even a 4.7″ or 5.5″ iPhone 6).

  • FragilityG4

    Last season wasn’t a shortened season …

  • Thanks, updated. #babybrain

  • miggy_smalls

    Similar question to Parky, but wondering if the regional games will be available on the Rogers GCL app via apple tv. The quote is confusing; “regional in-market games for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, and Leafs on an authenticated basis”. No idea what that means, but typically if a game in on in your area on cable, then out of luck for streaming on GCL. If anyone knows, feel free to share. I am going to dig and try and ask Rogers.

  • Tom

    So free subscription means we get the full content until new years eve? Like a trial run like next issue magazine?

  • Parksy

    You were still somewhat correct in your statement though. I believe that GCL was discounted as a “thanks” for dealing with our lockout crap and continuing to spend your hard earned money on our products so we can continue to overpay our players…..


    I don’t understand the last bit about Apple TV users. If we use iTunes card to pay for the subscription it is discounted?

  • Yes, because if you use discounted iTunes cards to fund your account, when you make an in-app purchase, the money comes from your account’s gift card balance.


    I guess my question now is what is a “discounted” itunes card?

  • A discounted iTunes card is one that is on sale at like Future Shop, Staples, etc, where you pay for example, $45 for a $50 iTunes card.

  • @Rogers_Chris

    Sportsnet NOW streams regional NHL games in English; while Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE provides French streams when available, in addition to live streaming of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, 2015 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, and the 2015 NHL All-Star Game.

  • @Rogers_Chris

    The “authenticated” part means if you have a Sportsnet TV subscription. Example: you live in Vancouver, pay your cable provider for Sportsnet, you’ll be able to watch the Canucks on RGCL. If you don’t have a Sportsnet TV subscription, then we can’t authenticate you via RGCL.

  • @Rogers_Chris

    Yep, Rogers
    wireless data, and internet customers will get a free subscription of
    Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE until December 31, 2014.

  • miggy_smalls

    Thanks, Chris.

  • bred

    whats up with the $100 gouge this year?

  • joe

    If I have a Phone/ internet with rogers then I can sign in with my rogers account on apple TV to watch game center

  • Dangler

    So how do I watch this on my PS3/PS4?

  • Mark Loewen

    I have a wireless account with Rogers and have for over 10 years and they tell me my account is not eligible for the free access til Dec 31st. So some false advertising taking place here by Rogers. Most Wireless not ANY wireless. FYI

  • Paul Antoniadis

    What does “authenticated basis” mean? I’ve read it here and other sites. How will non rogers customers authenticate our subscription to Rogers GCL? Thank you

  • Marko

    I’m not a cable subscriber nor do I have Rogers/Sportsnet anything. If I subscribe to GCL will I be able to see any local Vancouver games? I know a lot of people who’ve been holding back for this very reason.

  • Steve

    If I subscribe can I watch the games on my internet hook up in Mexico?

  • Amanda

    I would like a trial before paying $200.00 is there a way to get a trial 30days or something without having a Rogers Wireless plan or Rogers Data plan????

  • LeafsFan

    Will my rogers account be charged for the remainder of the season after Dec 31?

  • BCBennyCAN

    Can I just purchase this for watching on the internet with out having any cable or satellite provider.

  • philandrew

    if all i want to watch are canucks games…what’s the cheapest way to do this?