Rogers No Activation Fee Until December 31, 2010


As is typical in the Canadian wireless landscape, what one carrier does, the others follow.

Rogers is now the next wireless carrier to extended their activation fee waiver promotion and are waiving the $35 activation fee that customers are usually charged when starting up a new account.

Eligibility & Restrictions

The offer is applicable to new 3-year term activations on the following rate plans:

  • Unlimited Plans (All “choice of feature” plans: Unlimited Network Calling, MY5, Double Your Minutes, Messages, Unlimited Social Networking)
  • Family/Couples Plans, primary and secondary lines (new activations only)
  • Business Voice plans (new activations only)
  • Select Business plans (Canadian One Rate, North American One Rate)
  • Business Data sharing plans for Smartphone & Rocket Stick Plans
  • Voice & Data Plans (Couples & Family Voice & Data, iPhone Voice & Data, Business Voice & Data)
  • Employee Purchase Plans (EPP)
  • Student Plans

This offer is not available on:

  • Corporate plans
  • Business Pricing Renewal (BPR) price plans

A $35 bill credit for 100% of the activation fee will appear on the customer’s first invoice.


  • Anonymous

    Wow thanks Rogers for not gouging us from the start of the activation. You’ll gave us 3 years of rip offs, bill errors, overages. Average normal plan is over 3 years 2000-2500 bucks.

  • Oscar9

    The thing about Rogers is even after making the deal on a plan is that you have to check almost everything month to make sure everything is as you agreed it should be

  • Abc

    When did this go in effect? I just activated a phone a week and a half ago and got charged the fee (3 year student plan).

  • Decoratedaily

    I am so glad to get away from Rogers or Fido, all they do is nickel and dime you to death. Take my advice, go to Wind, Mobilicity or Public Mobile and you will not be sorry, it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

  • So did I. Got the phone on Wednesday, paid $35 fee. I was happy enough to have finally found a 32GB model that the $35 didn’t bother me at the time, but it’d be nice tt have it back.

  • Hala

    Hi, in reply to Abc & Brian, same thing happened with me, we got the 3-year contracts on 2 phones , Dec 30/2010 and we still got charges for both of the $35 Activation Fee !!!! Please help !!! how can you prove to Rogers, that it was something they advertised ?!!