Rogers Offer: Sign a New 3 year Plan, Get a Free Kindle Paperwhite 3G


Rogers has introduced a promo where users signing a new 3 year plan with a monthly spend of $55 are eligible to receive a free Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G ($199 value). Users who add a line to any family plan (with a minimum combined total cost of $110 for the first 2 lines) are also eligible.

Kindle offer main en

The offer is available for the month of April and eligible customers must fill out an online submission form ( by May 30th to get their free Kindle Paperwhite 3G delivered in 6-8 weeks, with a limit of one e-reader per line.

Is a $200 Kindle Paperwhite 3G worth signing a contract for three years? You’ll have to decide. Regardless of the offer, the Paperwhite is a pretty awesome ebook reader.




  • ward09

    Not enough. After 9 years with Rogers, I plan to leave in September when m contract is up. Hopefully Wind will still be independent and carrying the the 5s by then.

  • Gordon

    HAHA I misread that as Amazon Paperweight. oops πŸ˜›

  • KxR

    Need to read the fine print…. for existing customer who ADD a NEW line. Not if you renew. I got burned. Another 3yrs of dealing with Rogers πŸ™

  • Carol

    Yes, I got caught too. On top of a lot of their “salesmen/helpers” not knowing which end is up, they also don’t pass along the information that might have made me shop elsewhere. I guess I too will be leaving these folks once this “deal” is up. Also, about Wind, I know they are/have been providing good service in BC, I wish we had them here is SK and I hope they will stay in business.

  • BurnedbyRogers

    I got burned too. The sales rep said nothing about needing to reach the $110 cost of a family plan. So frustrated with Rogers. They’re so dishonest. I’m so angry.

  • Thr1ve

    Not true, I renewed (early upgrade) when I got my HTC One and just got the email that my Kindle shipped today, it took over 2 months (renewed in May), but I should be getting it on Monday.