Rogers No Activation Fee Until June 30

Rogers is once again extending their activation fee waiver promotion and are waiving the $35 activation fee that customers are usually charged when starting up a new account.

Eligibility & Restrictions

The offer is applicable to new 3-year term activations on the following rate plans:

  • Individual Plans
    • Unlimited Plans for Phones
    • Unlimited Plans for Smartphones
    • iPhone Voice & Data
    • Smartphone Flex Rate Data
    • Smartphone Data (standalone)
    • Senior Plan
    • Quebec Unlimited Plan
    • Promotional Plans
  • Couples & Family Plans
  • Data Share Plans
    • Voice & Data Share Plans
    • Data Share Plans
    • Add a Device
  • Business Plans
    • Individual Voice
    • Individual Voice & Data
    • TeamShare Voice
    • TeamShare Voice & Data
    • Canadian One Rate
    • North American One Rate
  • Employee Purchase Plans (EPP)

This offer is not available on:

  • Corporate plans
  • Business Pricing Renewal (BPR) price plans

A $35 bill credit for 100% of the activation fee will appear on the customer’s first invoice.

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  • Alex

    What’s the promotion code for this? If not, how will they be aware of this. Often times the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing with Rogers.

  • Ex

    It’s automatic.
    No code needed

  • GN

    I wonder why there is charge for activation. It sounds like a “Rip Off” to me.

  • v gwan

    When I try to order online, it doesn’t say that I will be credited $70 for 2 phones.  All it says is it’s “ONE TIME CHARGES (On your first bill)”.

    Do I have to call Rogers to get the credit?  Thanks.

  • Ex

    It’ll show up on your invoice. Typically the credit doesn’t appear until then

  • Ex

    It’ll show up on your invoice. Typically the credit doesn’t appear until then